How to Respond When Your Girlfriend Is Sad Over Text: 30+ Flirty And Witty Responses

You send a text to your girlfriend asking how her day was, and she replies saying she’s sad or upset about something.

What do you say back?

As her caring boyfriend, you want to be supportive and say something to cheer her up or make her feel better. But it’s not always easy coming up with the right words over text.

So I put together this list of 30 flirty, witty and supportive text messages to have ready for the next time your girlfriend needs emotional support.

Whether she had a bad day at work, fight with friend or just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, these cute and caring responses will put a smile back on her face.

30 Text Responses When Your Girlfriend is Sad

Now check out these 30 examples for what to say when your girlfriend is sad over text:

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Hilarious Responses to Send

Going through a rough time? Laughter really is the best medicine. When your girlfriend is feeling down, sending a funny or sarcastic response can help lighten the mood and get her smiling again.

Here are some hilarious text messages to send if your girl is sad and needs a pick-me-up:

1. Ridiculous Exaggerations

2. Silly Selfies

Sends sad face selfie with tissues shoved up nose Sorry you're feeling down…want to see how many tissues I can fit in my nostrils? Might cheer you up!

Sends pouty duck face selfie Feeling sad stinks! But not as bad as my ugly duck face in this pic, am I right?

Sends silly cross-eyed selfie Your sad text made me cry so hard my eyes got stuck like this! Are you happy now? 🥴

3. Ridiculous Pick-Up Lines

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4. Cheesy Jokes

Savage Responses

If funny isn’t quite working, fight fire with fire and send these snarky comebacks when your girlfriend is feeling upset or melancholy:

1. Sarcastic sympathy

2. Tough love

3. Reverse psychology

Supportive Responses

If humor and snark aren’t appropriate, take a more caring approach with these understanding text messages when she’s feeling low:

1. Words of Encouragement

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2. Heartfelt Compliments

3. Offering a Helping Hand

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

After polling our team of dating experts, we put together this list of the absolute best text messages to send when your girlfriend is feeling down. Use these top-rated responses for extra assurance you’re saying the right thing.

1. The “Flirty Funny”

Remind her of your special connection with some lightweight humor to get her smiling.

Aww I’m sorry you’re blue today, cutie! But thinking about your adorable smile always turns my bad days around. How about we recreate our first date tonight over FaceTime and make some new fun memories? 🥰

When to use: She needs cheering up but is still in an emotional place to appreciate gentle humor and sweet nostalgia.

When NOT to use: The issue she’s facing is extremely serious like grieving or trauma.

2. The “Break the Ice Meme”

Inject laughter by sending a personalized funny meme or gif.

[Send goofy Spongebob meme] This had me cracking up so I thought I’d pass it along. You can always count on Spongebob to make any crummy mood disappear! Miss your smile.

When to use: She has the emotional bandwidth to find humor helpful right now.

When NOT to use: The timing feels wrong given the sensitivity of her situation.

3. The “Thoughtful Listener”

Show you care by asking follow-up questions about why she’s upset.

I’m so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling like yourself lately. Do you want to talk about what’s troubling you? I’m always here listen without any judgment and help however I can. Just say the word. ❤️

When to use: She needs to open up and vent about deeper issues she’s working through.

When NOT to use: You get the sense she just needs distraction rather than emotional processing.

4. The “Encouraging Champion”

Send uplifting messages praising her resilience when she’s doubting herself.

I know you feel like you can’t push through this right now but I believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself. You have so much strength, courage and heart. With time, this pain will pass. And I’ll be cheering for you every step of the way till happiness finds you again! 📣🦸‍♀️

When to use: She really needs a morale boost and reminder of her capabilities

When NOT to use: The timing isn’t right for big inspirational pep talks.

5. The “Mushy Sweet Talker”

Share from the heart why you admire her to reaffirm her self-worth.

Seeing your radiant smile light up my day is one of the things I look forward to most. Please don’t let this temporary sadness make you forget how special you are to me and all those around you. You have so much wonderfulness to offer this world – don’t let anything dull your shine, baby!

When to use: She needs comfort and to be reassured when self-doubting.

When NOT to use: The context feels too flippant for gushing romantic words.

6. The “Hopeful Realist”

Validate her feelings while giving an optimistic perspective.

I know you can’t just “turn off” feeling sad – you have every right to feel this way. But just remember this is only temporary heartache, not permanent. Better times filled with joy are coming! This isn’t the end, just a difficult chapter before your next beautiful beginning. ❤️

When to use: She needs caring understanding with a silver lining.

When NOT to use: The situation is truly bleak so false positivity would frustrate, not help.

7. The “Emergency Distraction”

Suggest watching a funny video or movie together to hit pause on negativity.

Babe, let’s take a break from feeling gloomy! Grab your favorite snacks and put on [insert funny movie]. I’ll keep texting silly commentary til I hear you laugh out loud! 🍿😆

When to use: Laughing could be cathartic medicine.

When NOT to use: Now’s not the right time to trivialize her inner turmoil.

8. The “Romantic Daydreamer”

Paint a picture of happy possible futures you could share.

Close your eyes with me and imagine us strolling hand in hand along the beach on our dream vacation someday, without a care in the world. I yearn for the day I get gaze into your eyes seeing them sparkling with pure joy and inner peace. We’ll get there, I promise! 🏝️🌅

When to use: She emotionally needs to be reminded of brighter days ahead.

When NOT to use: She requires practical solutions for the current issue, not pipe dreams.

9. The “Proud Partner”

Compliment her strength and resilience.

One of things I admire most about you is your ability to push through challenges. I know you feel defeated right now but I have no doubt you will tap into that fierce inner warrior of yours to fight back soon. You amaze me with your courage – this is just another battle you will win! 💪👑

When to use: She needs encouragement to perseverance so praise can uplift her spirit.

When NOT to use: Simply venting without solutions would be most helpful to her now.

10. The “Calming Presence”

Offer a listening ear for her to open up and get emotions out constructively.

I can’t stand knowing you’re anything less than happy. Please tell me what’s on your mind – don’t carry this burden all by yourself. I’m here with open arms and open ears. Talk to me about what’s really going on under the surface so we can tackle it together. 🤝

When to use: She’d benefit from a patient, caring sounding board.

When NOT to use: The timing isn’t right for deep vulnerable conversations.

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How to Reply to Your Girlfriend When She’s Sad in Different Situations

As her caring, supportive boyfriend you want to say the right things when your girlfriend is feeling down. Here is some guidance on thoughtful responses tailored to her based on the context.

If She Had a Tough Day at Work

If She’s Fighting with Friends

If Family Issues Got Her Down

In Conclusion

Dealing with sadness, stress or emotional hurt is never fun or easy, especially for a caring partner. While no magic words can instantly “fix” things, sending heartfelt empathy, humor, encouragement and support can help your girl or guy going through a hard time feel less alone.

There will always be inevitable ups and downs in life. But being able to navigate them side by side with your loving girlfriend or boyfriend makes the storms feel less scary to weather. Use the suggestions in this article as inspiration the next time your significant other needs consoling over text.

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