How to Respond When Someone Calls You Spoiled?: 35+ Witty & Savage Responses

Can’t think of a good comeback when someone calls you spoiled? Here are 31 savage, funny, and flirty responses to shut them down. I learned these the hard way after my bratty cousin called me a spoiled princess. If you want more ideas, read on for additional comebacks.

31 Ways to Respond When Someone Calls You Spoiled

Before throwing out a comeback, take a breath. Then reply calmly with one of these responses:

“I’m not spoiled, I’m just well-loved.”

“I guess nice things just happen to find me.” Wink

“Spoiled? More like lucky!”

“Sounds like you’re just jealous that I get treated nicely.”

“Thanks for noticing that people like doing nice stuff for me.”

“Aw, I’m sorry you think kindness is a bad thing.”

“I can’t help it if people want me to be happy.”

“It takes one to know one, spoiled brat.”

“I’m not spoiled, I’m thoroughbred.”

“Sorry, can’t talk now. I have important spoiled people stuff to do.”

“Nope, just happy and loved by awesome people.”

“Spoiled? I prefer blessed, but thanks.”

“The only brat here is you for calling me names.”

“Do I detect a hint of jealousy in that spoiled claim?”

“Thanks, calling me spoiled just proves how loved I am!”

“Wow, way to try and bring me down just for being happy.”

“I’d apologize for being spoiled, but I’m not actually sorry.”

“Someone sounds salty they aren’t getting treats and gifts.”

“My spoiled love and happiness seems to bother you. Weird.”

“Aww, you’re so cute when you’re being a jealous hater.”

“I accept your apology in advance for calling me spoiled.”

“Don’t be a hater just because others treat me well.”

“Spoiled? No way, I worked hard to get here.”

“I am not spoiled! My mom just loves me a lot, okay?”

“You’re just jealous because people do nice stuff for me.”

“Nah, I just have awesome caring people in my life.”

“It’s sweet of you to notice when I’m getting treats.”

“I’m spoiled rotten…with love! Jealous much?”

“Aww, you mad cause your parents don’t buy you stuff?”

“Thanks for the compliment! I am pretty spoiled by my loved ones.”

“I’m not spoiled, I’m just better than you.” Hair flip

Savage Comebacks for Being Called Spoiled

Some haters need a more savage response to get the message. Fight fire with fire using one of these harsh replies:

  1. “At least I can afford to be spoiled. What’s your excuse for being so bitter?”
  2. “I’d rather be spoiled than pitiful and jealous like you.”
  3. “Spoiled? Sure. And still better than your broke behind will ever be.”
  4. “Sounds like someone’s big mad cause daddy didn’t buy them a pony.”
  5. “Aww, go cry about it. I’ll wait while you wipe your tears with some dollar bills.”
  6. “Stay mad and jealous. Can’t relate.”
  7. “Must suck to suck as bad as you do. Bye hater!”
  8. “Do not mistake my kindness for weakness. I’ll destroy you.”
  9. “I know jealousy when I see it. Get a job and stop worrying about how I live.”
  10. “At least I can afford to be spoiled instead of begging like your sad self.”

Funny Comebacks for Being Called Spoiled

Kill the haters with comedy! Being accused of being spoiled is laughable. React by cracking them up with these funny responses:

  1. “Nope, just riding the gravy train thanks to my awesome friends and family!”
  2. “What can I say, my squad keeps me dripped up in only the finest.”
  3. “I know, it’s so hard getting pedicures and massages and catered meals everyday!”
  4. “Spoiled? Girl please, I just bat my lashes and get what I want!”
  5. “Maybe if you were less salty, people would wanna spoil you too.”
  6. “lol ok hater, stay jealous while I lounge by the pool.”
  7. “Aww dang, did my diamond shoes and private jet give it away again?”
  8. “You caught me! I confess to being treated like royalty. Don’t hate the player!”
  9. “I’d be sad and bitter too if I didn’t have people lining up to pamper me.”
  10. “Being spoiled is tough but someone’s gotta do it. Hair flip

Flirty Responses for Being Called Spoiled

Why not kill the haters with kindness and flirt your way out of this accusation? Try these playful comebacks if you’re feeling frisky:

  1. “If you play your cards right, maybe I’ll let you spoil me too…” wink
  2. “I mean, a pretty girl deserves pretty things, right?” hair flip
  3. “I can’t help it that I only accept five star treatment!”
  4. “What can I say, I just bring out the generosity in people…” lip bite
  5. “Come on now, you know you wish you could spoil me.”
  6. “Don’t pretend you wouldn’t just loooove showering me with gifts!”
  7. “I know, I’m adorably spoiled. But isn’t this cute face worth it?”
  8. “Aw thanks babe! So sweet of you to notice I’m a spoiled princess!”
  9. “Can you blame people for wanting to lavish me with presents and trips?”
  10. It’s a tough job being this spoiled but someone’s gotta do it!

