How to Respond When Someone Says “I Am Humbled”: 21+ Perfect Replies

We’ve all been in that situation where someone pays you a compliment that makes you feel a little uncomfortable or unsure how to respond.

Getting told “I am humbled” can be one of those moments. But having some good replies ready can make these interactions much smoother.

What is the best response when someone says “I am humbled”?

The best response is to thank them and redirect the praise. You can say something like, “I appreciate you saying that. I’m just trying my best.” Or “You’re too kind. I’m thankful I could help in some small way.” The key is to accept the sentiment graciously while keeping the focus on them rather than yourself.

The 10 Best Responses

1. “I’m grateful I could contribute something meaningful.”

This reply accepts the praise while staying humble. It focuses back on the action rather than yourself. Some similar responses:

  • “Just doing what I can to help out.”
  • “It makes me smile to know I made a difference.”
  • “I learn so much from people like yourself as well.”

2. “You flatter me – I’m thankful you see value in my work.”

This response expresses gratitude for their perspective while keeping the focus on them and their viewpoint. Some similar replies:

  • “I appreciate you taking the time to let me know.”
  • “Your feedback means a lot – thank you.”
  • If it helped you in any way then I’m so glad.”

3. “I’m so happy I could have a positive impact.”

This reply emphasizes the impact rather than your own role. Some similar responses:

  • “I try to contribute good where I can.”
  • “It brings me joy to make something worthwhile.”
  • “I learn from inspiring people like yourself.”

4. “You are too kind with your praise – but I sincerely appreciate it.”

This response acknowledges the kindness without fully accepting all the praise. Some similar replies:

  • “I’m thankful you see some value in my contributions.”
  • “I just try to do right and help where I can.”
  • “It is the highest compliment that it resonated with you.”

5. “I can’t take all the credit – it was a team effort / I had great inspiration.”

This reply gives credit to others’ roles and influences as well. Some similar responses:

  • “Having an enthusiastic audience like yourself keeps me creating.”
  • “I’m standing on the shoulders of all those who taught me.”
  • “With supporters like you, how could I go wrong?”

6. “I’m so glad it struck a chord – that inspires me to keep at it.”

This response emphasizes the audience reaction rather than your talent. Similar replies:

  • “Knowing I could move someone means so much.”
  • “It brings me a lot of fulfillment when my work resonates.”
  • “I appreciate you taking the time to give me feedback.”

7. “I just try to put some more good out into the world – I’m thankful it connected.”

This focuses on your motivation rather than the end result. Similar responses:

  • “I want to create work that impacts people for the better.”
  • “My greatest reward is touching hearts and minds for good.”
  • “If I can make someone’s day better, that means so much.”

8. “You honor me too greatly – I merely follow my passion.”

This politely deflects too much direct praise. Similar replies:

  • “I pursue this because I find it meaningful – so I’m delighted you resonate with my vision.”
  • “I seek not honors nor reward but the chance to uplift.”
  • “My work is its own reward – but it is wonderful to reach people like yourself.”

9. “I cannot take full credit – praise belongs to the team and the muse that inspires me.”

This redirects praise to collaborators and inspirations. Similar responses:

  • “Having support from people like you inspires me daily.”
  • “I learn so much from my collaborators that makes creating joyful.”
  • “I’m standing on the shoulders of all who make this possible.”

10. “You humble me with such high praise – I’m just following my purpose.”

This politely acknowledges the significance of their words. Similar replies:

  • “If my contributions uplift others, I’m profoundly grateful.”
  • “I pursue this work because it feeds my spirit – I’m delighted you resonate with my vision.”
  • “My greatest reward is creating positive change – I’m thankful I could do that here.”

How to Reply to a Girl

When a girl says “I am humbled” to praise your actions, it is important to reply graciously without seeming arrogant. Thank her sincerely and emphasize you are just trying to make a positive difference. Share what drives you in your efforts. Ask her perspective and experiences as well to keep an engaging dialogue. Offer kind encouragement to her own noble efforts too.

How to Reply to a Guy

When a guy says this phrase to praise you, it is good to thank them humbly and redirect the talk to purpose over ego. Share what motivates you rather than boasting talents. Ask them about their own journey too. Bond over wanting to uplift others without concern for credit. Encourage their aspirations as well in a supportive spirit.

Key Takeaways

  • Accept sincere compliments but reframe back to service over self
  • Redirect to those who inspire you and make your work possible
  • Emphasize motivation over trophies – purpose matters more

In Conclusion

Being told “I am humbled” can catch us off guard with unfamiliar praise. But keeping these gracious, humble responses in mind can make reacting much smoother. We can accept it as the gift it is – acknowledge the sentiment and our chance to uplift others. For in the end, positive impact matters far more than personal credit. This is the heart of rising together.

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