21+ Best Responses to “Yum”: Tastiest Responses to Give When Someone Says “Yum”

Mmm, yum! Those three little letters can spark joy, connect us to memories, or simply acknowledge that yes, this food I’m enjoying happens to be particularly scrumptious.

When we hear someone’s “yum,” it’s our cue to either chime in with our own sounds of gustatory pleasure or respond in a way that keeps the convo going. But what exactly should we say after someone’s exclaimed “yum” over a meal? Let’s break down the tastiest replies.

What’s the best response when someone says “yum”?

The best quick response is to echo their sentiment with your own “yum!” or other positive phrase. Comments like “so good” and “tasty” keep things light while showing you relate.

For example:

  • Person 1: Yum, this pasta is delicious!
  • Person 2: Yum indeed, the sauce is so flavorful!

See how Person 2 reflects Person’s 1 enjoyment? This simple reply validates their perspective before adding your own.

Best Replies to Give When Someone Says “Yum”

1. I’ll have what they’re having!

This witty response references the famous line from When Harry Met Sally. It playfully asks for a bite of their dish without being demanding. For example:

  • Person 1: Yum! This steak is cooked perfectly.
  • Person 2: I’ll have what they’re having!

Other good options:

  • Can I grab a bite?
  • Care to share a little?
  • I gotta try that!

2. Wow, that was fast!

If someone takes one bite and immediately says “yum,” gently poke fun at their premature praise. Lighthearted responses like these keep the mood upbeat:

  • Person 1: Yum! This pasta is so creamy!
  • Person 2: Wow, that judgment was fast! But I agree, it looks delicious.

More playful replies:

  • Well, don’t hesitate to take another bite!
  • Thanks for the review…after one bite!
  • I love your confidence with just one taste!

3. Glad you’re enjoying it!

A sincerely positive response focuses on their pleasure rather than the food itself:

  • Person 1: Mmm, this cake is so fudgy and moist!
  • Person 2: I’m really glad you’re enjoying it so much!

Other nice comments:

  • So happy it’s hitting the spot for you!
  • Awesome, it’s definitely a great dessert.
  • Wonderful! I’m thrilled you like it!

4. Save room for more!

If you know even tastier treats are on the way, build up the anticipation:

  • Person 1: Yum, this appetizer is ah-mazing!
  • Person 2: If you think this is good, just save room for the main course!


  • You’re going to be so excited for the next course!
  • I know it’s great, but don’t fill up yet!
  • Just wait till we serve the family recipe!

5. Makes all the cooking worth it!

If you prepared the food, bask a little in their praise:

  • Person 1: Mmm! This homemade chili is legit!
  • Person 2: Aww, thanks! Hearing that makes all the cooking worth it.

Also try:

  • I worked hard on this meal, so I’m relieved you enjoy it!
  • Knowing you’re a fan of my food means the world.
  • I’m beaming over here thanks to your “yum!”

6. Let’s toast to that!

Mark a particularly rave review by raising your glasses:

  • Person 1: Best cashew chicken ever!! So delish!
  • Person 2: This calls for a toast – to tasty food and good company! 

More celebratory replies:

  • Cheers to that – this meal is definitely one for the books!
  • Time to give three cheers for this incredible dish! Hip hip hooray!

7. Mind if I Instagram that masterpiece?

Ask to snap pics of especially photogenic cuisine:

  • Person 1: Drooool, this cake looks – and tastes! – heavenly.
  • Person 2: Be right back – I need to Instagram that masterpiece! 

Also try:

  • Do you mind if I grab a few shots first? This is too pretty to not ‘gram!
  • Hold that thought while I photograph this beautiful cuisine.
  • Let me immortalize that gorgeous dish for posterity!

8. Can you share the recipe?

Beg them to reveal secret ingredients or cooking methods for outstanding eats:

  • Person 1: This fried chicken is serviceably crunchy and moist!
  • Person 2: I’m begging you – can you share the recipe?? 

Other pleading replies:

  • Will bribes, threats or flattery get me that recipe? Name your price!
  • I’ll be your best friend forever if you hook me up with instructions for making this!

9. Mind fixing me a plate too?

Politely ask them to serve you some if they’ve prepared or dished out the “yum” food:

  • Person 1: Mmm, these tacos are flipping amazing!
  • Person 2: Awesome! Would you mind fixing me a plate too?

Additionally try:

  • Think I could get in on this tasty action?
  • Care to slide a few this way once you’ve eaten your fill? Pretty please!

10. We’ve got a new favorite restaurant!

If dining out, suggest adding the eatery to your regular rotation:

  • Person 1: Yum – best pad thai I’ve ever eaten!
  • Person 2: Agreed! I think we’ve got a new favorite restaurant.

Other replies:

  • Definitely putting this place into heavy dinner rotation.
  • And that’s why I keep recommending we eat here!

How to Respond When a Girl Says “Yum”

Girls crave connection around food and meals. When responding to a gal’s “yum,” show you relate and care about her preferences.

Echo her sentiment to validate her opinion. Seek to understand why she finds the dish delicious by asking questions or listening. Offer to get or make it for her again if she really loves it.

Flattering responses like asking to take pics or get the recipe also nurture her inner foodie!

How to Respond When a Guy Says “Yum”

Guys view eating as more utilitarian than bonding. Still, dudes appreciate “yum” food too!

When a bro says “yum,” keep responses positive but brief. A simple fist bump or echoing his “yum!” back shows solidarity. Offering seconds or another round of snacks/drinks congratulates his good taste.

Competitive guys might also enjoy gentle ribbing for quick judgments or messy eating. Just don’t take the jokes too far if he seems sensitive.

3 Key Takeaways for Replying to “Yum”

  1. Echo the sentiment to validate their perspective
  2. Add your own spin with positive or playful remarks
  3. Relate to their preferences by offering more tasty goods!

In Closing

Hearing someone enjoy food you prepare or enjoy alongside them connects you on a sensory level. “Yum” sets the stage to bond while celebrating the pleasures of a great meal.

Keep replies light and positive. Acknowledge their delight before chiming in. Show interest in why certain dishes appeal through questions and conversations.

Most of all, savor the smiles and flavors that inspired that “yum!” Let the tasty moments (and aftertastes) linger.

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