How to Respond When Someone Calls You a Joke? 30+ Flirty, Witty & Savage Responses

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. We all face comments meant to put us down. But how you respond shows your confidence and self-worth. Read my 30 examples for funny, witty, and disarming comebacks when someone calls you a joke. I list replies for friends, classmates, siblings, and more. Then discover additional categories like savage responses and flirty retorts.

Whether you aim for laughs or shock value, stay true to yourself with a fitting reaction. Now let’s dive in!

30 Comebacks for Being Called a Joke

Getting labeled as a “joke” stings. Before you fire back, take a breath. Then deploy one of these 30 replies to flip the script with swagger and humor.

“I’m a joke? The real joke is your haircut.”

“Wow, hilarious. If you’re done entertainment for the day, can we move on?”

“Nah, but your shoes are!”

“Jokes are supposed to be funny though?”

“Guilty as charged. I’ll be here all week!”

“Maybe so, but this joke has better grades than you.”

“I know you are but what am I?”

“Thanks for the compliment!”

“Your mom thinks I’m hilarious.”

“At least I don’t take myself so seriously like some people.”

I’m rubber and you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!

“I’d rather be laughed with than laughed at.”

Your insult game is lame. Step it up!”

sarcastic slow clap

“Haterz gonna hate!” hair flip

“Wow, never heard that one before. So original.” eye roll

“Aww does someone need more attention?”

“I may be a joke but you’re a meme.”

“Nah, I’m just joking around!”

“Keep ’em coming! I need new material for my comedy act.”

“You ok hun? Seem stressed.”

“At least I don’t make people fall asleep with my jokes!”

“You think that’s funny? Watch this…” epic prank unfolds

“Lighten up pal, it’s called fun.”

“Don’t be jelly cause I’m hilarious.”

“Don’t quit your day job for comedy darling.”

“Sick burn. Got any other zingers for me?” cue eye roll

“I know, let’s laugh about this over coffee/drinks/dinner sometime!”

“I’ll take that as a compliment to my awesome sense of humor!”

“Laughter makes life better! Join me?”

Before firing back more comebacks, think: who labeled you a joke and why? Their relationship to you and intentions matter. Now let’s explore more categories of snappy reactions.

More Funny Comebacks

Laugh off the insult or poke fun right back with these funny replies:

Sarcastic Comebacks

  • Oh no! However will I recover from that sick burn? pretends to faint
  • Wow, you should do stand-up with that incredible wit!
  • I would clap back, but it seems you need the attention more than me.
  • Shall I call the fire department for that killer hot take?
  • Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?! tsk tsk

Self-Deprecating Comebacks

  • What can I say, making people laugh is a gift! hair flip
  • Guilty as charged officer! holds out wrists for pretend handcuffs
  • You know what they say, better a funny fool than a boring genius!

Comebacks Involving Their Face or Looks

  • I may be a joke but your face is the real punchline!
  • Takes one to know one…looks them up and down scornfully

Comebacks Involving Their Mom

  • Your mom loves my jokes!
  • Ask your mom, she adores my wacky humor!

Savage Comebacks

If you want to shock them speechless, try these no-holds-barred replies:

  • I was going to clap back, but looks like life already roasted you enough.
  • I know 5th grade was 20 years ago for you, but act like an adult maybe?
  • Aww, you must be so bored to try and bring me down.
  • Lol says the person wearing head-to-toe khaki???
  • At least I can think for myself instead of just quoting TikTok.
  • Siri, show me someone who peaked in high school. Ah yes, here you are!
  • Need some ointment for that cracked iPhone 5 you just texted me on?
  • I’d insult you back but nature already did that for me.
  • Shall we compare grades/debt/careers? Didn’t think so!

Comebacks Involving Their Partner

  • No wonder Becky dumped you. I’d get tired of that stale humor too!
  • Is THAT why Karen left you?? Can’t say I blame her!

