7 Unique Long Distance Online Dating Ideas That Will Keep the Spark Alive

Whether you met your beau on a dating app and haven’t met IRL yet, or circumstances like job relocations or deployments have separated you, the struggle is REAL.

How do you keep that new relationship fire burning hot when you’re stuck sending heart emojis from opposite corners of the globe? Believe me, I’ve been there – and it’s not easy.

But don’t throw in the towel on romance just yet! With a dash of creativity and a whole lot of effort, long distance can totally work. I’ve got 7 fun, unique online dating ideas to foster connection and keep the passion blazing…even when you’re worlds apart.

1. Have a Digital Date Night

Sure, the usual video call and Netflix date is always an option. But why not kick things up a notch?

Pick a fun activity you can do “together” while video chatting, like:

  • Virtual museum tours
  • Multiplayer online games
  • Simultaneous takeout order (bonus points for exotic cuisine!)
  • Online paint & sip classes

Or get REALLY creative…one time my boyfriend and I decided to get frisky with video chat strip poker. Hey, I never said all these ideas would be G-rated!

The possibilities for crafting unique “dates” are endless when you have the whole internet at your fingertips. Plus, planning the date gives you something to look forward to and gush about all week. Just try not to make your coupled-up friends too jealous at how adorably creative you two are!

2. Send Surprise Snail Mail

Getting real mail (not just monthly credit card statements) is such a thrill in today’s digital age, right? So why not surprise your far-away lover by becoming a modern-day pen pal?

Put those english skills to work and craft the steamiest, most romantic love notes this side of Shakespeare. Or get crafty and make your sweetie a Valentine’s day card – in July. For bonus points, tuck a printed out photo of you making a silly face in the envelope too. Seeing your gorgeous mug in snail mail form…swoon!

Packaging up small gifts to send works amazingly well too. Maybe some zebra cakes because you know those are their fave indulgent treat. Or slipping in one of your hair ties that still has a hint of your shampoo scent! Get creative – it’s the random little things that feel so special.

If you’re really trying to be THAT girlfriend, take inspiration from old-school prisoner partners and get a little raunchy by sending…intimate articles of your clothing? I’ll let your imagination run wild on that one.

3. Share an Ongoing Storytelling Game

Stuck in the depths of monotonous day-to-day life again? Spice things up with an ongoing storytelling game full of romance and adventure!

Start off the tale with something like: “It was a blissfully sunny day in Venice when the beautiful American tourist felt someone slip something into her pocket…” Then take turns going back and forth to continue building the story one wacky block of prose at a time.

Aim for high drama and loads of laughs as you craft the most extravagant, absurd tale possible. Where will the story end up – with the daring characters getting arrested for outrageous public indecency? Or merely retiring to the countryside to open a quaint beekeeping business? No matter where you collaboratively steer the narrative, you’re sure to have a hilarious trip and feel that much closer together.

Pro tip: For an extra dose of spice, throw in some steamy romantic shenanigans for the characters to get into! Or at least strongly imply some tantalizingly vague details…leave a little something to the imagination, you minx.

4. Online Shopping…For Each Other

Listen. Online shopping is already an irresistible little dopamine rush of an activity. But did you know it can also make for a great way to treat your lover from miles and miles away?

Getting your partner involved in your retail therapy (rather than mindlessly solo scrolling for hours) can unlock some really intimate moments. You know their tastes and style even better than they do – so have fun playing real-life dress up doll!

Find something you think would look smashing on them and send the link their way, maybe with a cheeky little message like “This top would look even better ripped off you.” Oooh, scandalous!

They can do the same for items they think you’d totally rock. Flirty compliments, reminiscing over wild date night outfit memories to come…online shopping takes on a whole new romantic meaning.

Plus at the end of your little virtual mall adventure, you both get fun new outfits or accessories delivered to your door! Like getting care packages of thirst traps you can swap for each other’s viewing pleasure.

5. Curate Playlists (The Modern Love Mixtape)

Back in the 80s, making a mixed tape for your crush was THE romantic gesture. Well in 2023, we’re kick it old school with a modern spin by curating intimate playlists to share!

Take your time pouring over the perfect tracklist of songs reminding you of:

  • Inside jokes between you two
  • Lyrics speaking to the highs and lows of your relationship
  • That one jam that always got you both grinding against each other on the dancefloor
  • Or just a fun assortment of guilty pleasure bops you know they’ll dig

Sharing a custom playlist is a such a personal, meaningful way to merge your musical worlds and experiences together – despite being miles apart. Bonus points for writing out a gushy lil note explaining your picks!

And of course, don’t forget to thoroughly over-analyze and swoon over the deeper meanings of THEIR playlist for you too. Like English students digging for symbolism in ancient poetry…except this time, it’s your bae Speaking Their Mind through a SZA tune.

6. Friendly Game Night Competitions

If you and your sweetie are the competitive type, challenge them to a virtual game night showdown!

From classic board games that have online modes to video games ya’ll can squad up in, there’s no shortage of ways to get your playful tournament spirit on while talkin’ tons of flirty smack back and forth in the chat.

You could even make things interesting by placing bets on who will win – with steamy strip tease prize payouts for the victor. Or get creative with other fun stakes: loser has to sing their favorite cheesy love song, cook their partner a nice dinner next time you meet up, or describe in delicious detail their favorite sexual fantasy…

…I’ll stop there before this idea gets away from me. But you get the gist! Gamify your virtual hangs to bring out your gloriously competitive sides and have a flirtation party over video chat. Just try not to let your unhingedly intense desire to best each other ruin the romance!

7. Read Books Together, With Commentary

Deep, intellectual couples that read Infinite Jest together stay together, right? Okay, maybe not – but consuming great literary works with your partner can be a surprisingly intimate experience.

Pick a book you’ve both been wanting to check out, whether it’s the latest It Novel or a saucy romance everybody keeps raving about. Read it seperately in your own time, then schedule video chat sessions to discuss your thoughts and feelings as you go!

Things you’ll get out of this smart idea:

  • Bonding over storytelling, powerful ideas and swapping unique perspectives
  • Revisiting nostalgic memories sparked by certain passages or characters
  • A fresh excuse to flaunt your intellectual prowess and impress each other all over again
  • Tons of colorful fodder for erudite pillow talk (“Is the author intentionally exploring the duality of post-modern consumerism, or am I reading too much into the blatant Marxist themes again?”)

And of course, don’t forget to make your read-along sessions as cozy and romantic as possible! Dim lighting, cuddly pjs, glasses of wine…not to mention that irresistible tell-tale post-shower hair and no makeup look that always drives them wild.

It’ll be just like one of those “reading together in the afterglow” scenes from the movies – except on Zoom and occasionally interrupted by your roommate stomping past your room, whoops.

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