How to Respond When a Guy Calls You Crazy: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

When a guy calls you crazy, how you respond says a lot about you. A snarky comeback puts him in his place. Laughing it off makes you seem confident and carefree.

Turning the tables makes him realize his mistake. I decided to write this after a guy jokingly called me crazy on our third date. I cleverly responded by calling him crazy too and we both laughed.

But not everyone can come up with witty responses on the spot. That’s why I’ve put together 30 responses below ranging from flirty to savage perfect for the next time a guy calls you crazy.

30 Responses When a Guy Calls You Crazy

Calling a girl crazy is a risky move for a guy. It could ruin his chances or make her day depending on her reaction. When responding, match his tone while subtly putting him in his place.

If said jokingly, laugh it off then subtly call out his behavior. If seriously, firmly tell him that’s unacceptable. Here are 30 responses for all scenarios when a guy calls you crazy:

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Funny Responses

Being called crazy can be annoying and offensive. But you can flip the script and have the last laugh with these 10 hilarious comebacks:

  • “Well darling, you made me this way”
  • “You say crazy, I say fun”
  • “Nope, just crazy over that booty” 🍑
  • “Bae, if you can’t handle me at my craziest, you don’t deserve me at my hottest 🔥”
  • “You think I’M crazy? You should meet my mother!”
  • “Crazy in the streets, crazy in the sheets” 😜
  • “The only thing crazy here is your hair right now”
  • “Silly boy, crazy girls are more fun!”
  • “You mispronounced sexy”
  • “I prefer eccentric over crazy”

Savage Responses

If he seriously calls you crazy in an offensive way, don’t hold back. Shut it down with these 10 savage replies:

  • “Says the guy begging me to take him back last week”
  • “Funny, that’s what your ex warned me about you”
  • “I may be crazy but at least I don’t live in my mom’s basement like someone I know”
  • “The only crazy thing here is wasting my time with jerks like you” ✌️
  • “Crazy? Honey the only thing crazy here is your tiny eggplant 🍆”
  • “I’m not crazy but I’m about to go nuts on you if you don’t shut up”
  • “Keep sweet talking me like that and you’ll see crazy”
  • “Call me crazy one more time. I dare you.”
  • “You haven’t even seen crazy yet, but keep pushing me”
  • “What’s crazy is I didn’t dump your lame ass sooner”

Witty Responses

If said lightheartedly, cleverly call out the name-calling with these 10 witty replies:

  • “If I’m crazy, what does liking me say about you?” 😏
  • “Takes one to know one, but you make crazy look good”
  • “I’m crazy over pizza, does that still count?” 🍕
  • “Babe, my crazy matches your crazy – that’s why this works!”
  • “Crazy in the streets, genius in the sheets”
  • “Don’t pretend you ain’t just as crazy about me” 😝
  • “Your charming pet names need some work”
  • “You misspelled sexy, silly”
  • “Who put you in charge of deciding who’s crazy?”
  • “If you can’t handle surprises then I’m definitely crazy”

Flirty responses

If said playfully, flirt back with these cheeky comebacks:

  • “Crazy for that sweet face of yours”
  • “You make me crazy with that smile, cutie” 😍
  • “Well this crazy chick happens to have a crush on you”
  • I go crazy when you look at me like that
  • “What can I say, you drive me crazy good looking”
  • “You sure know how to drive a girl crazy” 😜

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Boundary Setting Responses

If it feels disrespectful, politely stand up for yourself:

  • “I don’t appreciate being called names”
  • “Please don’t call me crazy, I find it offensive”
  • “Name calling because I expressed my feelings is unacceptable”
  • “I’m asking nicely – do not call me crazy”
  • “I would never call you crazy, please show me the same respect”

10 Editor’s Choice Best Responses

“Babe, you make me crazy in the best possible way”

When said lightheartedly, this flirty response pokes fun while also complimenting him. It shows you can take a joke but also reminds him to be respectful.

