Witty Comebacks to “Get Good”: Clever Responses

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Sarah Koch


You’re in the heat of an intense gaming session, laser-focused on your next move, when suddenly, that dreaded taunt echoes through your headset – “Get good, noob!” Whether it’s from an overly competitive friend or a salty random player, those two simple words can feel like a punch to the gut, deflating your confidence and filling you with irritation.

But fear not, my fellow gamers! Today, we’ll equip you with a arsenal of witty responses to shut down those “get good” trolls and reclaim your gaming pride. Get ready to transform from a flustered target into a comeback champion!

What’s the Best Way to Respond to “Get Good”?

Quick Answer: The best way to respond to someone telling you to “get good” is with a clever, witty comeback that puts them in their place without resorting to insults or negativity. Some examples:

“Thanks for the advice, but I’m already better than you.” “I’m working on it, but you seem to have mastered being a sore loser.” “Maybe you should spend less time talking and more time practicing.”

The key is to maintain your composure, dish out a playful jab that highlights their immaturity, and remind them that skill is earned through effort – not toxicity.

Clever Comebacks to “Get Good”

“I’m good, you’re just bad”

This straightforward reversal flips the script by implying the other person’s lack of skill, not yours.

A simple “no u” response can be an effective way to shut down toxic behavior without escalating the situation. By nonchalantly brushing off their taunt and firing it back at them, you remind them that childish put-downs reflect more on their character than your abilities.
Read on for more short but sweet comebacks:

  • “Git gud scrub”
  • “No need to be jelly”
  • “Says the carry”
  • “Okay, boomer”
  • “You first”
  • “Is that all you got?”
  • “Who even says that anymore?”
  • “Bless your heart”
  • “I’m trying, Jennifer”

“Still Better Than You Though”

A confident assertion of your superiority, daring them to prove you wrong.

Maintaining an assured, borderline cocky demeanor can really get under a trash-talker’s skin. By implying you’re the better player no matter what, you’re calling their bluff and denying them the satisfaction of demoralizing you. Check out these other self-assured retorts:

  • “And you’re still worse”
  • “I’m not the issue here”
  • “Says a lot about your skills”
  • “Wow, so inspirational”
  • “Skill issue on your end”
  • “Okay, Mr./Ms. Worldwide”
  • “Hmm, didn’t ask”
  • “You seem frustrated, buddy”
  • “That’s not what your mom said”

“Keep Talking, I’m Deafened”

A cheeky response implying you don’t have the time or care to engage with their childish remarks.

By indicating their words fall on deaf ears, you’re dismissing them as insignificant noise not worth your attention. It’s the ultimate conversation ender that puts them in their place without devolving into a back-and-forth argument. Similar brush-off lines:

  • “Cool story, bro”
  • mutes mic
  • “Sorry, can’t hear you from the top”
  • “You seem pressed, everything okay?”
  • “I have better things to do than listen to you”
  • “Go touch some grass, my guy”
  • “Thanks for sharing your thoughts”
  • “I didn’t ask for a comedy routine”
  • “Maybe go practice instead of flapping your gums?”

“You’ll Get There One Day”

A patronizing compliment that undermines their abilities while maintaining an air of superiority.

This variation on the classic “bless your heart” allows you to sarcastically belittle them under the guise of encouragement. You’re simultaneously implying they have room for improvement while reminding them of the gap in skill between you two. More examples of backhanded boosts:

  • “We can’t all be naturals”
  • “Aww, you’re doing your best”
  • “Don’t worry, it gets easier”
  • “That’s okay, not everyone can be a pro”
  • “It’s cute that you’re trying”
  • “Someday the skill will come, keep grinding”
  • “I guess we can’t all be gaming gods”
  • “Maybe lower the difficulty setting?”
  • “When’s the last time you updated your drivers?”

Clever “Get Good” Comebacks

“Oh, I’m Sorry, Were You Born a Master?”

Nobody pops out an expert. Remind them skills take time and effort to develop – just like they did. This comeback encapsulates the sentiment: “Get off your high horse, we all start somewhere.”

Everyone has to learn and grow. Progression is the name of the game. Talents aren’t simply handed out. Mastery comes through dedicated practice, not smug put-downs from the peanut gallery.

