68+ Best Responses to ‘I Am Flattered’: Witty & Clever Replies

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The best response when someone says “I am flattered” is to accept the compliment graciously. A simple “Thank you” or “I’m glad to hear that” is often the best approach. Avoid downplaying the compliment or turning it around back on the other person. Accept sincerely and move the conversation forward.

Now that we’ve covered the essential response, let’s explore this topic further. Being told “I am flattered” is a wonderful opportunity to build connection through mutual appreciation.

Accepting The Flattery

Thank you, I really appreciate that.

When someone pays you a compliment like saying they’re flattered, the simplest reply is often the best. A straightforward “Thank you” recognizes their perspective warmly and keeps things positive. Don’t deflect or deny their viewpoint. Own the flattery graciously.

Other responses in this style:

  • I’m glad to hear you feel that way.
  • That means a lot coming from you.
  • Your flattery means so much to me.
  • I sincerely appreciate you saying that.
  • You just made my day with such kind words.
  • I’m happy I could make you feel good.
  • What a wonderful thing to say – thank you!

Reciprocating The Flattery

I’m flattered by your flattery – it goes both ways!

If you also feel very positively toward the person flattering you, turn it into a mutual appreciation exchange. Affirm that their compliments make you feel good too, establishing a warm rapport.

Other ways to reciprocate:

  • The feeling is totally mutual – you flatter me as well!
  • I’m flattered that you’re flattered – isn’t mutual appreciation fun?
  • well this is becoming a flattery feedback loop!
  • I’m equally flattered by your words right back!
  • Your compliments make me feel so good too.
  • I’m blushing over here – the flattery goes both ways!
  • I feel the same about you – isn’t it great we connect this way?

Redirecting The Focus

I appreciate you saying that. Should we grab some coffee sometime and catch up more?

If you feel awkward with direct flattery, gently redirect the focus elsewhere. Thank them sincerely, but then move the conversation toward neutral topics or making plans.

Other ways to redirect:

  • You’re too kind – we should meet up soon and chat!
  • That warms my heart to hear. How have you been lately?
  • I appreciate the kind words. I’d love to hear how your work is going!
  • You’re going to make me blush over here! Tell me what you’ve been up to.
  • That means a lot. Hey, are you free this weekend by any chance?
  • I’m grateful for your flattery. How about we grab lunch and catch up?

Making Light Of It

Well aren’t you the sweet-talker today! I’m loving this flattery fest.

If it feels appropriate, playfully poke fun at all the mutual flattery. Make sure to retain sincerity and positivity. Don’t actually diminish or reject their words.

Similar playful responses:

  • Look at you buttering me up with sweet words!
  • If this flattery-palooza gets any sweeter, I’ll need insulin!
  • We might OD on flattery if we keep this up!
  • Are you trying to get on my good side with all this flattery? Just kidding – love it!
  • Oh stop it, you! You sure know how to make someone feel good.
  • I’m going to float away on this flattery cloud if you’re not careful!
  • All this reciprocal flattery is like endless compliments Ping-Pong!

Complimenting Them Back

You’ve got me blushing over here! And clearly you have a real talent for meaningful compliments.

Return the flattery directly by paying an authentic compliment back. Affirm their positive qualities or communication skills. Just keep it sincere.

Other compliments in response:

  • You certainly have a gift for heartfelt flattery!
  • I love your ability to make people feel good with thoughtful compliments.
  • You have a true talent for meaningful praise – it’s so refreshing.
  • Your kind way with words is really impressive.
  • Wow, you really know how to make someone’s day with sincere flattery!
  • I really admire your skill for authentic compliments.
  • You have such a knack for words that uplift and connect.

Reassuring Them

I promise I mean every nice thing I’ve said about you – no flattery intended, just honesty!

If you sense they feel awkward about too much flattery, provide gentle reassurance. Stress your sincerity and let them know your appreciation is genuine.

Other reassurances:

  • I know we’re laying it on thick here, but I truly mean everything I’ve said!
  • Please know my compliments come from a real place – I’m just being honest!
  • I hope you know my flattery isn’t just empty platitudes – you really are wonderful!
  • All this mutual appreciation is the real deal – we’re just both pretty great!
  • I sincerely appreciate you, even if I’ve gone overboard voicing it today!
  • My flattering words may be effusive but they’re 100% heartfelt, I promise.

Poking Fun Back

Oh are YOU buttering ME up now with the sweet talk? Touché my friend!

If they joke about your flattery, playfully joke right back. Show you can take teasing in good humor. Just stay positive.

Ways to poke fun back:

  • I give you flattery, you give it right back – touche!
  • Look who’s schmoozing now! I see your flattery skills are strong too.
  • If I’m buttering you up, then you’re spreading it on thick yourself!
  • Takes one to know one – you flatter me, I flatter you back!
  • Oh, so now YOU’RE the sweet talker, hmm? This is too much!
  • You mocked my flattery and then flattered me back? That’s hilarious!
  • I call you a sweet talker, you call me one back – fair play, my friend!

