Things to Say When A Girl Says Good Boy

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Sarah Koch


You’ve just done something sweet, kind, or simply adorable. It could be as trivial as fetching her favorite snack or something more meaningful like listening to her rant about her day. Then, unexpectedly, she utters those words… “Good boy.”

First off, let’s accept that being called “good boy” isn’t an insult. It may feel a tad patronizing or even a little flirtatious, but it’s generally meant in good spirits. So, how do you reply? What’s the best way to respond without sounding awkward or clueless?

The Amused Response: Playful Comebacks to “Good Boy”

“Right? I’m the best!”

Sometimes, the best way to handle a compliment wrapped in a seemingly patronizing package is to throw in a bit of self-praise and humor.

Keep it light and breezy. You’re acknowledging her words, but you’re also showing that you can roll with a joke.

  • “Right? I’m the best!”
  • “I know, right? About time someone noticed.”
  • “Yep, I’m pretty much amazing.”

The Flirty Response: Turning It Up a Notch

“Just for you, good girl

One surefire way to deflect any hint of patronizing is to turn the tables playfully. Besides, if there’s a moment to add a little flirtation, this is it.

Flirting back indicates you are comfortable and confident. Plus, it lightly redirects the playful banter without getting too serious.

  • “Just for you, good girl.”
  • “Only for my favorite girl.”
  • “As long as I get rewarded.”

The Humble Brag: Let’s Get Real

“Just doing my part!”

Of course, not every interaction has to be dripping with sarcasm or flirtation. Sometimes a genuine, simple acknowledgment with a touch of modesty works wonders.

This response works, especially if you want to keep things low-key and respectful. Acknowledge that doing good feels good.

  • “Just doing my part!”
  • “It’s nothing, really!”
  • “Glad I could help.”

The Teasing Response: Keeping Things Light

“Does this mean I get treats?”

Come on, dogs get treats when they’re called “good boys,” right? So why not jokingly ask for one? It’s playful, light, and shows you can take a joke.

Here, the key is to keep it light and breezy without teetering into needy or bratty territory.

  • “Does this mean I get treats?”
  • “Is there a cookie in this for me?”
  • “Where’s my reward?”

The Casual Response: Just Going With the Flow


If all else fails, keep it casual. Sometimes, there’s no need to read too deeply into things and a simple acknowledgment will suffice.

This works well if you’re not in the mood for playful banter or if you’re genuinely unsure how to respond.

  • “Thanks!”
  • “Thanks, appreciate it.”
  • “Thanks for noticing.”

The Grateful Response: Show Appreciation

“I’m glad you think so!”

Showing genuine gratitude might be the mature and heartfelt approach needed, especially in a meaningful relationship.

Adding a bit of warmth and sincere gratitude can convey your appreciation for her notice.

  • “I’m glad you think so!”
  • “That means a lot, thank you!”
  • “I’m happy you feel that way.”

The Self-Deprecating Response: Gotta Love Humility

“Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day!”

Sometimes being a bit self-deprecating helps. It shows you don’t take yourself too seriously and adds a touch of humor.

This kind of reply keeps the conversation light-hearted and acknowledges that everyone’s human.

  • “Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day!”
  • “Well, I try, you know!”
  • “Even I get it right occasionally.”

The Affirmative Response: Confidence is Key

“Absolutely, glad you noticed.”

Confidence can be incredibly attractive. Affirming the compliment with certainty shows you know your worth.

This isn’t about arrogance but more about acknowledging a good job well done confidently.

  • “Absolutely, glad you noticed.”
  • “That’s me!”
  • “You betcha!”

The Cheeky Response: Serve It Right Back

“Does that make me your lad then?”

If you’re in the mood for cheek, this type of reply fits the bill. It keeps the playful nature intact, adding a bit of cleverness to it.

This response also keeps things light-hearted and teases back without malice.

  • “Does that make me your lad then?”
  • “Oh, so I’m your good boy now?”
  • “Well, aren’t we both cheeky today?”

The Inquisitive Response: Stir the Pot

“What did I do now?”

Sometimes, stirring the pot a tad is fun, especially when you’re in a playful or teasing mood.

This kind of playful inquiry can evoke laughter and ensures that the ball is back in her court.

  • “What did I do now?”
  • “Uh-oh, what did I just volunteer for?”
  • “Do tell, what’s got you saying that?”

How to Reply to a Girl

When replying to a girl, remember, context is everything. Is she being serious, playful, sarcastic, or flirtatious? Tune into her tone and body language. If you misread the situation, it can easily become awkward.

Reciprocate the energy she gives off. If she’s light-hearted, be light-hearted. If she’s sincere, try to match her sincerity. You also want to be confident and show that you appreciate her notice. But most importantly, be yourself. It’s a recipe for genuine communication.

  • “Glad you noticed!”
  • “Coming from you, that means a lot!”
  • “Well, I aim to please.”
  • “Oh, stop it, you!”
  • “Good? I was aiming for great!”
  • “Thanks! You’re not so bad yourself.”
  • “Anything for you.”
  • “I do try my best.”
  • “And you’re awesome!”
  • “Thanks, you too!”

How to Reply to a Guy

Yes, guys might say “good boy” too! And when they do, it often lands differently. Men tend to understand each other’s teasing, so this becomes an opportunity to rib back lightly.

Remember, it’s all about camaraderie. When guys banter, it’s more about connection rather than compliance. So, respond with humor, and don’t take it too seriously.

  • “You wish you could be as good as me.”
  • “Not bad for a rookie, eh?”
  • “Look who’s talking!”
  • “Just following the master.”
  • “Did I just see a tear?'”
  • “I live to serve.”
  • “Pure awesomeness, right?”
  • “Glad I’m meeting expectations.”
  • “Coming from you? That’s golden!”
  • “And you’re the King of Good Boys!”

Handling Different Situations: Additional Pointers

In reality, interpreting “good boy” heavily relies on the context it’s used. If it’s in a friendly, playful, or romantic setting, feel free to let loose with banter or flirtation. However, if she’s annoyed or sarcastic, stay respectful and polite.

For instance, if it’s a playful pet name that she laughs about, feel free to have fun with it. If her tone is more condescending, steer clear of sarcasm, and go for the more humble and straightforward replies.

Things to Keep in Mind

Navigating these waters comes down to a few essential principles:

  • Context Is Everything: Assess the situation and her tone.
  • Confidence Is Key: Regardless of the situation, a pinch of confidence goes a long way.
  • Humor Works Wonders: Don’t shy away from a little playful banter.
  • Respect Always Matters: When in doubt, keep it respectful but light-hearted.

Most importantly, be yourself and let your personality shine through. Communication is an ever-evolving skill, and every interaction is an opportunity to learn and grow. So go ahead, be that “good boy,” and make her smile with your witty, charming comebacks.