Heart Shaped Fruit Kabobs

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!! When I was getting married, I had a friend tell me to eat lots of fruit before the honeymoon because it makes your skin taste sweet. I don’t know about that, but it is for sure healthy … Continue reading

The Love Letters

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For some women, chocolates, flowers, or a nice dinner date mean the world on Valentines. For me, its a letter. These penned missives aren’t quickly signed “Love, or I love you, love your husband”. I receive actual love letters. And … Continue reading

You Can Call Me a “MOM*TOG”

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Why can you call me a Mom*Tog??? Well, about a year ago, I took some family pictures for a friend. She wanted to find someone reasonable to do them and I thought it would be fun. I have always had … Continue reading

DIY Frosted Glass for Labeling and Decorating

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I have seen people use glass frosting spray paint to add lines to Christmas ornaments and vases, by putting tape across them, so I thought I’d take it a step further using stickers to decorate this plain candle for Valentine’s Day, and … Continue reading

What’s a Cricut Machine???

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I had no idea what a Cricut machine was until I really started getting artsy fartsy. It’s a fun and easy way to cut things out on cute papers to use for various projec ts. Some people use it for … Continue reading