7 Budget Travel Trips For Under $36 A Day

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Explore the natural wonders of Iceland. You can camp for free, hitchhike, and enjoy the stunning scenery without spending a fortune.

Experience the culture and cuisine of Vietnam. You can find cheap accommodation, street food, and local transportation for a few dollars a day.

Visit the ancient ruins of Greece. You can get discounted tickets to museums and archaeological sites, and enjoy the Mediterranean climate and hospitality.

Discover the diversity of India. You can travel by train, stay in hostels or guesthouses, and sample the delicious and varied dishes of different regions.

Wander around the colorful cities of Morocco. You can bargain for souvenirs, eat at local markets, and admire the architecture and art of this North African country.

Enjoy the wildlife and adventure of Costa Rica. You can hike in national parks, surf on the beaches, and spot exotic animals and plants.

Experience the history and charm of Poland. You can visit castles, churches, and museums, eat hearty meals, and drink local beer or vodka.