Savage Comebacks to “You Are a Noob”, Burn Their EGO With 20+Classic Lines

We’ve all been there. You hop into an online game, ready to immerse yourself in a new virtual world. But as soon as you join, some smug veteran starts mocking your lack of experience. “Haha, noob!” they jeer through the chat.

Rude comments can really ruin your enjoyment. But never fear – with the right savage comebacks, you can put conceited players back in their place! This article will equip you with bold retorts to shut down “noob” insults once and for all.

How Do You Come Back When Someone Calls You Noob?

I May Be New, But Skills Can Be Learned – Your Personality Can’t

The best type of comeback focuses not on attacking the insulter, but rather asserting your own self-confidence. A great response is “I may be new, but skills can be learned – your personality can’t.” This flips the negativity back on them by suggesting it is their attitude, not your ability, that needs work.

Other good options are:

  • “Yeah, I’m a noob – but we all start somewhere. I’d rather be nice and learn than rude and ignorant like you.”
  • “If you were really as good as you claim, you wouldn’t need to insult new players to feel better about yourself.”
  • “Don’t worry, I’ll be beating you soon enough. Then we’ll see who’s laughing.”

The key is to remain positive and self-assured. Arrogant players want to get a reaction – so stay calm and don’t let them upset you.

Best Shut Downs for “You’re a Noob”

1. I Guess You Were an Expert on Day One?

No one starts as a pro. We all have to learn the ropes when faced with new games and challenges. It’s absurd for veteran players to mock others just because they haven’t put in the hours yet. A great response is “I guess you were an expert on day one?” This highlights the hypocrisy of their judgment.

Other options:

  • “If you were a real master, you’d offer advice instead of insults.”
  • “Sorry I didn’t emerge from the womb with a controller in hand like you.”
  • “I may be new, but at least I’m not arrogant.”

2. Are Insecurities the Real Reason You Target Noobs?

Players who are genuinely highly skilled rarely waste time mocking less experienced gamers. However, those who are actually mediocre seem to love asserting their “dominance” over novices. A cutting response is “Are insecurities the real reason you target noobs?” This suggests their mockery stems from some deeper inadequacies.

Other good options:

  • “I’m sensing some real confidence issues here.”
  • “Hey, we can’t all compensate for mediocrity by beating down on newbies.”
  • “Don’t take your frustration about hitting a skill plateau out on me.”

3. If My Noob Skills Annoy You So Much, There’s a Simple Solution – Leave

Veteran players who continuously mock new gamers are the real problem, not the newbie’s lack of ability. A mic-dropping response is “If my noob skills annoy you so much, there’s a simple solution – leave.” If they want to be incessantly negative, they shouldn’t play team games.

Other savage options:

  • “I’d say it’s time to get a life, but this game seems to be all you have going for you.”
  • “I may be a noob but you’re just a bully – which is sadder?”
  • “I wanted to enjoy this game, not deal with manbabies.”

4. Congrats, You Must Feel So Tough Picking on New Players

It’s truly pathetic when veteran gamers feel the need to boost their egos by tearing down novices. A scathing response is “Congrats, you must feel so tough picking on new players.” This showcases how weak their grandstanding looks from the outside.

Other great options:

  • “Thank you for confirming that stereotype about gamers being arrogant jerks.”
  • “Sorry you have to try so hard to appear superior.”
  • “Way to live up to that gamer stereotype.”

5. Your Attitude Makes Me Wish I Could Reset MY Skill Level

Sometimes the veterans are more annoying than being a beginner itself. A funny response is “Your attitude makes me wish I could reset MY skill level to get away from players like you.” This suggests the “experts” are actually worse company than other growing gamers.

Other responses:

  • “I might be a noob but at least I’m not wretched to play with.”
  • “I may want to improve my skills but I definitely don’t want to end up like you.”
  • “If this is how experts act, I’d prefer to stay amateur, thanks.”

6. Don’t You Have Anything Going on in Life Besides Gaming?

Players who dedicate endless hours to gaming can sometimes lose perspective. A sobering response is “Don’t you have anything going on in your life besides gaming?” This makes them reflect on their own obsession versus your healthy balance.


  • “I like gaming but I also have priorities beyond harassing newbies.”
  • “It’s kind of sad if gaming status is ALL you have to be proud about.”
  • “I may be learning but at least I don’t stake my WHOLE identity on skill level.”

7. Speaking of Noobs Needing to Improve, Work on Your Personality

Gamers trash talking others often hypocritically ignore their own glaring flaws, like awful attitudes. A blunt response is “Speaking of noobs needing to improve, work on your personality.” This twists the focus back on their obvious issues.

Other options:

  • “I can gain skill but you’ll always be unpleasant to be around.”
  • “Unlike skill, not sure there’s any hack to improve that personality.”
  • “I notice you’re pretty quiet when you’re not insulting people.”

