7 Reasons Why You Attract Lazy Guys?

Sarah Koch

Certified Life Coach 

You are very active and productive yourself, so you end up overfunctioning for the relationship. Laid-back guys may be drawn to letting you take charge and organize things.

You are very nurturing, supportive, and go out of your way for a partner. Lazy guys may see this and unconsciously take advantage.

You are attracted to the "bad boy" or "rebel" type. These casual, carefree qualities can sometimes overlap with laziness.

You confuse laid-back qualities with total disinterest or passiveness. Some guys are easygoing but still attentive partners.

You exhibit passive communication patterns or lack assertiveness about your needs. This dynamic enables a lazy partner.

You tolerate lazy behaviors, don't speak up when bothered, or enable such habits to avoid conflict. Some guys pick up on this tolerance.

You portray confidence, money, status or independence. Unfortunately some men find this threatening and respond by acting inadequate or lazy to compensate.