How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Weird: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

Being called weird can make you feel insecure and question yourself. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 30+ flirty, witty and savage responses to try next time a guy calls you weird. Keep reading to discover funny comebacks, the best responses, and examples you can use in real life.

I was recently called weird by a guy I was interested in. At first, I was caught off guard. But after taking a moment to collect myself, I realized his comment said more about him than it did about me.

If you’ve been called weird, don’t let it get to you. Embrace your unique self with confidence. Use humor to playfully flip the script or be straightforward if you feel offended. This article shares the best flirty, witty and savage responses to try when a guy calls you weird, so you always know what to say.

30+ Responses When He Calls You Weird

Before jumping to the examples, here’s an important thing to remember: own your weirdness! Everyone has quirks that make them different.

Calling out someone’s “weirdness” often comes from a place of insecurity or fear of individuality. So be proudly weird—and if a guy tries to use it against you, be ready with a clever comeback.

Here are over 30 responses for any situation when a guy calls you weird:

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There are over 75 more flirty, witty, and savage responses listed below…

Funny Responses


Being called weird doesn’t have to be insulting. Use humor and laughter to show you don’t take his words (or himself) too seriously. Poke fun right back at him with these funny responses:

  • Weird? I was going for silly and fun but I’ll take weird too!
  • Takes one to know one, weirdo! playful shove
  • Aww thanks sweetie! blow exaggerated kiss
  • Ooooh, good one. Haven’t heard that one since 3rd grade! sarcastic thumbs up
  • Wow, real original insult there. I’m so offended. fake yawn
  • Weird and proud baby! wild happy dance
  • If you think I’M weird, wait till you meet my family!
  • I know you are but what am I? * sticks out tongue*
  • Who ya calling weird, ya weirdo?! wacky face

Savage Responses

If you feel offended or upset by his words, don’t be afraid to let him have it. Dish it right back with these savage responses:

  • I may be weird but at least I have a personality.
  • People who call others “weird” are usually basic and boring.
  • It’s hilarious you think your opinion matters to me.
  • Awww I’m sorry, are complex personalities too much for you?
  • At least I don’t tear people down to make myself feel better.
  • Calling people names makes YOU seem pretty immature.
  • You must lead a very sad existence if this entertains you.
  • Wow congratulations on stating the obvious Captain Obvious.
  • Do the world a favor and never speak again. Thanks!
  • You should really take your toxicity somewhere else.

Flirty Responses

Another option is to flirt back boldly, showing confidence in yourself. Catch him off guard while also paying him a compliment with these flirty responses:

  • If you think I’m weird now, just wait until I’m your girlfriend!
  • Oh so you’ve been paying that much attention to me huh? eyebrow raise
  • I know I’m a lot to take in. hair flip
  • What can I say, I like keeping you on your toes! wink
  • I’m weird, you’re cute – I think we’d make a good match!
  • I think you secretly kinda like how weird I am…flirty smile
  • Don’t pretend you don’t love my quirks! playful shoulder push

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Witty Responses

Witty responses show off your intelligence and ability to banter cleverly. Use humor and your quick thinking skills to one-up him:

  • Weird? No no, the word you’re looking for is wonderful!
  • I think someone needs to buy a dictionary and look up “witty.” wink
  • If you think this is weird, you should hear my theories on dinosaurs!
  • Gasp However did you uncover my secret identity as Weird Girl?
  • What exactly is so strange – my individuality or your narrow mindedness?
  • I know, there’s just sooo much original thought going on in my head!
  • You know what else is weird? Calling someone weird.
  • It’s pronounced Q-U-I-R-K-Y.
  • I beg your pardon, the word you’re searching for is creative, visionary, ahead of my time…

10 Editor’s Choice Responses

After combing through hundreds of comebacks, here are our picks for the 10 absolute best responses when a guy calls you weird:

1. Leans Into the Weirdness

*”I know, my weirdness is part of why you like me so much!” *playful hair flip**

This flirty response shows confidence by owning your weirdness and suggesting he actually is intrigued by your quirks already. It turns the tables positively.

When to use:
  • The guy is someone you are dating or interested in
  • You have a playful, outgoing personality
  • You want to flirt back boldly
When NOT to use:
  • In a serious conversation with parents, boss, etc.
  • With someone you just met
  • If you are shy, reserved, or risk-averse

2. Challenges His Perception

*”Weird compared to who exactly?” *raise eyebrows curiously**

This witty reply questions his narrowly-defined idea of normalcy without getting confrontational. It makes him question his assumption.

