Is Re-Gifting a Big No-No or a Clever Move?

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Is re-gifting rude or resourceful? This story explores the debate around re-gifting unwanted gifts.

Some see re-gifting as disrespectful - like passing on unwanted trash. But others think it's better than letting gifts collect dust.

Re-gifting can feel like a breach of gift-giving etiquette. But if a gift sits unused, isn't it better to find it a new home where it may be appreciated?

There are ways to re-gift thoughtfully. Only pass on gifts in good condition, and don't re-gift to the original giver! Consider the tastes of the new recipient.

Most agree it's best not to re-gift something very personal or expensive. But less personal items, like gift baskets or unused gift cards, can find new purpose.

At the end of the day, re-gifting keeps useful items in circulation rather than taking up space. As long as it's done sensitively, it's really a green way to share gifts.

So is re-gifting rude or clever? Different people see it different ways. The most important things are being considerate of others and not letting gifts go to waste.

What do you think - is re-gifting an acceptable way to pass on unwanted gifts, or is it better to donate or discard them? Share your view in the comments!