When Someone Calls You a Baddie, Clap Back With These Savage Responses

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Sarah Koch


Oh yes, you read that right! Maybe you just got called a baddie by your best friend as a joke or perhaps a hater tried to insult you by calling you one. Either way, you’re here because you want some savage comeback lines for the next time someone calls you a baddie.

I feel you. As someone who has been called a baddie a fair few times, having a good response ready helps you own it like no other. And that’s exactly what this article is for!

Below I’ve listed 30 of the most savage replies for when someone calls you a baddie. Spoiler alert – these really show you have the big baddie energy! Feel free to use any of these lines or adapt them to suit your style.

30 Savage Responses for When Someone Calls You a Baddie

Thanks boo, I know 😉

Your point is?

Had to hear it from you to believe it

Don’t tempt me

Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me

I’ll take that as a compliment!

Damn straight

You say baddie, I say badass

I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good

I’m not a regular baddie, I’m a cool baddie

Glad you finally noticed 💁‍♀️

You know that’s right

Born to break hearts and rules, baby

Baddie is my middle name

I’m blushing! 🙈

I didn’t choose the baddie life, the baddie life chose me

Is that the best insult you’ve got? 🥱

I’ll be whatever I wanna do

Haters gonna hate

Don’t be jealous of my sparkle

Who me? Never! I’m an angel 😇

You say it like it’s a bad thing

Guilty as charged 🤷‍♀️

What can I say? I like living on the edge

Moi? A baddie? Why, thank you!

Last I checked being a baddie is awesome

I can’t help it, I was born this way

Takes one to know one 😜

Sounds more like you’re describing yourself

If the tiara fits…

Ask me if I care what you think 😌

Funny Replies for Being Called a Baddie

Sometimes the best comeback is to simply laugh it off. Nobody said you gotta get all defensive every time someone tries to clap back. That’s why I’ve put together these 10 lighthearted replies to try on for size. So the next time you wanna keep things playful, use one of these:

  • Baddie? That’s MISS Baddie to you!
  • Hey, don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful…and a baddie
  • Carpe diem baddie 😉
  • All baddies go to heaven
  • I only have eyes for you…and trouble 😇
  • I may be a baddie but I’m outta your league
  • Who ya gonna call? Baddiebusters!
  • I put the BAD in baddie
  • Don’t make me pull out my baddie card
  • I only cause trouble for people as cute as you 😘

Savage Replies for When Someone Calls You a Baddie

So calling me a baddie is meant to be an insult? LOL, move over tickle-me-Elmo, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day! For everyone who thinks they can get away with calling me names, better come correct. Otherwise, expect no mercy. Just ask yourself – are you ready for these 10 savage comebacks?

  • Need a hug? You seem bothered 🤗
  • Being a baddie is the new black, get with the times
  • If you’re trying to insult me, I suggest you try harder sweetie
  • Says the person obsessed with me 💅
  • Don’t worry, one day you’ll be as awesome as me…maybe
  • I may be a baddie but at least I’m hot
  • Are you hitting on me? This sounds like a compliment 😏
  • Baddies get the hottest guys. Sucks for you!
  • If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space
  • I’ll be a baddie, you be a better person

Flirty Responses for Getting Called a Baddie

Alright, things are heating up! Whether someone’s throwing shade or low-key crushing on you, these sassy flirty replies show ’em you’ve got moves:

  • You say baddie like it’s a bad thing…I can show you how good I can be 😉
  • Careful, I bite…among other things 😝
  • Seems like someone’s got a little crush on the baddie 😘
  • You know what they say, once you go baddie…
  • I only cause trouble for cuties like yourself 🥰
  • I may be naughty but I’m also nice
  • Don’t fall for me unless you wanna risk it all 😇
  • Looks like this baddie caught your eye 👀
  • I solemnly swear I’m up to lots of good
  • My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…

10 Editor’s Choice Savage Baddie Comebacks

When it comes to shutting down the haters, some responses just hit different. These editor-approved clap backs are guaranteed to leave ’em speechless. Consider these my top 10 go-to baddie comebacks for any sass-tastic situation:

1. Well That Was Rude

Ooof, I know your mama taught you better manners than that! Calling someone names isn’t very nice now, is it? This subtle shutdown reminds them their behavior ain’t cute.

When To Use: When someone calls you a straight up rude name for no reason at all. Shut it down with class!

When NOT To Use: If it’s just friendly banter or you wanna keep things light. This clap back is for handling genuinely mean comments.

2. Did I Ask For Your Opinion?

Make it clear you don’t need validation from rude randos. This comeback puts loudmouths in their place real quick. Short, sweet, savage.

When To Use: When strangers or people you barely know make unnecessary remarks about you.

When NOT To Use: With close friends or family unless you wanna start serious drama.