Flirty Comebacks

Flip the script with flirty replies laced with sass and confidence:

Playful Flirty Comebacks

  • If by joke you mean smoking hot, then sure!
  • I mean I do look pretty fine. Thanks for noticing!
  • What can I say, the ladies love a funny guy! winks
  • Flattery will get you everywhere darling.
  • I’m happy to amuse you with my charms any day!
  • I aim to please, both in jokes and flirtation!

Patronizing Flirty Comebacks

  • Aww, someone is extra feisty today! pinches their cheeks
  • boops your nose teasingly Don’t be jealous babe!
  • Uh oh fake pouty face Did someone wake up without their morning cuddles?

10 Editor Choice Comebacks

Not sure which witty reaction fits you best? Try one of my 10 favorite responses, covering all scenarios:

1. Play Dumb

Use When: You want to subtly call out their lame insult without escalating things.

Don’t Use When: They seem truly angry and you actually aggravated them earlier.

Use This WhenDon’t Use This When
They’re lightly teasing amongst friendsThere’s tension brewing between you two already
Classmates are poking fun but generally mean no harmThey just broke up with someone and lash out due to raw emotions
It’s a sibling trying to get under your skinThe mocker holds power over you like a boss, teacher etc. Retaliation then risks real consequences
Someone is showing off and you want to indirectly expose it’s unwarranted

2. Agree and Exaggerate

Use When: Leaning into the humor could outdo their insult with good vibes.

Don’t Use When: You actually feel embarrassed or hurt already. Stoking their fire will make it worse.

Use This WhenDon’t Use This When
Among friends where playful banter thrivesThey’re launching personal attacks about an insecurity
Class clown types who will appreciate you joining their anticsIt’s clear their goal is to genuinely humiliate you
Defusing tension by showing you don’t take yourself too seriouslyFamily members or partners where inside jokes haven’t been established yet
Professional comedians would likely enjoy sparring with a witty heckler

3. Terminator Treatment

Use When: You want a quick moment to catch them off guard with confidence.

Don’t Use When: Interacting with hot tempers likely to physically retaliate.

Use This WhenDon’t Use This When
Close friends teasing youStrangers or loose acquaintances prone to losing control
Sassy relatives who ultimately mean no harmAnyone demonstrating violent tendencies
Inside an existing playful back-and-forth banter sessionPotentially dangerous people like sh

4. Kill Them With Kindness

Use When: De-escalating tension by taking the high road.

Don’t Use When: You actually feel extremely disrespected and standing up for yourself is necessary.

Use This WhenDon’t Use This When
Aunts or uncles with old fashioned senses of humorAbusive partners putting you down
Usually polite friends having a bad dayBullying bosses intentionally undermining you
Playfully sarcastic banter getting too realStrangers deceased set on humiliation

5. Confidence Flex

Use When: Shutting down haters by owning your awesomeness.

Don’t Use When: You actually feel self-conscious about the insult topic. Hitting back then risks looking defensive.

Use This WhenDon’t Use This When
Classmates mocking your glow upCommenting on an insecurity like acne or weight gain
Undermining frenemies looking to provokeMaking fun of something you’re genuinely embarrassed by
Strangers questioning your outfit or style choicesAnything deeply personal or traumatic

6. Label Them Boring

Use When: Shifting the frame to highlight their lack of originality.

Don’t Use When: Interacting with volatile personalities who might retaliate violently when called out.

Use This WhenDon’t Use This When
Friends or classmates in your circleHeavy drinkers with aggressive tendencies
Gossiping colleagues / co-workersEstranged relatives known for blow ups
Social media trolls on your pageCocky strangers trying to impress others

7. Physical Humor

Use When: Lightening the mood and getting laughs through goofy non-verbal antics.

Don’t Use When: You actually feel enraged enough to lose control if laughed at more.

