Ways to Respond to a ‘TBH’ On Snapchat

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Sarah Koch


So, you just received a “TBH” on Snapchat. Whether you’re a Snapchat newbie or a seasoned snap-chatter, there’s always that tiny moment of “What now?”. It’s like catching a fish with just your bare hands; slippery and (let’s be honest) a bit nerve-wracking.

We’ve all been there – unsure of what to say, how to respond, and wondering if the universe designed Snapchat responses to be a unique form of torture. But don’t worry, because I’m here as your communications guide. Stick around, because I’m about to unload a toolbox of witty, heartfelt, and sometimes downright hilarious replies for a “TBH” on Snapchat.

Funny and Sarcastic Responses

“Is it too late to say sorry? Just kidding, I’m awesome!”

Sarcasm, everyone’s favorite defense mechanism! If you’re looking to keep things light-hearted and inject some humor into your response, sarcasm is your best friend. This kind of reply makes you come across as witty, which can capture the other person’s attention.

  • “TBH, you should be grateful to know someone like me.”
  • “TBH, if I was any cooler, I’d be a popsicle.”
  • “TBH, sorry, I only give hugs on Tuesdays.”
  • “TBH, remember that time I asked for your opinion? Me neither.”
  • “TBH, you should see me in a crown… Just kidding, I’m too lazy for that.”
  • “TBH, if awesomeness was a crime, I’d be serving a life sentence.”
  • “TBH, thank you for coming to my TED Talk.”
  • “TBH, I’d let you copy my homework – anytime.”
  • “TBH, if I had a nickel for every compliment I get… I’d probably buy more nickels.”
  • “TBH, if you think I’m amazing online, you should see me in person.”

Heartfelt and Genuine Responses

“TBH, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you.”

This is for when you want to keep it real and show some sincere appreciation. Heartfelt replies can help build a genuine connection and show the other person that you value them.

  • “TBH, you have a heart of gold.”
  • “TBH, you’re an amazing friend, and I’m grateful for you.”
  • “TBH, your positivity is contagious.”
  • “TBH, I admire your dedication and hard work.”
  • “TBH, you always know how to make me smile.”
  • “TBH, you’re a great listener, and I appreciate that.”
  • “TBH, your kindness is truly inspiring.”
  • “TBH, I really enjoy our conversations!”
  • “TBH, your creativity amazes me.”
  • “TBH, I’m lucky to have you in my life.”

Compliment-Focused Responses

“TBH, your style is on point every single time!”

Who doesn’t love a good compliment? Compliment-focused replies work really well for making someone feel special and seen. Trust me, the world needs more compliments.

  • “TBH, you’ve got an incredible sense of humor!”
  • “TBH, you’re seriously talented.”
  • “TBH, your smile lights up the room.”
  • “TBH, you’re a genuine person.”
  • “TBH, you have the best taste in music.”
  • “TBH, you’re ridiculously smart.”
  • “TBH, you have an incredible work ethic.”
  • “TBH, your passion for life is admirable.”
  • “TBH, you’re an amazing listener.”
  • “TBH, you’re so kind-hearted.”

Playfully Mysterious Responses

“TBH, I know something you don’t know…”

Playful and a bit mysterious—this type of reply adds an element of intrigue and makes the other person curious to continue the conversation. It’s kind of like being a Snapchat James Bond but without the danger and serious faces.

  • “TBH, I’ve got a secret.”
  • “TBH, I bet you can’t guess what I’m thinking.”
  • “TBH, you’ll need to ask me in person.”
  • “TBH, I’m not telling… yet!”
  • “TBH, wait until you hear this story.”
  • “TBH, one day, I’ll tell you.”
  • “TBH, this is a riddle.”
  • “TBH, I’ll share if you share.”
  • “TBH, find out in the next episode.”
  • “TBH, only the stars know.”

Confidence-Boosting Responses

“TBH, you’re a rockstar, and don’t you forget it!”

Helping to boost someone’s confidence can be genuinely uplifting. These responses are designed to encourage and inspire the other person.

  • “TBH, you’re stronger than you know.”
  • “TBH, you’ve got this!”
  • “TBH, never underestimate yourself.”
  • “TBH, you can conquer anything.”
  • “TBH, you’re capable of amazing things.”
  • “TBH, you’re an inspiration.”
  • “TBH, keep doing what you’re doing!”
  • “TBH, remember your worth.”
  • “TBH, believe in yourself.”
  • “TBH, you’re unstoppable.”

Flirtatious Responses

“TBH, you caught my eye the first time we met!”

For those moments when you’re not just looking to be friendly, but maybe (just maybe) looking to spark a little romance. These responses can be playful and hint at something more.

  • “TBH, I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  • “TBH, you’ve got the cutest smile.”
  • “TBH, you’re pretty amazing.”
  • “TBH, I’m really glad we met.”
  • “TBH, you make my heart race.”
  • “TBH, let’s hang out sometime.”
  • “TBH, you’re my kind of person.”
  • “TBH, you’re irresistible.”
  • “TBH, you’ve got my attention.”
  • “TBH, I might be crushing on you.”

Contemplative Responses

“TBH, life’s been a wild ride, huh?”

Offering a deep or contemplative reply can steer the conversation into more meaningful territory. It’s perfect for those reflective nights when you’re pondering life’s greatest mysteries.

