Flirty And Witty Responses to Being Called Cute

Being called cute can be exciting, but coming up with a witty response can be challenging. When someone calls you cute, they are complimenting your appearance or behavior. Though the intention is likely positive, being objectified as “cute” can feel minimizing. The ideal reaction is playful, while still maintaining boundaries.


I decided to make this list of flirty comebacks because I remember how I used to get flustered whenever someone would call me cute. I wanted to think of witty replies, but usually ended up just saying thanks and feeling awkward. If you relate to fumbling for words after being called cute, this article is for you! Below I’ve compiled 30 of the best flirty and witty responses so you always have a good comeback ready.

30 Witty Responses to Being Called Cute

Here are 30 ideas for how to respond when someone calls you cute:

So there you have it – 30 flirty and witty responses to try the next time someone calls you cute! Whether you gently call them out, playfully return the compliment, or flip the script entirely, having a clever comeback ready makes handling “cute” comments fun.

More Funny and Savage Comebacks

As covered more playful and flirtatious responses when someone calls you cute. Now let’s explore some funny, sarcastic, and savage comebacks to try instead!

10 Funny Responses to Being Called Cute

Before we dive in, let me remind you that the key for funny comebacks is keeping things lighthearted. Gently teasing the person or laughing off the “cute” comment works better than replies that could hurt their feelings or make them feel stupid.

Now – let the funny responses begin!

What can I say, my mom thinks I’m pretty cute too!

Yep, I’m just an itty bitty ball of cuteness! makes exaggerated cute poses

Well dang, if I’m so cute, can I have a baby unicorn? makes puppy dog eyes

Aww thanks! Wanna see me twirl in my cute new dress? spins in circles giggling

Cute as a button, sweet as pie – that’s little ol’ me! bats eyelashes

Well I sure hope so, ‘cause I spent 2 hours getting ready!

in a baby voice Oh goody, someone thinks I’m cuuute! claps hands excitedly

Beauty is only skin deep, but cute goes right to the bone!

Winning hearts with my cuteness is just one of my many talents hair flip

Yep, I’m just an itty bitty ball of cuteness! makes exaggerated cute poses

So there you have it – 10 funny comebacks for next time someone calls you cute! Gently teasing or playing up the “cute” comment in an exaggerated, humorous way pokes fun without being mean.

10 Savage Replies to Being Called Cute

Savage comebacks for being labeled “cute” cleverly call out or shut down the comment:

Cute? Is that the best you’ve got? I was going for gorgeous.

I’m not a puppy, so I’d prefer if you didn’t call me cute. But thanks.

Just cute? Not beautiful? raises eyebrows

Names are for puppies. So if you’re calling me cute, can I call you Fido?

Aw thanks grandpa! Want a werther’s original?

Sorry, I left my lollipop and pigtails at home. Try “stunning” next time.

I’m cute am I? What are YOU exactly? Average?

You must not get out much if this is what passes for cute these days. But thanks!

My mom also says I’m cute. But she’s kinda required to.

I’d prefer if we skipped the casual patronization. But you do you!

So next time you get called “cute”, try one of those savage responses! They reclaim your power by calling out the inadvertent condescension in labeling someone “cute”.

Stay tuned for even more witty, funny, and savage comebacks for being called cute! Up next is our editor’s top 10 favorites you don’t want to miss.

Editor’s Choice – Top 5 Comeback Faves

You’ve seen over 50 witty, funny, flirty, and savage responses to try when someone calls you cute. Now it’s time to reveal our editor’s personal favorites!

After combing through dozens of cute comebacks, here are the 5 our editor thinks are absolute fire. Keep these ones locked and loaded for the next “cute” comment!

1. Well I sure hope so, ’cause I spent 2 hours getting ready!

Why this is perfect: Playfully calls out the casually-thrown “cute” comment by hinting at the time, effort, and intention that actually went into your appearance. Gently challenges the assumption that you just rolled out of bed looking cute.

When to use:

  • When you want a funny yet subtly bold response
  • If someone compliments your outfit or appearance specifically

When NOT to use:

  • If you didn’t actually spend much/any time getting ready
  • For behavior-based compliments like a cute laugh

2. Giggles Why yes, yes I am cute

Why this is perfect: Confident, playful, and unapologetic – owning your cuteness with a giggle and a hair flip playfully leans into the “cute” comment rather than push against it.

When to use:

  • When you want a response that’s cocky yet cute
  • If you are proud of your appearance that day

When NOT to use:

  • If you dislike being called “cute” and prefer more mature compliments

3. Well I certainly try my hardest eyelash flutter

Why this is perfect: Like the first comeback, this playfully hints that your appearance didn’t just magically happen while subtly batting your eyelashes. Shows effort without directly calling out the comment.

When to use:

  • When someone compliments your hair, makeup, outfit etc
  • If you want a flirty yet slightly sassy response

When NOT to use:

  • If it’s meant as a behavior or personality-based compliment
  • In professional settings

4. Cute? Is that the best you’ve got? I was going for gorgeous.

Why this is perfect: Flips the script to subtly call out the potentially minimizing comment while boldly stating you consider yourself gorgeous, not just “cute”.

When to use:

  • If being called cute feels minimizing
  • When you want to reclaim your confidence

When NOT to use:

  • If it was meant sincerely as a heartfelt compliment
  • From someone you want to encourage

5. Well aren’t you sweet! I like sweet…

Why this is perfect: Returns the compliment playfully while hinting at reciprocal romantic interest. Creates intrigue and leaves them wanting more!

When to use this:

  • When said flirtatiously by someone you are interested in
  • To gently gauge their interest

When NOT to use:

  • From family members or friends
  • In professional settings

And there you have the editor’s top 5 favorite responses when someone calls you cute! Up next, part four covers specifically how to reply to girls vs guys for optimal cleverness. Stay tuned!

Here is the fourth and final part of the article with tips for replying to girls vs guys:

Replying to Girls vs Guys

Throughout this article, you’ve seen over 70 cute comebacks ranging from funny and flirty to savage and sassy. While most replies work regardless of who said you were cute, some tailored responses work even better. Here’s how to reply when it’s a girl vs a guy calling you cute.

How to Respond When a Girl Calls You Cute

  • If she seems interested in you romantically, try a flirty response like “Aw thanks gorgeous!” or “Why thank you cutie!”
  • If it’s just friendly, go for something like “Aww you’re the sweetest!” or “Takes one to know one!”
  • To joke around, use silly comebacks like “Yep we cute gals gotta stick together!” or “Of course I’m cute, but not as cute as my puppy!”

The key is to return the compliment whenever possible so she feels equally cute and confident.

How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Cute

  • Try bold responses like “Just cute? Not hot?” or “So…am I girlfriend cute or little sister cute?” to suggestively question the intent
  • Go for funny replies like “Yep, cute as a button! boops your nose” or “Wow, nothing gets past you huh!” to tease him
  • Flirty responses like “Well aren’t you sweet talking!” and “Why thank you kind sir!” work if you’re interested

Tone down aggressive call outs if it’s sincere and you want to gently encourage him rather than shutting it down entirely.

In Conclusion…

And there you have it! Whether a girl, guy, family member, friend or stranger calls you cute, having the perfect clever, witty comeback locked and loaded gives you the last laugh.

Hopefully this massive list of over 70 responses from flirty to funny and savage makes sure you’re never stuck speechless again after being called “cute”. Try out some new sassy comebacks and let your confidence soar! Just remember to be kind with call outs if it was meant sincerely as a nice compliment rather than casual condescension.

So next time someone says “Aww you’re so cute!” – surprise them with a bold, hilarious or flirty comeback from this list!

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