7 Scenarios When It's Not OK to Use Your Phone

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Using your phone while driving is dangerous and illegal. Focus on the road to keep yourself and others safe.

1. Driving

Be present and engaged during important work discussions. Phones can wait until after the meeting.

2. Work meetings

Give your full attention to the teacher and lesson. Take notes the old fashioned way for better learning.

3. Class/lectures

Look up from your screen and make eye contact with your date. Phones ruin the romantic mood.

4. Dates

Unplug to fully connect with loved ones during meals, activities and quality time together.

5. Family time

Explain your symptoms clearly to the doctor without distractions. Phones don't belong in the exam room.

6. Doctor appointments

Enjoy scenic views and the outdoors. Appreciate the moment without screens separating you from the experience.

7. In nature