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Hi, I’m Sarah Koch

The Founder & Author of Mrs. And The Misc.

I’m a Certified Life Coach and mom of two from Austin, Texas.

For 9+ years, I’ve specialized in coaching individuals and couples on building healthy, lasting romantic relationships.

That’s why I started this blog. Whether you’re dating, newlyweds, or long-term partners, I’ll share real-world tips and insights to strengthen your connection with your significant other.

While I coach people of all ages, my specialty is guiding those at midlife and beyond.… More About Me

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Irresistible Texting: Ultimate Messaging Guide

The Art of Crafting Messages That Captivate Him, Strengthen Bonds, and Elicit Responses

Learn the secrets of crafting irresistible messages that will have him chasing you, deepening your connection, and eagerly responding to your every word.

Strategies to keep him interested by giving him new challenges​

Techniques to get him addicted to you by focusing more on him.

Tips to make him feel like a king and keep him coming back.

Methods to keep him invested by only discussing positive memories and topics.

Ideas to deepen your bond by giving him tasks to show proof of his love.

Insights on how to use different types of motivation texts.

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