  • “TBH, I’ve been thinking a lot lately.”
  • “TBH, sometimes life’s a puzzle.”
  • “TBH, we’re all just figuring it out.”
  • “TBH, every day is a new chapter.”
  • “TBH, life is an adventure worth taking.”
  • “TBH, what’s the meaning of it all?”
  • “TBH, every sunset brings a new dawn.”
  • “TBH, we’re all in this together.”
  • “TBH, one step at a time.”
  • “TBH, everything happens for a reason.”

Lighthearted Responses

“TBH, I just ate a whole pizza by myself!”

Sometimes, you just want to keep it light and silly. These responses are great for maintaining a fun and carefree vibe.

  • “TBH, I’m terrible at dancing but do it anyway.”
  • “TBH, I’m obsessed with cat videos.”
  • “TBH, tacos are my love language.”
  • “TBH, I once tripped over my own feet.”
  • “TBH, I laugh at my own jokes.”
  • “TBH, I still use a night light.”
  • “TBH, I have an undying love for pizza.”
  • “TBH, I sing in the shower.”
  • “TBH, I’m addicted to chocolate.”
  • “TBH, I can’t resist a good meme.”

Intellectual Responses

“TBH, ever ponder the complexities of the universe?”

For those who thrive on intellectual conversations, these responses can spark a deeper and thought-provoking exchange.

  • “TBH, have you heard of Schrödinger’s cat?”
  • “TBH, let’s discuss the theory of relativity.”
  • “TBH, ever read about quantum physics?”
  • “TBH, what’s your take on philosophy?”
  • “TBH, I love learning about space.”
  • “TBH, curiosity is my middle name.”
  • “TBH, let’s talk about black holes.”
  • “TBH, got any book recommendations?”
  • “TBH, I love a good intellectual debate.”
  • “TBH, knowledge is power.”

Nostalgic Responses

“TBH, remember when we used to play outside until sundown?”

Appealing to shared experiences or nostalgia can foster a sense of connection and mutual appreciation.

  • “TBH, those were the days, huh?”
  • “TBH, remember that summer trip?”
  • “TBH, I miss the old times.”
  • “TBH, we’ve come a long way.”
  • “TBH, childhood memories are the best.”
  • “TBH, do you remember our first day of school?”
  • “TBH, high school was a roller coaster.”
  • “TBH, those sleepovers were legendary.”
  • “TBH, we’ve got some stories to tell.”
  • “TBH, can we go back to the simpler times?”

How to Reply to a Girl

So, you got a TBH from a girl, and now you’re wondering what to do next. Fear not, valiant snap-chatter, for I’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can respond to a girl’s TBH while making a good impression.

It’s essential to be genuine and sincere. Girls often appreciate a thoughtful response that shows you are attentive and considerate. Compliments paired with a touch of humor can go a long way. And if you’re looking to amp up the charm, mix in a bit of flirtation.

  • “TBH, you’re incredibly kind and charming.”
  • “TBH, I love your sense of humor; it’s contagious.”
  • “TBH, have you ever realized how amazing you are?”
  • “TBH, hanging out with you sounds like a great idea.”
  • “TBH, you’ve got such an incredible vibe.”
  • “TBH, anyone who knows you is pretty lucky.”
  • “TBH, you always brighten up my day.”
  • “TBH, your smile should come with a warning sign.”
  • “TBH, let’s make more memories together.”
  • “TBH, I genuinely enjoy every moment with you.”

How to Reply to a Guy

Alright, gents – you’ve received a TBH from a guy and now you need to respond. Whether it’s your bro or someone you want to get closer to, there are ways to craft your response to make it count.

Focus on praising unique traits and quirks. A little humor never hurt anyone, and genuine compliments often open doors for more profound conversations.

  • “TBH, you’ve got the coolest hobbies.”
  • “TBH, your sense of style is enviable.”
  • “TBH, who taught you to be so awesome?”
  • “TBH, let’s hit the gym together sometime.”
  • “TBH, you’re impressive at everything you do.”
  • “TBH, you always know how to make people laugh.”
  • “TBH, your dedication to your passions is inspiring.”
  • “TBH, let’s catch up over a game night.”
  • “TBH, your playlist recommendations are always on point.”
  • “TBH, you’re the kind of person everyone needs in their life.”

Making Your TBH Replies Shine

Crafting a Meaningful Response

To really nail your TBH responses, it’s crucial to blend sincerity with your personality. Personalize each response based on your relationship with the person. Remember, the goal is to keep the conversation engaging while letting the other person know you appreciate them.

Dive into shared experiences or reference a funny memory. This not only makes your reply feel thoughtful but strengthens your bond by reminiscing about good times.

It’s like baking a cake—you want the right balance of sweetness and sincerity to make it perfect.

Keeping TBH Responses Fun

Never underestimate the power of keeping things fun! How you respond to TBH on Snapchat sets the tone for your conversation. You can steer it towards humor, sincerity, flirtation, or contemplation based on your mood and relationship with the person.

Pop culture references can be a cherry on top, making your response feel contemporary and relatable. Remember that your response should reflect who you are while making the other person feel noticed and valued.

Final Thoughts on Crafting TBH Replies

Effective communication on Snapchat—or any platform—demands a mix of honesty, wit, and thoughtfulness. Embrace your unique personality when crafting replies, and don’t overthink it. The most treasured interactions are often the most genuine ones.

To sum it up, responding to a TBH is your chance to show appreciation, make someone smile, and even spark a new level of connection. So go ahead, snap back with confidence. You’ve got this!