When to use:
  • Early in getting to know someone
  • You want a thoughtful, nuanced conversation
When NOT to use:
  • The guy is just teasing harmlessly
  • You are not actually offended or hurt
  • Conversation needs to stay lighthearted

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3. Humorously Embraces the Label

*”Weird?! Why thank you, good sir! I shall add that to my growing list of affectionate nicknames!” *makes checkmark motion in the air***

Show you take his words as a silly compliment, not an insult. Ham it up with dramatic flair, indicating you proudly embrace your quirks.

When to use:
  • You have a vibrant, goofy personality
  • The comment didn’t seem ill-intentioned
  • You want to keep the mood light
When NOT to use:
  • The guy was obviously trying to offend you
  • You don’t appreciate the “weird” label at all
  • The setting is professional or serious

4. Snaps Back With Wit

“I’d rather be weird than utterly basic like some people…”shrug casually***

Witty comebacks showcase your intelligence and make him look lame in comparison. Just don’t get outright mean-spirited.

When to use:
  • The guy is smug, arrogant, or rude
  • You excel at snappy banter
  • You feel offended by the comment
When NOT to use:
  • He was just joking around innocently
  • You struggle with quick comebacks
  • The power balance makes snapping back unwise

5. Questions His Judgment

“Do rude, judgmental people make you uncomfortable? Is that why you felt the need to try and insult me?”

This flips the focus back onto him in a smart power move. It makes him question his own reaction rather than yours.

When to use:
  • He seems genuinely judgmental
  • You want to call out his behavior
  • The setting is appropriate for a deeper chat
When NOT to use:
  • He just made an insensitive slip-up
  • You’re not actually very offended
  • A lighthearted reply would fit better

How to Reply to a Guy Calling You Weird

Guys express themselves differently than girls. When deciding how to respond to a guy calling you weird, tailor your reaction to his specific personality and intentions:

  • The funny guy teasing you – Tease him right back! Use playful banter and physical humor.
  • The bad boy trying to be cool – Roll your eyes dramatically and walk away to show you’re not impressed.
  • The smug dude putting you down – Knock him down a peg with savage comebacks pointedly targeting his ego.
  • The awkward guy speaking without thinking – Gently call out the behavior, but don’t overreact.

Put him in his place or simply brush it off, depending on the context. But don’t let any guy make you question your wonderful weird self!

Comebacks When Friends Call You Weird

We say things to friends we would never say to strangers. But that doesn’t give them a free pass for hurtful labels! If your friend group calls you weird:

  • Make a face and change the subject. Redirect without confrontation.
  • Lean into their teasing for laughs. Weird and proud!
  • Use self-deprecating humor. Yes I’m so weird…but could be weirder!
  • Be straight with them. Hey now, that stings a bit coming from you guys!

Responding Over Text vs. Real Life

How you respond may vary based on if he called you weird to your face vs over text:

In person:

  • Use body language – flip your hair, roll your eyes, strike a power pose!
  • Let your voice set the tone – be playful, arrogant, sarcastic etc.
  • Walk away or firmly change topics after delivering your comeback.

Through text:

  • Proofread before you hit send! Avoid misinterpretations.
  • Include emojis/GIFs to replace in-person expression and tone.
  • Keep it shorter than a face-to-face interaction.


At the end of the day, being called weird says far more about the close-mindedness of the person saying it than about you. Their attempt to put you in a box highlights their own lack of originality. Use these clever comebacks to stand up for yourself while staying playful. Or walk away knowing that their labels can’t define your vibrant spirit.

Next time a guy calls you weird, flip your hair with pride. Let your inner quirk flag fly high. Weird is just another word for fabulous. So embrace the strange and don’t let the haters dull your shine. You keep being your beautifully weird self!

I hope you feel equipped now with plenty of witty, savage, and flirt responses for any situation. Remember to react genuinely based on context – you know if someone is intentionally trying to hurt you or just making a clumsy mistake. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself while also giving grace where deserved.

Here’s to weirdos everywhere – may we all keep embracing our wonderfully wacky selves! Stay true, stay weird.

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