Enhance Your Home with Victorian Home Decor!

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Welcome to our Story on enhancing your home with Victorian decor! This style is known for elegance and charm. Let's explore some top ideas.

Wallpaper is a Victorian signature. Opt for floral, damask or stripe patterns in rich colors like burgundy or navy. Wallpaper just one accent wall to make a bold statement.

Add ornate mirrors. Look for gilded frames with scrolling details. Place a large mirror over a mantel or hang several small ones in a gallery wall configuration.

Incorporate lace curtains. Sheer fabrics with lace trim are perfect for draping windows. Lace brings femininity while allowing natural light to stream in.

Layer rugs. Choose an area rug in a bold pattern for the main sitting space and surround it with smaller accent rugs in coordinating hues.

Fill your home with plants. Ferns, ivy and orchids were popular Victorian picks. Use them to fill decorative urns or line a windowsill for a lush look.

Display collections. Victorian homes often showcased treasures. Share your interests through curated displays of shells, books or family photos.