Hilarious Comebacks For “Big Ego” Accusations 

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Sarah Koch


We all know someone who loves to joke about others having “big egos.” Maybe they’re teasing you about taking too many selfies or bragging about your accomplishments. Whatever the case, having a snappy comeback ready shows you can laugh at yourself.

My favorite response is to lean into the accusation humorously. Say something like:

“You know it! Gotta feed this hungry ego monster in my head!”

Poking fun at yourself defuses the tension. After all, people make ego comments to get a reaction. Flip the script by owning it with wit.

Ego comments touch a nerve because of underlying insecurities. We all want respect and validation. But don’t letothers decide your self-worth! Use clever comebacks to steer the conversation in a positive direction.

Hilarious Responses For “Big Ego” Teasing

“Thanks For Noticing!”

Why not play along in good fun? Thank them for pointing out your awesome ego. Add a dash of sarcasm by calling it a “gift” or your “best quality.”

For example:

“Thanks for noticing! My massive ego is truly a gift.”

This funny reply shows you don’t take the ego talk seriously. Try adding a boast about your many talents to poke more fun at yourself:

“With an ego like mine, how could I not excel at everything I do?”


When someone pokes at your ego, it’s tempting to get defensive. But that reaction gives more fuel to the fire! Instead, lean into the accusation with wacky humor and wit. Thank them, compliment your ego, pretend to worship yourself. The more outrageous your response, the funnier it gets!

Other zany comebacks to try:

  • “You’re just jealous of my enormous ego!”
  • “Aw thanks, it’s taken me years to cultivate this bad boy.”
  • “I know, I really should get an award for Best Ego Ever.”
  • “I do have a finely-tuned ego engine purring in my head 24/7.”
  • “Please, feed my ravenous ego monster with more compliments!”

“One Of My Finest Qualities!”

Similar to thanking them, you can also highlight your “big ego” as a positive trait. For example:

“I’ve been told my ginormous ego is one of my finest qualities!”

Ham it up with over-the-top descriptors like “ginormous.” Or add funny imagery, like your ego has a mind of its own:

“Gotta keep this hungry little ego of mine well-fed, you know how it gets.”


Words only have power if you let them get under your skin. The more amused and unbothered you act, the less satisfying it becomes for someone to mock your “big ego.”

So embrace that ego madness! Communicate the silly accusation doesn’t faze you at all. Here are more playful responses:

  • “What can I say, I just adore me, myself and I!”
  • “You really think my ego could get any bigger?” laugh loudly
  • “Please, my little ego is still growing! Respect your elders.”
  • “Girl, a big ego deserves big hair too!” fluff your hair
  • “Sorry darling, you’re just not on my enormous ego’s level.”

Savage Snarky Replies For Over-Inflated Egos

“At Least I Own It, Baby!”

If someone is constantly making smug or snide remarks about your ego, bring out the snark! For example:

“Well at least I own having a big ego, baby. What’s your excuse?”

Get clever by turning their own insult around on them. And don’t forget to pile on the sarcasm with terms like “baby” or “sweetheart.”


Occasionally, you’ll encounter folks who just won’t let up about your “gigantic ego.” Their criticism often says more about their arrogance than your own. Stop these smug ego bashers in their tracks with savage wit.

Bust out these snappy comebacks:

  • “Sorry hun, you’re gonna need some aloe vera for that burn!”
  • “Oh I’m sorry, did you say something? I can’t hear you all the way down there.”
  • “Trust me sugar, my ego is still much smaller than your mouth.”
  • “Aww, sounds like someone’s ego is a little fragile today.”

“Thanks Freud, Any Other Diagnosises?”

Drop some fancy psychology vocabulary to really knock the smug out of snooty ego critics. Try this reply filled with sarcasm:

“Ah I see, thanks for the diagnosis Dr. Freud. Tell me, any other insightful observations about my ego you care to share?”

word like “diagnosis” casts them as think they know you so well. Then ask for more “wisdom” to underscore your snarky point.


