7 DIY Christmas Ornaments You Can Make Easily

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Make paper snowflakes! Cut paper into shapes, fold repeatedly for intricate designs. Hang on tree for a classic homemade ornament.

Popcorn strings make for an edible decoration. String popped kernels on thread, tie ends to create loops for hanging. Kids love helping with this easy craft!

Get crafty with air-dry clay. Roll into balls, pipe on faces and add glitter for personalized angel ornaments. Bake and they're ready to shine!

Collect nature's treasures by making pinecone birds. Hot glue feathers, googly eyes and beaks for charming outdoor decor. Renew decorations yearly as nature provides.

Salt Dough Ornaments: Mix salt, flour and water to make dough. Roll out and cut into shapes with cookie cutters. Bake, paint and hang. Note it as a fun activity kids can do.

Pipe Cleaner Figures: Twist and bend pipe cleaners into the shapes of Santa, snowmen, trees or other holiday icons. Attach googly eyes or pom poms for details.