10 Editor Choice Responses for Being Called Spoiled

Our editors handpicked their favorite clever and cutting replies for shutting down spoiled accusations. Memorize these sharp comebacks for easy use against any hater:

1. I’m Not Spoiled, I’m Just High Maintenance

This flips the “spoiled” insult into a cheeky positive. Own being extra and watch them fume!

When to Use This Comeback
  • When said playfully by friends
  • Responding to lighthearted teasing
  • To make the hater’s insult ineffective
When NOT to Use This Comeback
  • By service staff or strangers, may seem rude
  • In a professional setting
  • Around superiors who may take offense

2. Must Be Nice Being So Bitter and Petty

A clever comeback highlighting how their hate says more about them than you. Zing!

3. Maybe If You Tried Harder, Someone Would Wanna Spoil You Too

Ouch, this one hurts! Perfect for putting a hater back in their place.

4. Chill Out and Speak to Me Right or Don’t Speak to Me at All

This let’s them know you won’t tolerate disrespect from jealous haters. Checkmate!

5. Ask Me If I Care About Your Wrong Opinion

A hilarious way to show their spoiled claim means nothing to you. Mic drop!

6. Um, Do I Know You Enough to Care What You Think About Me?

Making it clear this hater is a nobody to you and their opinion is irrelevant. Hair flip!

7. Stay Pressed and Bothered While I Stay Blessed

This is the ultimate way to assert spoiled confidence and shut down the haters!

8. Must Be Exhausting Being This Bitter Over Someone Else’s Happiness

Exposes their jealousy and pettiness in one cutting response! Pow!

9. I Don’t Have Time to Worry About Jealous Nobodies Opinions of Me

Letting this hater know they aren’t even worth a second of your time or thoughts!

10. When You Accomplish Half of What I Have, Then We Can Talk

Oooh, this comeback puts the hater back in their unsuccessful place! Boom.

How to Respond to a Girl Calling You Spoiled

When a girlfriend, sister, or female friend calls you spoiled, avoid getting defensive. Respond lightly at first to see if they’re just teasing. If not, firmly tell them why their opinion is wrong or hurtful.

Try these tactics:

If Said Jokingly:

  • Giggle and say something like “What can I say, I just bat my lashes and get what I want!”
  • Wink and reply “Maybe if you were less salty, someone would spoil you too.”
  • Just own it! Say “True, your girl is living the princess life over here!”

If Meant Negatively:

  • Calmly explain why their comment is hurtful or untrue
  • Politely tell them you won’t discuss this further
  • Walk away if they continue their rude behavior

If Said by Family Members:

  • Clarify whether gifts they’ve given now make you “spoiled”
  • Remind them it’s their own generosity making you “spoiled”
  • Blame any spoiled tendencies on how you were raised!

When Unsure, Deflect With Humor:

  • Say “I’m not spoiled, I’m just thoroughbred!”
  • Joke “I know right, it’s soooo hard getting daily massages.”
  • Wink and reply “The struggle is real over here with my catered meals.”

For nasty comments said just to hurt you, feel free to throw some shade back. But with friends or family, give them the benefit of the doubt first before reacting.

Kill them with kindness. Or kill them with comedy. But reacting angrily or rudely yourself rarely helps the situation.

How to Respond to a Guy Calling You Spoiled

Now let’s talk about handling spoiled accusations when they come from guys…

Whether it’s your brother, boyfriend, a male friend or coworker, a guy calling you spoiled often carries undertones of sexism.

Respond carefully using these methods:

If Said Teasingly By Your S.O:

  • Coyly ask if he wants to spoil you even more
  • Flirt back about being his princess
  • But set boundaries if it ever bothers you

If Meant Negatively By a Guy:

  • Poltely explain why this is a sexist statement
  • Calmly defend yourself and your work ethic
  • Walk away if he refuses to listen

When Unsure If He’s Joking:

  • Laugh it off with a funny spoiled comeback
  • Redirect the convo in a positive way
  • Assess his intentions before reacting

If Said By Male Friends or Family:

  • Clarify if his gifts or generosity made you “spoiled”
  • Accuse him back of spoiling you
  • Offer to return his gifts if he has an issue!

Remember – men often weaponize the word “spoiled” against successful women to cut them down. Don’t allow this sexist language from anyone. Stand up for yourself while keeping your cool.

Kill rotten behavior with confidence, class, and a splash of sass when needed!

In conclusion, being called spoiled is never fun. But reacting without grace gives haters what they want. Rise above by arming yourself with perfect responses to shut down the accusations while keeping your head high!

Hopefully these ideas help the next time someone tries calling you a spoiled princess. Brush off the salt and slay their bad attitude with some honey!

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