How To Respond When A Guy Calls You Trouble: 30+ Flirty, Witty & Savage Responses

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Sarah Koch


So a guy just called you trouble? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many girls have been in this confusing situation before.

I still remember the first time it happened to me. I was chatting with this cute guy from my math class, we were joking around, and out of nowhere he said “uh oh, you’re trouble aren’t you?” I had no idea how to respond! Was he flirting with me? Or did he actually think I was legit trouble to be around? I wanted to come up with a perfect comeback, but my mind just went blank.

After that awkward moment, I asked all my friends what they do when guys call them trouble. I got tons of funny, sassy, and flirty responses! So if you’re wondering “How should I respond when a guy calls me trouble?” – no need to stress. I’m sharing all the best replies right here.

30 Ways To Respond When Called Trouble

Before jumping into specific types of responses, here is an overview of 30 solid ways you can respond when a guy calls you trouble. Feel free to customize or combine these based on the situation and your unique style!

“Maybe I am… wanna find out together?” Flirty response

“Me? Trouble? Never.” Play innocent

“You know what they say, trouble finds me!”

I’m only trouble for cute guys like you ;)” Flirty

“Is that your best pick up line?” Teasing

“Trouble is my middle name” Play along confidently

“Please, I’m a angel” Act offended sarcastically

“What makes you say that?” Make him explain

Yeah I get that a lot” Confident agreement

“Oh am I? My ex never complained…” Suggestive

“It takes one to know one” Flip it back on him

“Maybe YOU’RE the trouble here” Turn tables

“I’m going to take that as a compliment”

“Did you just call me a bad girl?” Teasing

“Wow, very original line” Playfully mock him

“And yet you’re still talking to me…” Call out his interest

“Trouble? I literally study & binge Netflix all day”

“I’m sweet as sugar, actually” Innocent charm

“I mean no promises, but I try not to be” Coy & flirty

“Well dang, my plan to play innocent isn’t working!”

“Maybe we’re BOTH trouble ;)” Suggestive

“I’m really not that bad…” Play the nice girl

“Breaking hearts isn’t MY hobby you know”

“If I’m trouble stay away then” Play hard to get

“You’re just figuring that out now?” Act unsurprised

“Guess my secret is out…” Mysterious

“I’m offended! Who told you that lie?” Dramatic reaction

“Oh sweetie… I’m not trouble, I’m chaotic” Bold and confident

“Wow, kind of rude don’t you think?” Call him out

“Sticks and stones baby” Brush it off with attitude

More Funny Responses

So the guy called you trouble and now you want to bust out a funny or sarcastic comeback? Look no further! Here are 20 hilarious ways to respond when he accuses you of being a naughty girl.

  • “Nope, still boring as ever over here”
  • “Me? Causing problems? As if!”
  • “Oh honey I’m too lazy for trouble”
  • “Is that what my 5th grade teacher told you?”
  • “I got detention once in 3rd grade, lock me up”
  • “The most trouble I cause is showing up late for things”
  • “Unless Netflix counts as trouble these days…”
  • “I literally still make my bed every morning but go off”
  • “Maybe for cute boys who flirt too much” Flirty teasing
  • I’ll have you know I was hall monitor in middle school!”
  • “The only laws I break are the rules of fashion, darling”
  • “Wowww guess my halo is slipping today”
  • “Trouble is my stripper name, duh” Humorous shock factor
  • “You caught me… I jaywalked once”
  • “Maybe back in my partying days, but I’m reformed now!”
  • “The worst I’ll do is beat you at pool & steal the last slice of pizza”
  • “Me? Trouble? I cry at ASPCA commercials”
  • “My wild side ends at eating cookie dough raw”
  • “Careful or I’ll break curfew and stay up ’til 11pm”
  • “Netflix addiction & naps are so crazy, I know”

Savage Responses

Want to totally flip the script and call him out in a bold, savage way when being labeled “trouble”? Look no further – these 20 responses are just for you!

