Best Replies to “How Was Your Sunday?” 36+ Direct Yet Thoughtful Responses

I often get asked “How was your Sunday?” in casual conversation. As a life coach with years of experience, I have discovered some great replies that lead to more meaningful dialogue.

In this post, I will share effective responses you can use when someone asks you this common question. My goal is to help you craft uplifting answers that build connections.

A Direct Yet Thoughtful Initial Reply

When first asked “How was your Sunday?”, I simply say:

My Sunday was relaxing and reflective – I focused on self-care and spending time with loved ones. How was yours?

This response directly answers the question, but also shows you care about the other person’s Sunday too. It demonstrates an uplifting yet thoughtful attitude.

10 Example Reply Styles to Try


Oh, it was lovely, thanks! I drank morning coffee in bed and then played board games all afternoon. What were the highlights of your easygoing Sunday?

This cheerful response shares positive highlights before flipping the question around.


I find Sundays magical – they’re all about focusing inward after a busy week. Yesterday I journaled, meditated, and reflected deeply on life. What parts of your inner world did you connect with?

Show your thoughtful side by emphasizing self-discovery.


I enjoyed a peaceful Sunday centered on faith, family, and homemade food. It wasn’t exciting but reminded me what matters most! Did you have any small yet meaningful experiences?

Highlight simplicity and meaningfulness over prestige.


My friends and I laughed hysterically during a hilarious movie marathon all day – it was so refreshing! Were you able to kick back and enjoy yourself too?

Share laughs and bond over fun.


Oh, nothing too eventful! I cleaned up around the house and video called relatives – an average Sunday. Tell me all about yours though!

Briefly give your basics, but focus more on drawing out their story.

Serving Others

My church served lunch to folks going through hard times. It filled my heart to give back! Did you do anything meaningful for your community?

Show your caring spirit by describing volunteer work.


I prepped healthy meals for the week ahead and finished an overdue project. How satisfying! What tasks did you accomplish or make progress on yesterday?

Inspire others by sharing accomplished objectives.


I went on a long nature walk to clear my mind followed by gentle yoga – I feel centered today! What did you do for self-care?

Spotlight mental, physical and emotional regeneration.


Just the usual Sunday stuff – relaxed pace with family. What moments stood out to you yesterday?

Keep it simple while allowing them to share freely.


Aww I’m sorry to hear that! But I admire your strength dealing with the changes happening. Let’s focus our chat on positive topics – tell me about anything uplifting lately!

If they indicate a rough time, empathize first before guiding to solutions.

Special Considerations by Gender

Thoughtful Replies to Women

Ladies often appreciate responses promoting emotional connections and vulnerability. After answering the initial question, nurture the conversation by:

  • Demonstrating compassion
  • Discussing relationships
  • Sharing feelings openly
  • Validating their experiences
  • Offering encouragement
  • Avoiding quick fixes

This thoughtful approach strengthens bonds with female friends.

Enjoyable Replies to Men

When chatting with guys, lighthearted camaraderie tends to flow well after the initial Sunday question. Keep things upbeat by:

  • Joking around
  • Discussing shared interests
  • Highlighting positives
  • Making amusing observations
  • Being easygoing
  • Keeping it simple

Levity moves conversations with males buddies along enjoyably.

Key Takeaways

  1. Directly yet warmly answer “How was your Sunday?” before asking them the same.
  2. Try out different response styles like philosophical, caring, inquisitive and validating based on the situation.
  3. Tailor replies to the individual’s gender for optimal relating.

The Gift of Presence

More than crafting the perfect response, the most meaningful gift we can offer anyone is our full presence.

By listening attentively, connecting authentically and uplifting others, our interactions blossom.

So the next time someone asks you “How was your Sunday?”, view it as an opportunity to spread goodness through empathetic dialogue.

When we shine light on others, their inner light glows ever brighter.

I'm Sarah Koch, a Relationship Coach based in Austin, Texas. With over 9 years of professional experience and degrees in Sociology and Counseling Psychology from UT Austin, I specialize in helping people build healthy, fulfilling relationships. On this blog, you'll find practical tips and insightful guidance for improving communication, resolving conflicts, increasing intimacy, and fostering deeper connections in your romantic relationships, family dynamics, friendships and more.

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