When to use:

  • He says it jokingly on a date
  • He sends a playful text calling you crazy

When NOT to use:

  • He says it in a serious argument
  • He regularly calls you crazy in a rude way

“Funny, my friends say the same about you”

This witty comeback casually warns him that name-calling won’t be tolerated without being aggressive. It also hints that you talk about him to friends, making him wonder what else you say.

When to use:

  • Early in dating before setting clear boundaries
  • You want to test his reaction

When NOT to use:

  • You’ve directly asked him not to call you crazy
  • Having a heated debate

“Nah, just crazy about those baby blues” 😍

A flirty response like this smooths over the situation while still indirectly addressing the “crazy” comment. It’s disarming yet clever – he can’t help but smile while realizing he shouldn’t have said it.

When to use:

  • You are not actually offended
  • Want to subtly address the name calling

When NOT to use:

  • You feel angry or hurt by his comment
  • Having a serious conversation

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“Excuse me? I know you didn’t just call me crazy”

This response is straight to the point. It calls out the disrespect while giving him a chance to redeem himself or apologize. Say it politely yet firmly, maintaining self-confidence.

When to use:

  • You feel offended and want an apology
  • He consistently calls you names

When NOT to use:

  • He said it unintentionally
  • You think it was meant lightheartedly

“I may be crazy but this crazy chick can still dump your ass”

Bust out this savage reply when you’re absolutely fed up with the name-calling. It puts him in his place while reminding him you won’t tolerate disrespect.

When to use:

  • He regularly calls you offensive names
  • You have directly asked him to stop but he won’t

When NOT to use:

  • It was said unintentionally
  • You want to give him another chance

How to Respond to a Guy Calling You Crazy

When responding to a guy who calls you crazy, your approach depends on the situation and tone. Here’s how to handle some common scenarios men may say you’re crazy:

If he says it jokingly or lightly in a text: React playfully. Example responses:

  • “Only crazy for you babe!”
  • “What’s it like dating a crazy chick like me? 🤪”
  • “If I’m crazy, then you made me this way!”

Laughing it off and flirting back shows confidence while subtly telling him to be careful using that word.

If he says you’re crazy for confronting him about an issue: Firmly tell him name-calling is immature and unacceptable, not the issue itself.

  • “Calling me crazy for confronting an issue is immature”
  • “If calmly expressing my feelings makes me “crazy,” then I guess I’m crazy!”
  • “Name-calling solves nothing, let’s discuss this respectfully”

Stay confident defending yourself while redirecting the conversation.

If he tries saying all women are crazy: Shut down this offensive stereotype quickly but clearly.

  • “That absurd stereotype is far from truth and says more about you.”
  • “Generalizing an entire gender that way is completely inaccurate.”
  • “I know plenty of perfectly sane women and crazy men.”

Avoid aggression when challenging offensive stereotypes he may thoughtlessly perpetuate. Kill ignorant remarks with confidence, grace and facts.

How to Respond to a Girl Calling You Crazy

If a girl calls you, another guy, or men generally “crazy”, here is how to gracefully respond:

If said seriously during an argument: Tension often causes hurtful words. Gently tell her you find that term offensive, favoring more constructive communication. Stay thoughtful avoiding escalation.

If said lightly teasing you: Joke it off by playing into the “crazy” comment then pivoting the focus onto her. Examples:

  • “You drive me crazy gorgeous”
  • “Takes one to know one, but your crazy is pretty cute”

Charm her with playful arrogance while subtlety hinting to avoid blanket “men are crazy” remarks.

If said about men in general: Politely challenge the generalization, suggesting people of all genders have sanity and eccentricity in equal measure. Or playfully own it, saying “us crazy men can’t get enough of you women.” Adding some wisdom with wit neutralizes the insensitive remark.


Being called crazy may sting, especially from someone you admire and adore. But as the saying goes – words only have the power you give them. Let his “crazy” comment spark a clever, disarming and confidence response instead of pain.

You might even capture his attention better, finding yourself hand-in-hand with that “crazy” woman at the wedding altar one day!

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