7 Habits That Guarantee Women Will Notice You

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A classy man knows how to make a good first impression. Here are 7 habits that classy men exhibit which leave people with a positive lasting impression.

1. They are well-groomed and dress appropriately for any occasion. A classy man understands the importance of appearance and ensures he is well-kempt from head to toe.

2. They are polite, respectful and have good manners. Opening doors, saying please and thank you, and treating everyone with courtesy are hallmarks of a classy man.

3. They are well-spoken and articulate. A classy man chooses his words carefully, speaks clearly and avoids foul language.

4. They are well-read and informed. Staying up to date on current events through reading newspapers, magazines and books allows a classy man to engage intelligently in conversation.

5. They are punctual and reliable. A classy man respects other people's time by always being on time for meetings and commitments.

6. They are confident but not arrogant. A classy man carries himself with poise and self-assurance without coming across as egotistical or full of himself.

7. They are generous and chivalrous. Acts of kindness like offering to help someone in need, opening doors or giving up their seat for others are signs of a classy gentleman.

A classy man leaves people feeling valued, respected and impressed through consistently demonstrating manners, etiquette, integrity and consideration for others. These habits help him stand out from the crowd and leave a positive lasting impression.