You’re Far Apart, But Her Heart is Always Near: 10 Long Distance Gifts to Keep That Spark Alive

I see you over there, pining for your partner who’s dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of miles away. Long distance relationships can be brutal – all those nights spent staring wistfully at an empty pillow, wondering what your sweetheart is up to.

But don’t lose hope just yet! Even with all those miles between you two lovebirds, there are plenty of heartwarming ways to remind them just how much you care. I’m talking long distance gifts so sweet, so romantic, so downright swoon-worthy that they’ll be counting down the days until you’re reunited.

So perk up those eager ears and get ready, because your favorite relationship guru (that’s me, duh) is about to share ten amazingly thoughtful gift ideas to keep that flame burning bright across the longest distances. You can thank me later when they’re grinning from ear-to-ear!

A Cozy, Cuddly Reminder of You

Let’s start with something supremely snuggly – a custom body pillow printed with a giant photo of your beautiful mug! Imagine your sweetie bear hugging this life-sized stand-in as they drift off to sleep. Creepy? Maybe a little. Romantic AF? You betcha.

For bonus sappy points, splurge on some fabric spray and lightly mist the pillow with your signature cologne or perfume. That way, they can inhale your intoxicating scent as they snuggle up to the next best thing. Just be prepared for some hilariously awkward explanations if their roommates catch them spooning a 5-foot tall pillowcase with your face on it!

Personalized Pieces That Cater to Their Passions

When you’re apart, reminding your partner of your shared interests and inside jokes can mean the world. A custom-made gift perfectly tailored to their hobbies or obsessions screams “I see you, I know you, and I freaking love you.”

Are they constantly singing offkey renditions of their favorite musical’s soundtrack? Commission an Etsy artist to paint the playbill art onto a decorative plaque. Is their idea of heaven a 16-hour Minecraft marathon? An adorable stuffed creeper or “Couple Craftingz” t-shirt could be the way to their pixelated heart.

You know what they love better than anyone, so get creative! Putting real thought into a gift that celebrates their niche passions will feel like receiving a great big spiritual hug. Just don’t go overboard on the “their hobby, but make it romantic” gifts – a His-and-Hers Boba Fett outfit might be taking things too far.

A Saucy Subscription for the Spice Connoisseur

Subscriptions make excellent long distance gifts because they keep on giving month after month, reminding your sweetheart of your love AND enabling their food, drink, or hoarding addictions. It’s a win-freakin’-win!

If your partner’s penchant for spicy foods is, well, toohotforthem, consider springing for a monthly hot sauce subscription box. With delightfully devilish flavors arriving at their doorstep each month, they’ll be drooling a Slayer-level fire stream in no time. This gift has the added benefit of allowing you to gorge voraciously on their share of the sauces when you’re finally reunited.

Or maybe they’re a vino aficionado? In that case, an affordable wine subscription could open up their palate to all sorts of funky new grape-y delights. And if they’re anything like me, the novelty of playing sommelier from their own couch is sure to make them giddier than a kid in a candy shoppe.

When Distance Calls for Closeness: Long Distance Touch Bracelets

If your long distance situation has you two feeling starved for physical intimacy, modern technology has some incredibly cool solutions to bring you closer. Take long distance touch bracelets, for instance – these futuristic accessories allow you to send gentle vibrations back and forth with a simple hand squeeze!

Imagine this: You’re chilling with a glass of vino, idly streaming the latest binge-worthy series. Suddenly, you feel your bracelet start to tingle and warmly pulse around your wrist. It’s almost like getting a physical hug from your far-away lover, a silent reminder that they’re missing you just as much as you’re missing them.

You can send a reassuring squeeze right back in response, creating an oh-so-intimate shared moment despite the miles between you. Cue the sappy romantic music and waterworks!

A Next-Level Notebook for the Nostalgic Communicators

Sometimes, nothing beats the simple act of opening up and sharing your deepest thoughts with your one-and-only. For partners who can’t get enough of pouring their hearts out to each other, a ultra-sentimental journal or notebook can work wonders in a long distance relationship.

This isn’t just any old spiral-bound relic, my friends. I’m talking a luxuriously bound, high-quality journal utterly brimming with prompts, questions and creative writing exercises designed specifically for couples separated by distance. You’ll trade off writing in the book, then ship it to each other regularly to read and respond to the other’s entries.

This intimate activity will remind you both why you fell in love in the first place, capturing all those special little quirks, inside jokes, wild hopes, and exciting memories that bind you together. It’s romance with substance – a million times more swoon-worthy than store-bought bland-o-grams or wilting roses.

Scent with Sensual Intent: Fragrance That Brings You Close

As I mentioned with the pillow idea, scents can pack a potent emotional punch and transport us to fond memories or places whenever we catch a whiff. This makes beautifully bottled fragrances a foolproof way to stir up desire in a long distance romance.

I’m not just talking boring old department store perfumes and colognes here – those are nice too, if you know your partner’s signature scent. But for a deeply personal, unforgettable vibe, look for indie artisan perfumers that let you custom blend essential oils and extracts into utterly unique fragrances you won’t smell anywhere else.