Thanking Playfully

I do take pride in my world-class flattery abilities, so thank you kindly!

If they compliment your flattery skills, accept playfully and with humor. Ham it up a bit for fun while still being grateful.

Other playful thanks:

  • Why thank you! I HAVE been told I’m an elite flatterer before.
  • I can’t deny my exceptional talent for heartfelt praise – much appreciated!
  • You noticed my mastery of the complimentary arts – many thanks!
  • It’s true, I AM rather skilled in the flattery department – good eye!
  • I see my gifts for sweet talk don’t go unnoticed – I’ll take the credit, thanks!
  • You clearly appreciate quality flattery and noticed I’m something of an expert – thanks!
  • My schmoozing skills ARE next level – thanks for noticing!

Transitioning The Conversation

I’m thankful for your kind words. I’d love to catch up more in person if you’re free this week?

To naturally move the conversation forward, thank them sincerely and then propose meeting up or switching topics. Don’t let excessive mutual flattery drag on too long.

Ways to transition the chatter:

  • I appreciate the flattery, but tell me – how has your week been so far?
  • You’re too kind, truly. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to ask – how’s the new job going?
  • I’m grateful for your sweet words! Hey, did you end up going on that trip last month?
  • Many thanks for the compliments. Are you all set for the big meeting tomorrow?
  • You made my day with the nice compliments! So, read any good books lately?
  • I’m thankful for your kind words. Are you free for lunch on Thursday by the way?

How to Reply to a Girl

With Sincerity

When a girl pays you a compliment like saying she’s flattered, sincerity is key. Thank her warmly and avoid deflecting. Let her know you appreciate her words and that they matter to you. Give thoughtful responses to show her perspective resonates.

Example sincere responses:

  • “Your flattery means so much – thank you for the kind words!”
  • “I’m grateful you feel that way – I value your perspective.”
  • “That warms my heart to hear. I sincerely appreciate you saying so.”
  • “You totally made my day with the sweet compliment – thanks!”


While you want to retain sincerity, you can also reply to her flattery with light humor. Make sure the joke conveys appreciation rather than diminishes her compliment. This shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Playful responses examples:

  • “If you keep up with the flattery I’ll be floating on a cloud all day!”
  • “I might need to wear shades today – all this sweet talk is blinding!”
  • “Are you trying to butter me up? Hey, no complaints here!”
  • “Laying it on thick I see! I can take a compliment though, thanks.”

Brief But Warm

Women appreciate brevity paired with genuineness. Keep your reply short but still convey gratitude. Simple is often best when responding to flattery from a girl.

Brief but warm examples:

  • “Thank you – I appreciate you saying that.”
  • “That’s so kind of you to say.”
  • “Your words mean a lot to me.”
  • “I’m grateful for the flattery.”
  • “Well that just made my day, thanks!”

How to Reply to a Guy


When responding to a guy’s flattery, keep it casual and low-key. An earnest but chilled out thanks conveys you don’t take the compliment too seriously but do appreciate it. Don’t gush or overdo it.

Casual response examples:

  • “Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words!”
  • “Nice of you to say, thanks bro.”
  • “That’s cool to hear man, thanks for the flattery!”
  • “Glad I could make you feel that way dude, thanks.”


Many guys find excessive flattery uncomfortable. Keep your response short and to the point. A simple but sincere thank you is often best when responding to a guy.

Concise response examples:

  • “Thanks!”
  • “Appreciate it.”
  • “Glad to hear it.”
  • “Thank you, made my day.”
  • “That’s nice of you to say.”

With Humor

While maintaining sincerity, respond with light humor to keep things upbeat and engaging. Gentle wit or sarcasm shows you don’t take the flattery too seriously.

Humorous response examples:

  • “If you keep sweet talking me I’ll get a big head!”
  • “Look who’s laying it on thick! Just don’t go overboard dude.”
  • “Flattery will get you everywhere my man! Just kidding – but thanks.”
  • “You’re really stroking my ego today huh? I’ll take it though!”

Key Takeaways

  • Accept flattery graciously and sincerely to build connection.
  • Thoughtfully reciprocate compliments to create mutual appreciation.
  • Redirect excessive flattery gently to move the conversation along.
  • Use humor and wit when appropriate while maintaining positivity.


Being told “I’m flattered” is a great opportunity to respond in a way that builds trust and rapport. Accept the sentiment genuinely, return the positivity when suitable, and redirect sensitively if needed. Aim for responses that are warm yet breezy. With the right reply, you can take mutual flattery from enjoyable to memorable.

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