Flirty Responses to “What Are You Up To”

As a lifestyle author, I often get asked what I’m up to. And when it comes from someone I’m interested in, I like to respond in a fun, flirty way. So here are some of my favorite flirty comebacks when I’m asked “what are you up to?“.

Whether via text, messaging, or in person, these playful replies show that I’m down for some lighthearted banter. They also open up the conversation for more back-and-forth. Because a flirty response invites the other person to volley back with their own witty remark.


Funny Responses

If you want to make them laugh, try one of these humorous replies:

Cheeky Responses

Feeling bold? Drop one of these cheeky lines:

Playful Responses

In a silly mood? Try one of these playful replies:

Sweet Responses

Feeling extra affectionate? Reply with one of these sweet lines:

The Art of Flirty Banter

As you can see, responding to “What are you up to?” in a fun, flirtatious way opens the door for playful back-and-forth. It shows you’re interested in them and gets creative juices flowing.

Flirty banter relieves first date jitters when you meet in person after texting. And it keeps the spark alive once you start dating.

So don’t be afraid to tease, be bold, or get sweet in your responses! A cheeky or loving remark could lead to more meaningful conversation (and connection!).

How to Keep The Banter Going

Starting the flirty repartee is step one. But keeping it flowing is key for a true connections.

Here’s how to keep playful banter alive after your witty “What are you up to” comeback:

Ask questions about their response to your reply.

For example, if you joked about eating cereal from the box, they might quip “Save some for me!” You could then ask what their favorite cereal is.

Compliment their comeback if it made you smile. Everyone loves an ego boost!

Challenge them to a playful duel like thumb war or rock paper scissors next time you meet.

Suggest a silly or adventurous date idea based on your flirty exchange, like going hunting for aliens or crafting friendship bracelets.

Get increasingly cheeky! See if you can make them blush. Two can play the bold game!

When to Use Playful vs. Genuine Responses

While flirty responses are fabulous for lighthearted chatter, sometimes a thoughtful reply is more fitting:

Assess the vibe before crafting your response. A sweet or straight answer can forge an deeper connection when the mood feels right.

Examples of More Thoughtful “What Are You Up to” Responses

I’m writing in my journal and thinking about how lucky I am to have met someone as caring as you. heart emoji

Reminiscing about our amazing hike last weekend. I can’t remember the last time I felt so content. smiling emoji

Reading an interesting novel and making plans for our next snuggle & movie night! Does Saturday work for you? popcorn emoji

Admiring the sunset and feeling grateful to have shared so many beautiful moments with you so far. sunset emoji kiss emoji

Putting it All Together

So when asked the innocent question “What are you up to?” via text, messaging, or in person, consider it an opportunity for connection!

Have some flirty comebacks locked and loaded for lighthearted fun. Then read the moment to know when a genuine response would be more meaningful.

Sprinkling playful banter into new relationships or long-term partnerships keeps the spark crackling. So challenge yourself to send cheeky or sweet responses to your special someone soon. The best might be yet to come!

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