The Ultimate Guide To Flirting Like A Pro

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Welcome to "The Ultimate Guide To Flirting Like A Pro"! In this story, you'll learn 10 easy tips to make flirting fun and natural. Let's get started!

Smiling and making eye contact shows you're interested and confident. Look them in the eyes and smile when you first meet and during conversation. Hold eye contact for 2-3 seconds then look away.

Notice something you like about their appearance or personality and give a sincere compliment. Comments on their smile, style or something they're wearing or doing shows you care without being too forward.

Ask open questions to learn about them and keep the conversation flowing. Really listen to their answers and ask follow up questions. People love talking about themselves so this shows you're engaged.

Touch their arm casually when laughing or agreeing to flirt physically. A light touch shows friendliness and can increase attraction when done naturally as conversation flows.

Face them fully with your shoulders and hips squared. Leaning in slightly shows interest without being too intense. Crossed arms come across as closed off so keep an open stance.

Smiling engages others but a full smile with eye contact has even more impact. Smile with your eyes by making them small and crinkled. This shows true warmth and interest beyond a simple smile.

If they lean in, you lean in. If they touch their hair, you casually do the same. Mirroring builds rapport and subconsciously signals you're on the same wavelength in a flirty way.

Flirting is meant to be fun, not serious. Tease them lightly, laugh easily and maintain a playful, positive vibe. Don't be afraid to flirt back and forth - the more you both enjoy it, the better.

If the vibe is right, ask for their number at the end by saying something like "We should continue this conversation over coffee - can I get your number?". This shows confidence and seals the deal if they're interested too.