10 Sizzlin’ Date Ideas for Long Distance Couples

Warning: This post is loaded with all the spicy long distance relationship tips your heart desires…and then some

Listen up, my long-distance lovin’ pals! I know the deal – being separated from your one and only by miles (or continents!) can put a serious damper on those steamy date night plans.

But don’t throw in the towel just yet! As your resident romance guru, I’m here to share some smokin’ hot date concepts that’ll keep the sparks flying…even with all those pesky miles between you two crazy kids.

Whether your bae is just a city away or all the way across the world, these unique ideas are guaranteed to reignite that new relationship energy and make you feel closer than ever before.

So pucker up, buttercup…let’s dive into some sizzlin’ date night inspo for long distance couples!

1. Sip and Sync – A Classy Night In…Apart

Look, I get it. After putting on real pants for work all week, sometimes the couch is callin’ your name louder than a hyped-up crowd at Yankee Stadium.

That’s where this first date night idea comes in clutch! Kick back in your sweatpants and crack open a bottle of wine for a fancy “night in” filled with laughter, deep convos, and all the delicious snacks your heart desires.

Here’s how it works: You both pick out your fav bottle (or mix up some classy cocktails if you’re feelin’ frisky ). Then hop on a video call, dim the lights, light some candles…and just vibe.

You can take turns playing mixologist and rating each other’s drink skills. Or go all MasterChef with some synchronized at-home cooking! The options are endless, and it’s guaranteed to feel more bougie and romantic than your typical sweats-on-the-sofa sesh.

2. Game On – Virtual Game Night Shenanigans

Got a little competitive streak that comes out after one too many bevvies? This idea is for you, my feisty friend!

Channel those big “I’ll beat you at Mario Kart” vibes and plan a rousing game night from afar. You can go old-school with a virtual round of Battleship or Scrabble using a shared online board. If you’re feeling really adventurous, get a lil spicy with a round of virtual strip poker! (Don’t say I didn’t warn ya…)

The best part? All those trash-talkin’, junk-talkin’ opportunities will bring you two right back to those flirty early dating days. You can keep score over video chat and dole out “punishments” for the loser…like doing a silly dance or telling an embarrassing story from their past. Suddenly, this long distance thing doesn’t seem so torturous, does it?

3. Play Naughty Bingo – An XXX-Rated Twist

Speaking of games, why not take things up a notch with a game that’s definitely more for the 18+ crowd only?

That’s right folks, I’m talkin’ NSFW Naughty Bingo! This is the perfect way to spice up a regular video chat date. Each of you grabs a bingo card – either buy a pre-made one online or get frisky making your own filled with XXX-rated wishes and desires.

Then settle in, get comfortable, and start calling out numbers and steamyyyy phrases to mark off those squares. “B-14…giving a sensual massage!” You get the gist.

Believe me, once you hear that sweet sound of “Bingooooo!” being called, you’ll both be feeling some kind of way. Maybe even enough to act out the, ahem, prize? Hey now, I never said I was a PG content creator!

4. Plan Your Dream Baecation

Sometimes the emotional distance in a long distance relationship can make you feel like true quality time is just a far-off fantasy. So why not manifest that fantasy together by planning an epic “baecation?!”

Picture this: You both grab your laptops and a glass of vino (this is required for optimal romantic vibes, mmkay?). Then you virtually explore all the dreamy potential destinations you’d love to escape to one day.

You can split up the responsibilities, with one person finding cute Airbnbs and the other mapping out all the must-see spots. Take turns sharing your screens and gushing over the incredible photos of each possibility. Oooh that beach looks PRISTINE! And just LOOK at the view from that cliffside villa!

Before you know it, wanderlust will be coursing through your veins and you’ll be in the throes of listing off all the steamy activities you’ll get up to on your “baecation.” Like that couple from the romcoms, but ya know…raunchier.

5. Get Hot and Sweaty…With a Workout Sesh!

Tired of sitting around and snacking all night on your long distance dates? Time to get those endorphins pumping and break a sweat together.

For this date night idea, hit up YouTube or your favorite fitness app and find a fun, challenging workout video you’re both feeling. Then clear a space, pop in your earbuds, and get ready to work!

You can keep things hot (and not just cause you’re already burnin’ cals) by periodically pausing to check in, talk some trash, and laugh at your awkward form together. You could even make it a competition to see who can hold that plank the longest or nail the most reps.

Look, I’d be lying if I said I was great at motivating real workout sessions in the moment. But I can confidently say there’s nothing more rewarding than breathing heavily next to your partner and high-fiving after a grueling fitness sesh! It’ll make you feel closer than ever before and give you both a sexy post-workout glow.

6. Get Artsy – Paint and Sip Night

When’s the last time you let your creative side shine through and got in touch with your inner artsy fartsy self? If it’s been a while (or never), this could be just the ticket!

Bring the beloved “Paint and Sip” craze right into your home by firing up the video chat with your long distance sweetie. You’ll both need to stock up on some basic art supplies, like a canvas, paint, and—most importantly—a bottle (or three) of your fav wine. A sprinkle of liquid courage is essential for releasing your deepest artistic abilities, mmmkay?

