Not Your Typical Playroom Decor

The room before...

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A playroom is a place where children’s imaginations run wild. Whether they are playing games, watching movies or just simply playing pretend. Once I became a mom and my son Presley started crawling, I immediately started planning his playroom. I thought … Continue reading

a friendly introduction from the mrs.

Susanna, Kristin and Lindsay at The Ivy in Los Angeles in February 2011 

The first thing you need to know is that we’re actually three wives, despite the headline. We were just so fond of the play on words for our blog title that we decided to overlook one little caveat: There’s no plural form of “Mrs.” in the English language. The French word, “Mesdames,” well, it just didn’t cut it. 
So, all you grammar fiends, there are actually three oh-so-close and very unique Mrs. writing about the misc. in their lives. But we think once you get to know us, you’ll let it slide.

Meet Mrs. Christensen – Susanna is a women’s and children’s apparel designer. When she is not designing she likes to: read books she checks out at the library, cook/try out new meals for friends-which she tries to pass off as “been in the family for years” recipes, waste time on Pinterest, and shop for vintage clothes.  She married her high school love, and now they live a somewhat spontaneous lifestyle, taking off at a moment’s notice for the possibility of an adventure. Together they watch a lot of movies and enjoy trying new and exotic foods. 

Meet Mrs. Fincher – Kristin also has a passion for design, but prefers the corporate side of the fashion and interior design businesses. She’s worked for Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as for a renowned furniture designer. Kristin married her college sweetheart, Kris (yes, it’s Kris and Kristin), and together they savor the finer (and healthier, often organic) things in life. In addition to their frequent trips to exciting places (we can’t wait to hear all about their upcoming trip to Thailand), they are having a ball renovating their first home in Dallas, but split there time between Big D and Beverly Hills, Calif. 

Meet Mrs. Irvin – Life as a magazine editor is busy for Lindsay, so she finds home decor overwhelming and fashion an endless battle of have and have-not. However, after purchasing her and her husband, Michael’s first home, she’s taken new interest in easy, affordable projects for the house, loves hosting parties, and shopping sales for amazing deals. In their free time, Lindsay and Michael love to golf, get away on the weekends to see their friends and family, take trips to amazing places, drink good wine, and spoil their dog, Colby rotten. The couple recently relocated from Dallas to Little Rock, Ark., savoring the state’s natural beauty and Southern hospitality.

You’ll get to know us better as the blog takes shape. But we’d like to get to know you too. Be sure to comment on our posts and share feedback and ideas of your own!