8 Casseroles That Will Make You Not Want To Leave The House

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Cheesy chicken and broccoli bake: a creamy and comforting dish with a crunchy topping

Beef and bean enchilada casserole: spicy, cheesy and filling, perfect for a cold night

Tuna noodle casserole: a classic recipe with a creamy sauce and a crispy crust

Chicken pot pie casserole: a hearty and savory dish with biscuits on top

Ham and cheese breakfast casserole: a delicious way to start the day with eggs, cheese and ham

Shepherd's pie: a meaty and satisfying casserole with mashed potatoes and cheese

Lasagna: a layered casserole with noodles, cheese, meat and tomato sauce

Macaroni and cheese: a simple and cheesy casserole that everyone loves