Top 7 Warm European Getaways Europeans Are Flocking To

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Malta: Enjoy the sunny beaches, historic sites and delicious cuisine of this Mediterranean island.

Cyprus: Explore the ancient ruins, stunning coastlines and diverse culture of this divided country.

Madeira: Experience the lush greenery, volcanic landscapes and exotic flowers of this Portuguese archipelago.

Tenerife: Relax on the black sand beaches, hike the Teide volcano and party at the lively resorts of this Canary island.

Sicily: Discover the rich history, art and gastronomy of this Italian island, home to Mount Etna and the Mafia.

Crete: Visit the birthplace of Zeus, the Minoan palace of Knossos and the scenic Samaria Gorge on this Greek island.

Mallorca: Indulge in the nightlife, shopping and cuisine of Palma, or escape to the tranquil villages and coves of this Balearic island.