  • “I’m out of your league, not trouble sweetheart” Blunt and confident shutdown
  • “Says the guy trying way too hard right now” * Spotlight desperation*
  • “At least I cause good trouble, unlike some people” Pointed jab
  • “Please, you just wish you could handle me” Arrogant challenge
  • “I think the word you’re looking for is ‘intimidating'”
  • “Call it what you want, but you still chased after me” Spotlight pursuit
  • “Funny, that’s what guys say when I won’t sleep with them” Call out motive
  • No, trouble is dating a guy like you” Harsh insult
  • “Sounds more like a personal problem to me” Brush off blame
  • “Yeah that tends to happen when I reject guys” Reveal ego bruising
  • “At least trouble is more interesting than desperate” Withering Put-down
  • “Let me guess…you’re just another nice guy right?” Call out Manipulation
  • “Says the creep hitting on random girls” Shame Tactics
  • “Careful or trouble might stop giving you the time of day” Threat To Withdraw Attention
  • “Takes one to know one, sweetie” Patronizing tone
  • “I have standards, so nice try” Blunt Rejection
  • “Aw did I turn you down once or something?” Condescending sympathy
  • “Don’t blame me for your bad decisions” Redirect responsibility
  • “Yeah mhmm sure, nice cover bro” Disbelief and ridicule
  • “At least I own who I am instead of just putting girls down” Moral high ground

The Flirty Route

What if you want to respond in a super confident, flirty way when accused of being naughty? These 20 sassy yet suggestive comebacks are perfect to tease him right back!

  • “Careful, you might just fall for trouble like me”
  • “I can’t help being addictive to cute guys” Flattering And Forward
  • “That’s just ’cause being bad looks good on me, baby”
  • “Maybe YOU should stay away from ME then…” Tempting Dare
  • “I like to misbehave… Know anyone who can tame me?” Raising The Heartbeat
  • “I’m everyone’s type… Even nice boys like you” Ego-Stroking Assumption
  • “There’s a wild side in the best girls, didn’t you know?” Fanning The Flames Of Fantasies
  • “Takes one to know one I guess…” Flirtatious Banter
  • “What if trouble is just my way of getting your attention?” Coy admission wrapped in sweetness
  • “I can’t resist making cute guys like you chase me”
  • “I’m trouble for guys who play games” Disarming But Firm

10 Editor’s Choice Best Responses

I asked my team of lifestyle editors to share their all-time favorite responses for when accused of being “trouble.” Here are our top 10 suggestions – memorize these for the next time it happens!

1. Maybe I’m Your Kind of Trouble

This flirty response embraces the “trouble” label confidently while hinting he might enjoy your wild side. Use when: you want to subtly let him know you’re interested back. Avoid if: you prefer subtle flirting.

When To UseWhen To Avoid
Flirting with cocky guysTalking to shy/sensitive guys
You actually do have a bold personalityWanting to play innocent

2. Please, I’m An Angel

Bust out the halo and puppy dog eyes! This response makes him explain exactly what he means, while you act shocked and innocent. Use when: you want to seem sweet. Avoid if: that’s not your style.

When To UseWhen To Avoid
Talking to players who assume all girls are “bad”You have a reputation for being wild
Feeling annoyed by his assumptionsTrying to own your bold side

3. Did My Ex Pay You To Say That?

If you want to try flipping the script and making him look lame or creepy, this is the response for you! Call out absurd motives. Use when: he seems sketchy. Avoid if: you think it could escalate a bad situation.

When To UseWhen To Avoid
Dealing with cocky, negging guysConcerned he might get aggressive
He gives you weird vibesIn a professional setting

4. It Takes One To Know One

A classic way to throw his words right back at him! This response can call out hypocrisy if said right. Use when: you want to seem clever and unaffected. Avoid if: you don’t want tension.

When To UseWhen To Avoid
Dealing with player typesWorried about seeming “harsh”
Confident banter with crush/friendEarly dating stages

5. Oh Sweetie, Who Hurt You?

Channel condescending sympathy to mock his attempt at a “compliment”! This response is bold and patronizing. Use when: you’re confident and want to shame him. Avoid if: it could escalate.

When To UseWhen To Avoid
Unsolicited comments from strangersScared he may get angry/violent
Online interactionsIn professional settings

6. Yawn Very Original

Blatant sarcasm paired with an exaggerated reaction highlights the un-cleverness of his “line” perfectly. Use when: you want to seem bored and unimpressed. Avoid if: it could hurt a friend’s feelings.

