The most popular Christmas food in top 8 states

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Alabama: Sweet potato casserole - A sweet and crunchy side dish that's almost like a dessert.  

Alaska: Cranberry sauce - A tangy and festive condiment that goes well with turkey or ham.

Arizona: Goose - A traditional and succulent main course that's popular in Europe and also in the Grand Canyon State.

Arkansas: Sweet potato casserole - Another fan of this Southern classic, Arkansas loves to load up on this buttery and nutty dish.

California: Roast carrots - A simple and healthy side dish that showcases the fresh produce of the Golden State.

Colorado: Goose - Colorado has plenty of geese to choose from, thanks to migration, and they make a delicious and hearty Christmas dinner.

Connecticut: Monkey bread - A sweet and sticky treat that's perfect for dessert or breakfast. This pull-apart bread can be customized with different flavors and toppings.

Delaware: Roast beef - A savory and satisfying main course that can feed a crowd. Delawareans like to serve it with horseradish sauce and Yorkshire pudding.