3. Jealousy Isn’t A Good Look On You

This classic line never fails to hit home. It calls out their envy loud and clear without being overly confrontational. Ouch!

When To Use: When you suspect jealousy or insecurity is behind their insult. Hit that nail on the head!

When NOT To Use: If they have a valid criticism and you actually want to improve/work on the issue. Then it’s best to have an open conversation.

4. Did I Strike A Nerve?

Flawless response to flip the script on body-shamers and mean girls. It forces them to reflect on their own reaction rather than put you down.

When To Use: When insults get personal or appearance-related. Regain power with this epic switcheroo!

When NOT To Use: For casual name-calling between friends. Could be seen as too snarky for some dynamics.

5. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Admitting you already know you’re awesome? Now that’s big baddie energy right there! Say it with pride girl, ain’t nothing they can tell you about yourself.

When To Use: When you genuinely don’t care and actually agree with what they called you out on. Own it!

When NOT To Use: If you’re sensitive about the trait they mentioned or want to defend/explain yourself. Then it’s best not to dismiss it.

6. Do You Feel Better Now?

This answer shows their petty behavior says more about them than you. It’s like asking an angry child “are you done with your tantrum?” Savage but subtle.

When To Use: When comments seem random, unprovoked attempts to bring you down. Call out the motive!

When NOT To Use: With close friends/family during a serious argument. Could escalate the fight unnecessarily.

7. Don’t Be Basic

Oooh girl, no you didn’t! Calling someone basic is ultimate insult. This smooth shutdown calls out their lack of originality without breaking a sweat. Chef’s kiss

When To Use: If they throw lazy, cliche insults your way (like calling a girl a baddie). Give us something new!

When NOT To Use: When bantering over personal matters in intimate relationships. Might hurt their feelings.

8. Who Hurt You?

A dash of sass with a side of concern trolling. This comeback makes it clear their temper tantrum ain’t your problem to fix. Let ’em stay mad!

When To Use: When reactions seem over-the-top dramatic/attention-seeking. Play therapist and watch them squirm!

When NOT To Use: If they have real trauma/insecurities involved. Best not to poke fun in sensitive cases.

9. You Seem Stressed, Want A Cookie?

Kill ’em with sweetness! This cheeky one-liner calls out their attitude without ruining the vibes. Plus, the cookie offer lightens things up. Perfection.

When To Use: When you get random shade but don’t want conflict. Diffuse tension with this sweet shutdown!

When NOT To Use: Serious arguments with SOs or family. Could come across as condescending in heated convos.

10. I Prefer The Term “Trailblazer”

Owning negative labels with a cute reframe? Ugh, so empowering! This comeback oozes confidence and self-love. Consider any insult officially canceled.

When To Use: When labels feel reductive/limiting. Put a positive spin on it!

When NOT To Use: If terminology actually describes harmful/unethical behavior. Then it’s best not to glorify it.

How to Respond to Guys Calling You a Baddie

Listen bro, just ’cause a girl owns her hotness doesn’t mean she’s asking for trouble or down to clown 24/7. But somehow guys still get it twisted! Here are the hottest comeback lines for dudes who can’t handle big baddie energy:

Make It Clear You’re Out Of Their League

  • Just ’cause you want this baddie doesn’t mean you can have me
  • In your wildest dreams, hun 💅
  • Careful boy, you might just fall in love

Check Their Intentions

  • Complement or insult? Make up your mind dude
  • Are you trying your best pick-up line on me right now? 😂
  • Who’s the real baddie here – me or you for saying that? 🤔

Stand Your Ground

  • I don’t belong to anyone except myself, okay?
  • I’m not changing for any man
  • What I look like ain’t none of your concern

How to Respond to Girls Calling You a Baddie

Ladies hating on fellow queens? Tragic. We gotta support each other! But don’t let the green-eyed monster bring you down boo. Clap back with these responses:

Call Out The Cattiness

  • Hisses and cat fights don’t look cute on anyone babe
  • There’s enough hotness to go around! 💁‍♀️
  • Attacking other women is so last season

Make Her Reflect

  • I’m just living my life, are you living yours?
  • Sounds like you’ve got some self-reflecting to do
  • I know you don’t really mean that

Kill Her With Kindness

  • I don’t feed into girl-on-girl hate, sorry girl
  • I prefer to empower other women 🙌
  • Let’s be friends instead of tearing each other down!

In Conclusion…

Whether someone’s throwing lighthearted shade or being straight up spiteful, having some savage baddie comebacks ready to go is key. I hope this article gave you tons of inspiration for shutting down the haters and reclaiming bad bitch status.

At the end of the day, how you identify is no one else’s business. As long as you’re being true to yourself, keep speaking your truth boo! Let the basic haters stay mad while we baddies keep slaying. 💅

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