8. Shall We 1v1 So I Can Wreck You Back to Noob Status?

Cocky veteran players constantly relish the chance to flaunt their abilities against less advanced gamers. It’s satisfying to flip the script and offer to take THEM on instead with “Shall we 1v1 so I can wreck you back to noob status?” Even if you lose, this shows real bravado.


  • “I may be an amateur but I bet I could still take you.”
  • “Let’s 1v1 if you’re so convinced of your skills.”
  • “I’m happy to 1v1 and see who really needs to get good.”

9. Sorry, I’m Too Busy Having Fun to Memorize Pointless Gaming Stats

Players obsessed with gaming accomplishment often lose perspective outside their bubble. A funny reply is “Sorry, I’m too busy having fun to memorize pointless gaming stats.” This reminds them that hours grinding for upgrades doesn’t equal a life.

Other options:

  • “I’ve got a lot great things going on besides just gaming, to be honest.”
  • “Given the choice, I’d rather develop real skills than video game ones.”
  • “Trust me, I have WAY better stuff to do than tryharding here.”

10. Go Touch Some Grass Rather Than Bullying Noobs

At the end of the day, good players don’t have time to mock novices – they’re too busy actually getting out and enjoying life. A final epic response is “Go touch some grass rather than bullying noobs.” This perfectly epitomizes their unhealthy fixation on gaming status.

Other ideas:

  • “I’m going to make better use of my time than dealing with your nonsense.”
  • “I’d tell you to get a life but this game IS your life, sadly.”
  • “If you ever leave your house you’ll realize no one cares about your gaming rank.”

How to Respond to Girl Gamers Calling You “Noob”

Female players have to constantly prove themselves in the gaming world full of smug guys. But some adopt the same arrogant attitudes once they reach veteran status. If an experienced girl gamer calls you “noob”, don’t take it lying down! Avoid misogynistic insults – instead, call out the hypocrisy and underserved superiority driving her attitude.

Great responses include:

  • “I thought girl gamers would be more supportive of new players learning the ropes.”
  • “I guess becoming part of the boys’ club means acting like the bullies who probably made your early days harder.”
  • “I expected better than the usual trash talk from veteran girl gamers.”

It’s also effective to throw their own advice back at them:

  • “I thought you’d offer some friendly guidance, not mockery.”
  • “Couldn’t you at least give me some starter tips before denigrating my skills?”
  • “What happened to women lifting each other up?”

Hopefully these retorts will remind arrogant female players to empower others following in their footsteps. Their experiences as gaming pioneers should have taught them better than tearing down other novices.

How to Respond to Guy Gamers Calling You “Noob”

Dealing with cocky male gamers who insult newbies is, unfortunately, just par for the course. Most veteran guys seem to relish mocking less-skilled players rather than offering guidance. When they invariably call you “noob”, you have several savage responses to shut them down:

  • “I’m sorry, I thought this was a game, not your sad little podium to feel superior.”
  • “I wanted to game tonight, not deal with someone overcompensating.”
  • “This bad attitude probably explains why you spend so much time alone gaming.”

You can also throw their own logic back at them:

  • “Shouldn’t good players want the community to grow instead of attacking newbies?”
  • “Doesn’t a rising tide lift all ships? Helping noobs improves gaming for everyone.”
  • “If we all treated beginners like crap when we started, there’d soon be no one left for you to play with.”

Hopefully statements like these make toxically masculine players reflect on why they feel the need to demean others. Their smug superiority likely masks much deeper issues about themselves they don’t want to face.

Key Takeaways: Shutting Down “You’re a Noob”

Stay Confident – Skill Can Be Gained but Toxicity is Harder to Fix

No matter what arrogant veterans claim, remember anyone can gain ability with enough practice. But hostile personalities are far harder flaws to repair. Have faith that you will improve, while their unpleasant attitudes may remain stagnant for years.

Veteran Players Should Lift Up, Not Tear Down

True experts don’t need to mock new players to prove themselves. If so-called “good” gamers want to be helpful, they can offer advice rather than insults. If not, they should at least have the decency to stay silent.

Toxic Chat Ruins Gameplay for Everyone

At the end of the day, gaming should be fun. Nasty name-calling only breeds resentment and frustration, spoiling the experience for newbies and veterans alike. It contributes nothing positive. Players who engage in trash talk say more about themselves than the supposed “noobs” they are putting down.

Conclusion: Stay Strong and Prove Them Wrong

The gaming world has no shortage of bitter, angry players who seem determined to suck the joy out of the experience – especially for beginners. But while their shouts of “noob!” may initially sting, don’t let the jerks get you down. Stand tall, believe in your potential to improve, and use the savage comebacks from this article to shut them up for good.

Their mockery says more about their own insecurities than your current skill level. Stay determined in learning, having fun, and becoming living proof that even so-called “noobs” can get good enough to compete with condescending veterans. Let your growing talents be the greatest retort of all – and leave the trash talkers eating your dust. Game on!

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