You Made My Day: 30+ Flirty, WittyAnd Savage ways to Respond.

Having someone tell you You made my day can make you feel appreciated. It’s a genuine compliment that brightens your mood.

Below I’ve put together over 30 flirty, witty and savage responses so you always have the perfect comeback. I decided to create this list after an experience where someone said this to me and I was left speechless.

If you want more ideas on how to react when someone says “you made my day”, read on! The best responses are:

30+ Ways To Respond When Someone Says “You Made My Day”

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Funny Responses

Making someone laugh can be the perfect reaction when they say “you made my day.” A funny or lighthearted response keeps the conversation playful.


Here’s 10 humorous ways you can respond:

Savage Responses

If you want to get sassy with your reply, throwing some shade can add fun banter to the conversation. Here’s 10 snarky comebacks when someone says you made their day:

Flirty Responses

You can also get playful with a flirty reaction to “you made my day.” Here’s some frisky responses:

Cute Reactions

For a wholesome response, you can react with cute, sweet, and positive reactions when someone says “you made my day” like:

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Grateful Reactions

You can express thankfulness and gratitude for their kind words too:

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

1. “We’re Having an Amazing Day Then!”

This upbeat and positive response focuses on how you both are now having great days. It emphasizes the mutual happiness between you instead of making it one-sided.

Use when: You want to share in the joy of the moment rather than take all the credit yourself.

Don’t use when: You want a more flirty or teasing reaction. This is purely happy and friendly.

2. “I’m Blushing Over Here!”

A cute admission that their compliment made you shy and delighted. Lets them know their words impacted you emotionally.

Use when: You want to express sincerity and authentic gratitude for their kind words.

Don’t use when: You are responding to a stranger or very casual acquaintance. May come across as overly familiar.

3. “Shucks, You Charmer!”

A cheerful exclamation calling out the playful sweet-talking. Shows you are happily flattered.

Use when: Responding to romantic interests or close friends when you want a lighthearted reaction.

Don’t use when: With sarcastic people making backhanded compliments. Won’t convey the right tone.

4. “Well Aren’t You Sweet!”

Simply turning the compliment back on them with affectionate language.

Use when: You want something sweet and simple without thinking too much. Pairs well with a smile!

Don’t use when: You want something more original. This straightforward response may feel boring if overused.

5. “I Aim To Please!”

Lets them know making them happy brings you happiness too. Shows you try to positively impact people.

Use when: You want to communicate mutual benefit and reward from uplifting others.

Don’t use when: The context calls for a more humble or gracious attitude. Can come across as ego-centric.

6. “Laughter Really Is Contagious!”

Making someone’s day by making them laugh spreads the joy to you as well. A cute explanation why their happiness boosts yours too.

Use when: You cheered them up specifically with humor and want to highlight how laughter connects people.

Don’t use when: Their compliment wasn’t laughter-related. The laughter reference wouldn’t make contextual sense then.

7. “I’m Honored!”

A short but sweet sentiment emphasizing the privilege you feel at making their day better. Lets them know you don’t take it lightly.

Use when: You want to convey humble gratefulness for their words sincerely but concisely.

Don’t use when: You are responding sarcastically or want something more playful. The formality clashes with more casual tones.

8. “Well You Made Mine Too Now!”

Flips the sentiment back on them to share the positive vibes. Creates a mutual appreciation between you.

Use when: You want something symmetrical showing your equal joy in uplifting each other’s day.

Don’t use when: The focus should be more one-sided rather than equal. For example, if you did them a special favor deserving singular thanks.

9. “Anything To See You Smile!”

Lets them know specifically making them happy brings you happiness too. Plus a cute motivation reveal!

Use when: You want a short but sweet response emphasizing you care about their happiness as well.

Don’t use when: You aren’t close enough where focusing just on their smile feels appropriate. Could come across as flirty or suggestive then.

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10. “Well Now I’m Beaming Too!”

A glowing admission that their happiness is contagious. Makes them feel good knowing they spread their cheer.

Use when: You want something positive that lets them feel proud for uplifting you as well.

Don’t use when: You don’t want to build up their ego too much. If they tend to get cocky, this could encourage that.

How to Respond to a Girl

Girls tend to appreciate sweet, grateful, or flirty reactions when they give you an uplifting compliment like “you made my day.” Here’s ways to make a girl feel special:

  • Aww, shucks! I love putting a smile on a pretty girl’s face 🙂
  • Well making YOU smile certainly made this guy’s day brighter too!
  • Blushing over here from making such a lovely girl’s day better!
  • Oh stop it, you! Girls as charming as you deserve to smile every day!

How to Respond to a Guy

Most guys will appreciate casual, positive reactions. Here’s some chill ways to respond when a dude says you made his day:

When Your Crush Says You Made Their Day

If your crush or romantic interest says this, use flirty, cute, or grateful reactions to hint you like them back:

When Your Best Friend Says You Made Their Day

Playful, silly, or heartfelt responses help show your platonic love for your BFF when they give this awesome compliment:


As you can see, hearing “you made my day” can be uplifting but tough to respond to! With this wide selection of flirty, funny and clever reactions though, you’ll always have the perfect comeback ready.

Remember to match the tone and nature of your relationship. Thoughtful responses are great for romantic interests while funny banter suits friends.

Most importantly, reactions that share the joy back show how making THEIR day benefits you too! Because making someone’s day should make YOUR day as well.

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