Overrated American Destinations to Skip

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Times Square: Unless you enjoy being stuck in a crowd of tourists and bombarded by flashy ads, this place is not worth your time. 

Hollywood Walk of Fame: Another tourist trap that will disappoint you. The stars are dirty, the sidewalks are crowded, and the celebrities are nowhere to be seen. 

Mount Rushmore: A long drive to see some faces carved into a mountain. It might sound impressive, but it's actually quite boring and disrespectful to the Native Americans who consider the land sacred.

Las Vegas Strip: Unless you're into gambling, drinking, and partying, this place will leave you feeling empty and broke. The casinos are rigged, the shows are overpriced, and the hotels are tacky. 

Niagara Falls: A natural wonder that has been ruined by commercialization.   falls are surrounded by ugly buildings, souvenir shops, and cheesy attractions.

Mall of America: A giant shopping mall that has nothing to do with America. It's just a collection of stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues that you can find anywhere else. 

Statue of Liberty: A symbol of freedom that is hard to access and enjoy. You have to book tickets in advance, take a ferry, go through security, and climb hundreds of stairs to see the statue up close.