When To UseWhen To Avoid
Cheesy pick up artistsGenuine compliments from friends
Strangers at barsFlirty banter with dates

7. Says The Guy Obsessed With Me

Put a spotlight on HIS interest in you, not the other way around. This bold response screams confidence. Use when: you want to seem desirable and arrogant. Avoid if: you dislike cocky attitudes.

When To UseWhen To Avoid
Passive aggressively with exesEarly dating stages
Playful teasing with crushesConcerned about seeming stuck-up

8. Gasp And Yet You’re Still Here

Call out his interest with faux shock! Despite your alleged issues, he’s still giving you attention. Use when: you want to highlight interest NON directly. Avoid if: you dislike passive aggression.

When To UseWhen To Avoid
Private teasing with crushes/exesProfessional settings
Flirty text banterConversations could leak

9. Sounds More Like A You Problem

Flip the accusation back on him entirely with this bold response. The issue is HIS, not yours! Use when: you want to stand firm and redirect blame. Avoid if: you fear seeming harsh.

When To UseWhen To Avoid
When publicly accused by exProfessional settings
Gossip spreads about youWorried it could hurt their feelings

10. Probably, But You Like It

Oozing confidence, this response owns the troublemaker label flirtatiously. It calls out his interest in a suggestive way. Use when: you want to subtly highlight desirability. Avoid if: you dislike arrogance.

When To UseWhen To Avoid
Banter with cocky guysTalking to sensitive people
Texting back and forth with datesEarly dating stages

How To Respond To A Guy Calling You Trouble

So a guy just called you trouble and you have no idea how to strike the perfect balance between flirty, funny, and firm in your response? Here’s a quick guide on tailoring your reply based on the type of dude you’re dealing with.

Responding To The Player Type

If a known player calls you trouble, use it as a chance to call out this label as a transparent attempt to get you into bed. Try responses like:

  • “Just because I won’t sleep with you doesn’t make me trouble”
  • “I know that line works on some girls, but not me”
  • “I have higher standards than troublemakers, sorry”

The key is redirecting the accusation back onto his game playing ways. Show you see right through it!

Responding To The Cocky Guy

When a confident, self-assured guy calls you trouble, challenge his assumption while owning your boldness! Responses like:

  • “I’m just your type of trouble I bet”
  • “Please, I know my league is way above yours”
  • “Takes one to know one I guess…”

Hit back with equal confidence to knock him down a peg or two!

Responding To The Playful Guy

What if a guy you actually like and have fun, flirty banter with accuses you of being “trouble”? Lean into it! Use responses like:

  • “You caught me, I jaywalked once…”
  • “Only for guys as cute as you…”
  • “Maybe we’re both trouble then ;)”

Flirt back confidently while keeping things playful.

The tone you set really depends on the vibe you get from him overall!

How To Respond To A Girl Calling You Trouble

The dynamics change a bit when another girl labels you trouble. Often it stems from jealousy, judgement, or her own insecurities.

If she’s a friend, have an honest chat. If she’s spreading rumors, redirect back to her issues. If confronting her directly, try calmly asking questions like:

  • “What makes you say that about me?”
  • “Did I do something to upset you personally?”
  • “Do you really think that label is fair or kind?”

Kill her with kindness and give her a chance to open up. If she doubles down on attacking you, simply respond with:

  • “I’m sorry you feel that way”
  • “Let’s just agree to disagree”
  • “I know who I am, but thanks for the input”

Set boundaries without stooping to her level. You don’t need that drama or negativity!

In Conclusion…

At the end of the day if a guy calls you trouble, don’t stress! Take it as a compliment and use it as a chance deliver a bold, funny or flirty response. How you react says more about your confidence and personality than whatever arbitrary label some dude gave you.

Hopefully these examples and tips will help you think fast the next time it happens! Remember you have options – play innocent, get sarcastic, embrace it, or hit back even harder. Most importantly, be true to yourself and don’t let others dictate how you feel.

You go girl! Show them just because you’re “trouble” doesn’t make you any less amazing.

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