Created just for them based on their favorite smells and your treasured memories together, these scents are guaranteed to remind them how deliciously good you smell when cuddled up close. Spritz some onto love notes or articles of clothing before shipping them off for an intoxicating flirtation that bridges the gap!

Seriously Steamy: Subscription Boxes for the Kinky Couple

Speaking of bridging gaps, let’s get nice and racy up in here, shall we? For the more adventurous lovebirds out there, a subscription box service catered towards your saucier interests could light one hell of a fire even from miles away!

I’m talking toys, lingerie, games, accessories and more – all sort of sex-ploration goodies conveniently packaged up and shipped directly to your doorstep each month. Some boxes are tamer and romance-focused, while others get delightfully X-rated with premium toys, lubes, and naughty inspiration galore.

Not only do these subscriptions deliver hours of cheeky fun and tension-relieving stress relief, but you two can build racy anticipation by swapping hilarious reviews of each month’s indulgences. Just maybe don’t open that package around grandma, yeah?

For the Homebodies: The Ultimate Night In Care Package

If your long distance partner is more of a low-key homebody, you can still sweep them off their adorable little feet with a decadently cozy night in care package. Think all the simple pleasures and creature comforts you’d enjoy if you were there cuddling together on the couch: plush slippers and robes, indulgent snacks like flavored popcorn and chocolate, luxuriously soft lounge pants – the works!

Really kick it up a notch by including classy accoutrements like high-end hot cocoa mixes, a cult classic movie you both adore, scented candles or bath bombs for solo spa nights, or maybe even a miniature bouquet of fresh flowers to brighten their space. Whatever screams “ultimate chill comfort!” for your sweetums, you can bet it’ll make their heart flutter knowing you curated it with them in mind.

They’ll feel utterly pampered, content and loved up doing absolutely nothing. Perfection!

Old-School Charm: A Romantic Mixtape in a Digital Age

The mixtape is a tried-and-true classic for romantics at heart. There’s just something so personal and meaningful about taking the time to carefully curate the most heartfelt songs into the perfect audio love letter.

Sure, making an actual cassette tape like your parents used to is mad inconvenient these days. Why not put a modern spin on this timeless tradition by creating your very own digital playlist to dedicate to your long distance lover?

Pour over all your favorite deeply poetic, delightfully cheesy, or subtly seductive tracks that remind you of pivotal moments in your relationship. Then arrange them into one epically romantic playlist on a streaming service you both use. You can even give it an irresistibly sappy title like “Baby, You’re My Endless Love Remix” or “Just a Buncha Songs About How Much I Want to Mash Lips (With You).”

When your partner stumbles upon this labor of aural love at the gym or while commuting to work, they’ll be awash in nostalgia, desire, and the goofiest of all grins. These are the soundtracks to your love story – pop in those earbuds and get swept away, baby!

Beyond the Touchscreen: Custom-Made Care Packages From the Heart

Last but certainly not least, I present to you the simplest yet most meaningful long distance gift of all: the humble care package. But not just any old shoddily thrown together assortment of protein bars and stray socks, my friend – a painstakingly personalized crate overflowing with inside jokes, treasured photos, and thoughtfully selected treats tailored JUST for them.

Fill this baby up with all their favorite nibbles, from oddball candies you can only find in their hometown to those ludicrously expensive imported cookies they can’t get enough of. Include trinkets and mementos that remind you of hilarious moments from your relationship – maybe that hideously tacky souvenir from your first road trip or photos from their most mortifying drunken escapades. You get the idea!

Take the time to lovingly arrange everything just so, adding heartfelt notes, a romantic playlist CD, a miniature bouquet of their fave blooms – go all out! Your creativity and sentimentality are guaranteed to bring them beaming joy. Care packages are relatively inexpensive, but their emotional value is utterly priceless. This gift screams “You’re the apple of my eye and I’ll go the extra mile just for you” in the most delightfully dorky way.

For maximum impact, surprise them by shipping this sentimental bounty out of the blue on a random weekday when they’re least expecting it. Trust me, there’s nothing quite as smile-inducing as seeing that battered “OPEN ME” box arrive at your doorstep packed with TLC straight from your sweetheart.

Closing Thoughts: The Greatest Gift is Faith in Your Forever

Phew, we covered quite a lot today! From naughty novelties to nostalgic time capsules to cozy gestures to make them swoon, hopefully this list has your romantic gift-giving gears turning. But at the end of the day, your presence – no matter how far away – speaks louder than any material item ever could.

You two kids are already giving one of life’s greatest gifts to each other simply by believing in your partnership enough to hang tough through the long distance challenges. So keep that faith strong, shower ’em in endearingly weird ways you show your affection, and know with every fiber of your being that this too shall pass.

Soon enough, you’ll finally get to bask in each other’s physical radiance 24/7, making up for all that lost cuddling time and creating new heartwarming memories together. For now, revel in the excitement of counting down to that glorious day – and spoil your sweetheart rotten every chance you get with tokens of just how dang cherished they are.

Because really, isn’t that the best present of all?

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