Read on for more cheeky retorts putting “get good” advice-givers in their place:

  • “I’ll get as good as you are insufferable.”
  • “I’m still better than you at being a decent human being.”
  • “Good thing you’ve maxed out your skill tree in condescension.”
  • “Oh? I thought getting life advice from you was an achievement itself.”
  • “Thanks for that wisdom, Mr./Ms. Miyagi. Let me grab my notepad.”
  • “I’d say I’m doing alright for someone with zero interest in your opinion.”
  • “Appreciate the encouragement. I’ll get good like you, but hopefully less arrogant.
  • “Wow, quite the motivational speaker. I’m so inspired!” Said dripping with sarcasm.
  • “Thanks coach, any other tips from Humbleness 101?”
  • “You first – get good at not being a jerk.”

Roasts for “Get Good” Trolls

“Projecting Much? Dense Insults for the Chronically Unskilled”

When ineptitude tries dragging you down to its level, don’t entertain the idiocy. Deflect with a sharp burn exposing their own sad skills (or lack thereof).

Can’t formulate a mature response beyond “get good”? That’s a self-burn. Mock the lack of creativity and critical thinking – it’s a pretty devastating clapback in itself.

More sizzling roasts to shut down “get good” trolls:

  • “Says the person who can’t even insult properly.”
  • “I’ll get good when you develop basic human decency.”
  • “I’d have better luck learning from a saltine cracker than you.”
  • “Why don’t you get good at providing constructive feedback?”
  • “I’m still better than you at, well, everything.”
  • “Shouldn’t you be busy being bad at literally anything else?”
  • “I’ll get good when you get good at not being living embarrassment.”
  • “And I thought the anthropomorphic Dorito behind you had nothing useful to contribute.”
  • “You’re right, your constant unwanted advice is really helping me level up.”
  • “I’m leaving before anymore of your stupidity becomes contagious.”

How to Reply to a Girl’s “Get Good” Taunt

Girls can dish out the “get good” taunts just as brutally as guys. When a girl mocks your skills, gallant composure is key – respond without making it a wider gender issue.

Witty yet inoffensive comebacks prove you can take the heat without losing your cool:

  • “Duly noted, Sensei. I’ll get so good, you’ll be asking me for tips.”
  • “I’m a work in progress, but thank you for the delightful motivation.”
  • “Well someone’s confident! Let’s see if you can back that up.”

You can poke fun at her assertiveness too, butred-flag any replies that cross into personal attacks on her character or appearance. Those are Instantly off-limits.

How to Reply to a Guy’s “Get Good” Taunt

Guys lobbing “get good” taunts may intendmalice or be doing it in jest between friends. If you know it’s all lighthearted banter, lean into it:

  • “Good thing you’re here to show me how it’s done, oh wise one.”
  • “I’m still learning while you’re already a Grandmaster at arrogance.”
  • “I would, but then we’d both be average and you’d feel inadequate.”

For strangers or sore losers taking it too far, shutdown the toxicity firmly while avoiding aggressive escalation:

  • “Those skills of yours could use some work too – like basic manners.”
  • “And I thought belittling people was a skill only bullies possessed.”
  • “I’d get good at whatever you seem to be so personally offended by.”

Always keep it about their poor attitude, not making it a male/female dynamic. Meet toxic masculinity with self-assured tactfulness.

Key Takeaways

  • Stay calm and pick your battles – some trolls just want to get a rise.
  • Match wits with cleverness, not hostility. The high road is often loneliest but highest.
  • Making progress is what matters – getting good is a journey, not a single destination.

The “Get Good” Antidote: Confidence, Humility and Perspective

Nasty “get good” jabs can sting, but don’t let them jade you. Rise above the fray with poise, wisdom and your own secure self-belief:

You’re a work in progress, just like everyone else. Constructive criticism helps growth, but toxic put-downs reveal the giver’s own sad insecurities. Meet them with whip-smart comebacks and they just look small.

Progress is the goal – not overnight mastery. Have patience, keep practicing, and let your rising skills be the greatest “get good” of all. Those still slinging insults years later? They’ll be the ones desperately needing to level up.

So stay humble, stay driven, and most of all – stay unshaken. When life’s challenges seem uphill, you can conquer any taunt thrown your way.

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