Ranking the 10 Best Breakfast Foods in the U.S.A

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Pancakes with maple syrup: Fluffy, sweet and satisfying, these are a classic American favorite.

Bacon and eggs: Crispy, salty and protein-packed, this combo is a hearty way to start the day.

Oatmeal with fruit and nuts: Creamy, nutritious and customizable, this dish is a healthy and filling option.

Bagel with cream cheese and lox: Chewy, tangy and savory, this is a delicious and easy breakfast.

Biscuits and gravy: Rich, creamy and comforting, this Southern staple is a decadent treat.

Breakfast burrito: Spicy, cheesy and loaded with eggs, meat and veggies, this is a portable and satisfying meal.

French toast: Soft, buttery and aromatic, this dish is perfect for a sweet tooth.

Yogurt parfait: Light, fresh and crunchy, this is a refreshing and simple breakfast.

Waffles: Crispy, golden and versatile, these can be topped with anything from fruit to whipped cream.

Croissant sandwich: Flaky, buttery and cheesy, this is a mouthwatering and elegant breakfast.