When someone constantly comments on your supposed “big ego,” it gets old fast. Channel your inner psychologist and use big brainy words sarcastically. This highlights the arrogance behind their dime-store analysis of your ego.

More cerebral comebacks for know-it-alls:

  • “Very insightful analysis given our brief therapeutic relationship.”
  • “Ah yes, do go on about my ego to compensate for your lack thereof.”
  • “I applaud your decidedly unscientific methodology.” slow clap
  • “Sorry what were your psychology credentials again?”

Savage Responses For “Big Ego” Teasing From Girls

Don’t Feed The Green-Eyed Monster, Sweetie

When another girl says you have a “big ego,” jealousy is often the root cause. She sees you feeling confident and proud about your talents or looks. Tap into this dynamic with the perfect combo of compassion and savagery. Try this reply:

“Thanks boo, but you don’t need to feed the green-eyed monster every time I feel good about myself.”

Highlight her jealousy with a fun monster metaphor. Then remind her everyone deserves to feel confident – no need to tear others down.


Let’s be real: women face much harsher criticism for self-confidence and pride than men. Your accomplishments get attributed to luck; your self-love labeled as “conceited.” Don’t let jealous Debbie Downers dictate your self-worth!

Clap back at her cattiness while keeping it cute:

  • “Aww. sounds like someone’s ego is a little fragile today.”
  • “Thanks boo! Loving myself makes me feel so good about life.”
  • “I know it’s hard for you jealous types to understand self-love.”

“Who Hurt You, Boo?”

Alternatively, react with an equal mix of sarcasm and compassion when a girl makes unwanted comments about your ego:

“Clearly someone hurt you enough that you feel the need to tear down my confidence…I’m here if you need to talk, boo.”

Saying “who hurt you” calls out backhanded compliments masking her own pain. Extend compassion so she knows you come from a place of support and not malice.


Instead of lashing out defensively, recognize ego attacks often root in the attacker’s inner turmoil. They cope by projecting self-hate outward. Diffuse the situation with compassion plus healthy boundaries.

Respond firmly yet kindly with remarks like:

  • “I’m sorry you’re hurting. But my confidence isn’t responsible for your pain.”
  • “Thanks for understanding my ego doesn’t exist just for your comfort.”
  • “I hope you heal whatever makes you tear down people’s self-love.”

Cheeky Replies For “Big Ego” Teasing From Guys

“At Least My Ego Matches My Looks, Honey”

When guys rib you about your “big head,” don’t take the bait. Instead, clap back cleverly about his mediocre looks! For example:

“Well darling, at least my ego matches my devilish good looks! I wish I could say the same about you.”

Throwing his meh appearance back in his face puts him right back in his irrelevant place. Spice up your response by complimenting your own hot looks!


The best way to disarm an unwelcome ego comment from a dude? Attack his lackluster looks! Since guys often tie confidence to their appearance, jokes pegging him as ugly hit hard.

Bust out these beauty-bashing comebacks:

  • “Sorry boo, you don’t have the face or figure to be judging egos.”
  • “Aww, did my confidence bruise your delicate masculine pride?”
  • “Sounds like someone’s salty they didn’t win the genetic lottery like moi.”

“Need Some Ice For That Burn?”

When a guy makes an unwanted remark about your self-assurance, react by pretending to devastated by his “burn.” Ham it up with responses like:

“Wow, what a burn about my ego! Can someone get me some ice for that blistering hot take?”

Pretending his comment scorched you mocks how lame his “insult” was. Really lay the sarcasm on thick to highlight the eye roll-worthy nature of his ego dig.


Got an annoying guy in your life poking jabs at your confidence? Act severely “burned” by his oh-so-clever ego quips. Communicate his words mean less than nothing to you.

Amp up the dramatics with more sarcastic reactions:

  • “Ouch! The pain! Someone call an ambulance, my ego got roasted!”
  • “You really got me good with that totally original big ego comment!”
  • “I need to lie down after being savaged by your biting remarks.”

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