7 Signs of Lust in a Man That Signal No Love Attached

Sarah Koch

Certified Life Coach 

Physical Focus: If a man's focus is primarily on physical aspects of a relationship, such as appearance or intimacy, it may indicate lust rather than love.

Short-Term Outlook: A man focused on short-term pleasures or benefits without considering a long-term commitment might be driven by lust.

Limited Emotional Connection: Lack of deep emotional connection or interest in your thoughts, feelings, and well-being can be a sign of lust.

Self-Centered Behavior: If a man's actions consistently prioritize his own needs and desires over yours, it may indicate a self-serving, lustful mindset.

Inconsistent Attention: A man who shows intense interest and affection in one moment but is distant or unresponsive in others might be driven by fleeting feelings of lust.

Lack of Future Planning: If there is no discussion or consideration of a future together, it could suggest that the relationship is based on physical attraction rather than emotional connection.

Disregard for Respect and Boundaries: Disrespectful or boundary-crossing behavior, such as pressuring for physical intimacy or ignoring your boundaries, can indicate a focus on lust rather than genuine love and respect.