Use This WhenDon’t Use This When
Close friends who will appreciate the sillinessSimmering arguments where tension remains high
Defusing things with new acquaintancesDisciplinary meetings with parents, teachers, bosses
People who insulted you only lightly, not deeplyAny context where maintaining composure is key

8. Veiled Threat / Ominous Warning

Use When: Intimidating the insulter subtly while retaining plausible deniability.

Don’t Use When: The insult relates to anger issues or threatening behavior, as doubling down then risks serious escalation.

Use This WhenDon’t Use This When
Strangers mouthing off acting toughPeople genuinely scared or creeped out by your intensity
Sarcastic frenemies looking to provokeWhen trying to de-escalate tension with someone
Condescending authority figures oversteppingAny situation where losing your cool spells real jeopardy

9. Redirect The Spotlight

Use When: Diverting attention off yourself by pointing out someone else’s flaw.

Don’t Use When: The retort embarrasses a bystander who didn’t consent to being involved.

Use This WhenDon’t Use This When
Friends taping you to mock laterThrowing an innocent person under the bus
Undercutting a bragger’s arrogancePublicly body shaming strangers around you
Deflecting your own embarrassmentMaking fun of someone’s private medical condition

10. Counter-Roast

Use When: Giving extreme clap backs to bullies.

Don’t Use When: De-escalating tension matters more than scoring points.

Use This WhenDon’t Use This When
Long-time frenemies where mutual roasting is standardMeeting new people you want to impress
Trash talkers threatening to go overboardDealing with dangerous hot heads
Handling hecklers trying to undermine your momentWhen safety feels at risk if things intensify

How to Reply to Girls

Called a joke by other girls? Whether from mean girls at school or just friends poking fun, use these tactics to fire back fierce:

If It’s a Frenemy:

  • Mirror their exaggerated tone and pretend to find it ever so amusing. Scornful laughter optional!

If It’s Your Best Friend Teasing You:

  • Dial up the silly theatrics and chase them around while fake gobbling. Or give them puppy eyes until they apologize with hugs.

If It’s a Snarky Girl in Class:

  • Perfect time for the hair flip maneuver coupled with “haters gonna hate!” Don’t forget the slow neck swivel. 💁‍♀️

How to Reply to Guys

What happens if a guy calls you a joke? Brush it off in style:

Bro-y DudeBros:

  • Beat them at their own game! One up their insult with an even more over-the-top burn. High five their buddies after for bonus points.

Backhand Compliments:

  • For unwelcome cat calls masked as compliments, try an exaggerated bow followed by “at your service, my liege.” Epic eye roll

Sensitive Sweet Guys:

  • Reassure them you find their kindness endearing with an affectionate hug. But only if both parties consent!

Other Helpful Comeback Tactics

Mix and match elements for endless variations:

Body Language

Roll your eyes, hair flip, slow neck swivel, wave queenly, smirk while checking nails. Go wild!


“Don’t hate the player, hate the game”

“You must be fun at parties”

“A blessing! A blessing from the Lord!” (in that weird voice)

“It’s called fashion honey, look it up” 💅

Hashtag Game Strong





So next time someone calls you a joke? Own it. hair toss After all, isn’t laughter the best medicine? Chin up with these snappy comebacks, then strut away exuding grace and confidence. 😌

In Closing

Being labeled as a “joke” stings no matter who it comes from. But mustering a brave face and witty reply reveals inner strength and humor.

Hopefully these 30+ examples and 10 editor choice responses gave you ideas to try next time. Just remember to match your comeback style and intensity to the situation.

What works to shock silly childhood friends might not fly with savage frenemies. Similarly, playful banter with crushes requires more finesse than处理 dismissive hecklers.

But by staying flexible, you can mix, match, and personalize elements from my examples above for unlimited variations.

Soon your ultimate secret weapon will be confidence. Bullies want reactions. So dust off their insult like a minor smudge on your fabulousness. Then strut on with head held high.

Because here’s the tea sis: cheap shots say more about the shooter than the target. And your self-worth? That radiates from within, where no snarky remark can ever reach. 😘👑

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