Then find a YouTube tutorial for a painting theme you’re both feelin’…whether it’s starry night skies, tropical landscapes with bright pops of color, or classic still life scenes with fruit and flowers. As you sip and let the vino work its magic, follow along with the steps together and create your own artistic masterpieces from miles apart.

Bonus tip: Make a rule that any total painting fails have to be proudly displayed in your home…or else you’ll never hear the end of it! That’ll really put some fire under your booty to create a frame-worthy piece.

7. Karaoke Battle Royale

Who’s ready to dust off those vocal cords and channel their inner pop diva? This date is all about embracing the cheesy, high-octane fun of a good old-fashioned karaoke night!

Queue up a YouTube karaoke video for your fav fierce anthems (you know, the kind that make you wanna dance around in your underwear and sing into a hairbrush). For some inspiration, I’m talkin’ the spicy Lizzo hits, powerhouse ballads from Xtina and Whitney, maybe even old school jams from the Spice Girls and NSYNC.

Then switch off taking divine lead vocals while the other person eggs them on…and obviously tries to outsing them. Give it your all — grunts and growls, dramatic hair whips, the works! Points will be deducted for any pitchy notes, mumbled lyrics, or awkward hand choreography. Oh, and be sure to video record every blissful moment for some A+ future blackmail opportunities.

This date night is sure to bring out everyone’s spirited, silly side…and provide you both with an endless loop of hilarious memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

8. Share a Special Edition “LDR Snack Pack”

For all my hopeless foodies and snackers out there, here’s a super simple idea that’ll satisfy those cravings and feel insanely intimate at the same time.

Prior to your virtual date night, plan a special “snack exchange” by mailing each other a box filled with all your favorite munchies. Think: chips, candies, baked goodies, whatever snacks hold a nostalgic or special place in your heart (or belly).

Once the packages arrive, you’ll each have a box filled with delicious surprises carefully curated by your one and only. How freakin’ cute is that?!

On the big date night, hop on your video chat and spend some time unboxing all the snacky treasures together. Take turns trying each treat and sharing all the juicy backstories of why they made the cut. Bonus points for including handwritten notes or inside jokes to make it extra personal!

You’ll get to bond over your fav flavors and feel like you’re sharing an intimate snacking sesh across the miles. It’s silly, it’s sentimental, and hey…at the very least you’re guaranteed to end the date night feeling sufficiently stuffed!

9. Brave a Scary Movie Night

If your relationship can withstand the test of distance, it can certainly handle a few cheap thrills and chills from a scary movie…right? This next idea is perfect for thrill-seekers with a twisted sense of humor.

Start by both queuing up the same horror flick you’ve been itching to watch (may I suggest something delightfully campy like the new Scream or Terrifier 2?). Then hit play at precisely the same time so you’re experience those nightmare-fueled jump scares in beautiful synchronicity.

The best part? You can spend the entire evening cracking jokes, commentating on all the ridiculous characters, and shriek-laughing at the crazy death scenes together in real time! It’s like the rom-com version of Mystery Science Theater but, ya know, significantly more messed up.

And hey, I never said this date was for the faint of heart! If you make it through without one of you rage-quitting in terror, you’ll have the bonafide street cred to call yourselves a legendary horror-lovin’ power couple. Tossing a few chugs of liquid courage into the mix only enhances the experience…

10. Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups

They say the brain is the largest erogenous zone, and this final date idea is aimed at getting those gears turning in all the right ways…if you catch my drift.

When it’s finally time to wind down for the night, why not spice up your typical “sweet dreams” text with a live and uncut edition of virtual bedtime stories – the XXX-rated version?

You can take turns crafting short erotic tales designed to really ahem set the mood before drifting off to dreamland. Or read aloud saucy excerpts from you favorite raunchy novels or ancient literary smutterpieces. Think of it like an adult lullaby, but one that’ll likely have the opposite effect of lulling you to sleep. Hey, I warned you this list would be steamy!

If you’re feeling ultra-frisky, throw on some silky PJs or negligees to get those fizzy sexy vibes flowing. And pro tip? Always end your steamy storytime with a cliffhanger to keep your sweetie desperate for what tantalizing tales await tomorrow night…

There You Have It! 10 Sizzlin’ Date Ideas to Keep the Spark Alive

Look, I get it – this long distance relationship stint can be rough. With all those miles wedged between you and your one and only lover, it’s easy to start feelin’ the strain and yearning for some QT.

But don’t let the distance drag you down! By getting a lil creative and indulging in some out-of-the-box virtual date nights, you can keep the sparks (and other things) flying anytime, anywhere.

So go ahead and give one (or hell, ALL) of these saucy suggestions a try. Whether you’re cracking up over an ungodly bad karaoke rendition or racing to be the first to call “Bingo!” with a NSFW card, these unique ideas are bound to put some zest back into your long distance lovin’.

And who knows? Maybe all those steamy bedtime tales and XXX-rated games will have you both booking boutique hotel rooms for a sizzlin’ “re-connection” weekend in no time…if you know what I mean.

Winks in every direction

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