Funny Responses to “Do you like ice cream?”

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Sarah Koch


As an avid ice cream lover myself, I get asked the question “Do you like ice cream?” quite often. While a simple “Yes, I do!” would suffice, I like to take advantage of the opportunity to crack a joke or think of a humorous response. As silly as the question may seem to adults, it actually provides the chance for some funny banter, especially with kids who ask it in earnest innocence.

In this post, I’ll share some of my favorite funny comebacks for when someone asks me that delicious question. While these retorts may seem overly dramatic for such a simple inquiry, that’s part of what makes them humorous! The unexpectedness adds an element of surprise.

I Can’t Help It, Ice Cream is My Weakness!

I’ll often take on an exaggerated tone of helplessness when asked if I like ice cream. Throwing my hand against my forehead in mock distress, I’ll exclaim:

“Alas, ice cream is simply my greatest weakness! One mere lick of sweet, cold bliss sends me into uncontrollable fits of joy. I am utterly powerless against its charms!”

Accompanying this declaration with exaggerated gestures or even falling to my knees really sells the performance and gets a laugh. Kids especially find the theatrical nature hilarious.

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An Offended Scoop

Another approach I’ll take is one of shocked indignation, as if insulted they would even ask such a question. I’ll gasp loudly and place my hand on my chest, responding with:

How could you even ask such a thing!? To imply that I, a red-blooded ice cream devourer, do NOT like ice cream….the very nerve! I demand you retract that preposterous inquiry straight away!”

Not only is acting utterly offended by the question over-the-top, the vocabulary used satirizes the tone. Bonus points if you mimic angrily eating a giant scoop of ice cream!

I Thought That Was Obvious!

Playing up the “well, duh!” reaction can also elicit laughs. I’ll bug my eyes out wide and talk like it’s the most ludicrous question I’ve ever heard:

Um, is water wet?! Does a bear poop in the woods?! Of course I freaking love ice cream! What kind of silly question is that?!”

For extra impact, I’ll literally face-palm and shake my head in disbelief that they could possibly ask me that. The exaggerated physical comedy drives the humor home!

Additional Zany Responses

  • Hop to your feet and exclaim “Do birds fly?! Does the sun shine?!” while gesturing wildly to the sky. Bonus by miming eating an overflowing ice cream sundae.
  • Respond “That’s like asking if I enjoy breathing oxygen!” while taking loud, exaggerated breaths as you mime having an enormous ice cream headache.
  • With an expression of utmost seriousness, firmly grasp their shoulder, stare deeply into their eyes and intone “Friend…what a profoundly ridiculous inquiry.” Hold for a few beats before breaking into laughter.
  • Clutch imaginary pearls around your neck, gasp loudly, and exclaim “Well I never! Such impudence!” in a faux Southern belle accent. Fanning yourself while pretending to faint is encouraged.

But What If I Didn’t Like Ice Cream?!

After over-the-top affront at the mere implication that you don’t enjoy ice cream, another funny response is to suddenly reverse course. Nonchalantly shoot back:

But what if I didn’t like ice cream? Like, at all…not even a little bit? What would you do then, huh?!

Accompany this by narrowing your eyes at them suspiciously as if daring them to judge you for such an outlandish hypothetical. Bonus points if you stroking your chin thoughtfully pretending to consider a life without ice cream. Kids find the sudden reversal in tone utterly hilarious!

stats about ice cream preferences

While my funny responses are certainly tongue-in-cheek, surveys actually show 93% of Americans enjoy ice cream. So there’s a pretty good chance anyone asking does in fact like the sweet, creamy goodness!

A recent poll also found that 97% of Baby Boomers, 96% of Gen X’ers, and 94% of Millennials consider themselves ice cream lovers. And the average American consumes over 23 pounds of ice cream per year according to the International Dairy Foods Association!

So while my off-the-wall reactions are meant lightheartedly in jest, they’re rooted in the very real affinity most people have towards the creamy confection. Because c’mon…how could you not enjoy ice cream?! The mere suggestion is pure silliness!

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Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

Since the question “do you like ice cream?” has hopefully been firmly answered in the affirmative, the natural follow-up query becomes: “what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?”

And that particular question opens up a whole other set of humorous response possibilities! But I’ll save those for another post.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your best funny reactions to being asked if you like ice cream! Share the most hilarious, over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek responses you’ve given or can imagine. I’m always looking to expand my repertoire!

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