Ways To Stop Being Crazy In A Relationship

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Decide what behaviors you're comfortable with and stick to them. Compromise when needed but don't let anxiety rule decisions.

Set Boundaries

Take a few deep breaths if a discussion gets heated. This stops rash words and gives space to think clearly before responding.

Breathe Before Speaking

Hear your partner out fully before defending yourself. See things from their view to find the real issue beneath surface words.

Listen Without Judging

Acknowledge how your actions made them feel without admitting fault. This helps them feel heard so tensions ease.

Validate Feelings

If you were wrong, own up to it sincerely. Work together on solutions both find fair. United front ends conflicts.

Compromise and Apologize

Small consistent efforts like following through on promises help reassure each other. This strengthens the relationship.

Build Trust Over Time

For persistent issues, consider counseling to learn healthy habits. A third party perspective provides new insights.

Seek Counseling if Needed

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