Easy Fall Dessert Recipe: Butter Pecan Cupcakes with Apple Butter & Cream Cheese Frosting

For my most recent Treatsie Club day at work, which just so happened to fall on Oct. 1st, I decided to make something fall-esque.

At the grocery store, I discovered Butter Pecan cake mix and decided my pregnant self thought that sounded good and very fall-worthy. I grabbed some cream cheese icing and headed home to make cupcakes.

As I was mixing the batter, I noticed a recipe tip on the back that suggested using apricot preserves under the layer of icing. I am not a big apricot preserves fan but I loved the idea of infusing something else fall-worthy and more fruit-like into this recipe. So, I grabbed the homemade can of apple butter my aunt recently made with the apples that grow on her horse farm in Blairsville, Ga. and used it. I just got back from visiting her last month – and her little gift of apple butter was perfect for this recipe! The apple flavor is a great compliment to the butter pecan cake.

After icing (yes I’m terrible at it, you’ll see below), I sprinkled the top with a little pumpkin pie spice for decoration and for added autumn flair and flavor!

Here’s how it works and how it turned out:










I had to apply the icing this way bc spread it on would’ve smeared the apple butter and that wouldn’t look too pretty.


I sprinkled them with a little pumpkin pie spice for fall flavor and flair!



My co-workers LOVED them. Devan, one of the marketing girls even said, “Your cupcake just changed my life.” Or something to that effect. Nice!

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