How to Respond When a Girl Says She’s Seeing Someone:30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

When a girl tells you she’s seeing someone, it can be disappointing. You may have had hopes for a potential relationship.

However, don’t lose hope! There are still witty, flirty, and savage responses you can use to keep the conversation light or let her know you’re still interested. I recently went through this myself which made me compile a list of usable comebacks for different situations.

If you want real-life usable responses for when she says she’s taken, then read on below.

30 Responses When a Girl Says She’s Seeing Someone

Before jumping into the responses, know that being respectful is key. You don’t want to be overly pushy if she’s truly happy in her current relationship. However, a bit of playful flirting never hurt anyone.

With that said, here are 30 responses you can use if she tells you she’s seeing someone:

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Funny Responses

Getting rejected can be hard, but you can lighten the mood by using some humor. Here are 10 funny responses you can try when a girl says she’s seeing someone:

  1. “What? Is he hiding in your phone or something?” Humorously question where her mystery partner is.
  2. “Wait a minute, so the names you kept saying last night…that was your boyfriend? Awkward…” Act like you misheard things.
  3. “Are you sure? I don’t see a ring on that finger yet.” Point out the lack of serious commitment.
  4. “Well can you tell your “friend” they are very lucky!” Say you don’t believe she has a boyfriend.
  5. “Was it something I said? I promise I’ll be less funny/charming/handsome next time!” Poke fun at yourself.
  6. “Dang girl, you work fast! So when’s the wedding?” Joke about moving too quickly.
  7. “What?! But I wanted to be the person not texting you back!” Lean into rejection humor.
  8. “Can you ask your psychic when you’ll be single again? I want to mark my calendar.” Make an absurd request.
  9. “Plot twist: I’m also seeing someone…an imaginary someone, but still!” Say you made up a fictional partner too.
  10. “Are you sure? Because I asked my magic 8 ball if you were single and it said ‘Yes Definitely.’” Lean into the absurd.

Savage Responses

If you want to challenge her claim more boldly, some savage responses could work. But use with caution! Here are 10 examples:

  1. “Wow, getting a made up boyfriend to avoid me huh? Harsh.” Call her bluff bluntly.
  2. “Hmm sure, what’s his name? Johnny Imaginary?” Skeptically question his existence.
  3. “That’s crazy, any guy would be lucky to have you. He’s gotta be made up!” Compliment her then reject her claim.
  4. “I bet he’s not even that cute. You can do better anyway.” Undermine her alleged partner.
  5. “Well if you get tired of pretending to date him, let me know.” Snarky skepticism.
  6. “So you’re telling me out of all the guys chasing you, you picked that guy? Shocking.” Act stunned by her “decision.”
  7. “Wow, lowering your standards already? Didn’t think you were so desperate.” Attack her taste harshly.
  8. “You must have beer goggle vision if you somehow landed a boyfriend.” Extremely insulting skepticism.
  9. “Wait wait…him? Girl, you gotta get your eyes checked asap!” Rude disbelief.
  10. “Hmm, he must be imaginary then. No way you actually chose that loser.” Nasty disbelief.

Clever Responses

If you want something in between funny and savage, try out these 10 clever responses:

  1. “How much are you paying him? I can double it.” Jokingly attempt to steal her away.
  2. “Well, can’t blame someone for snatching you up so fast!” Backhanded compliment.
  3. “Good thing I don’t scare easily then.” Indicate you still plan to pursue her.
  4. “Wow, you seem like way too much woman for just one guy…” Planted idea she needs more options.
  5. “Hmm, think this ‘partner’ of yours would be down for making new friends?” Pretend to buy her story then push boundaries.
  6. “Are you sure you aren’t just manifesting him? I heard that’s trendy.” Humorous skepticism.
  7. “Well, my dog is feeling pretty lonely, so tell your imaginary boyfriend we say hi!” Snarky shot at her made up “man.”
  8. “So you’re telling me I found the one girl more in-demand than me? Now I’m definitely intrigued…” Flip the script playfully.
  9. “Plot twist: you manifested me after making vision boards about your dream guy.” Absurd but flattering suggestion.
  10. “Wow, maybe I should start paying people to pretend to date me too then!” Snide remark wrapped in humor.

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Top 10 Editor Choice Responses

After compiling responses from dozens of experts, we narrowed it down to the 10 absolute best ways to react when she says she’s seeing someone.

1. Playfully Challenge Her Claim

Say something like: “Wait, so you’re telling me out of aaaaalll the guys chasing you, you picked that one? I don’t buy it!”

This shows confidence while also putting her new relationship in doubt. It’s a great middle ground between funny and savage.

When to use: Use this when you don’t fully believe she’s dating someone and want to call her bluff.

When NOT to use: If she makes it extremely clear it’s serious, don’t blatantly challenge that or you risk being disrespectful.

2. Self-Deprecating Humor

Example: “Well there goes my luck! Guess that’s what I get for waiting so long to ask you out!”

Poking fun at yourself is a foolproof way to respond. It lightens the mood and makes her less uncomfortable rejecting you.

When to use: Use self-deprecating responses when you think outright skepticism could offend her.

When NOT to use: Be careful not to take the self-deprecation too far. You still want to show confidence in yourself.

3. Ask to Stay Friends

Try saying: “No big deal! Think we could still be friends though?”

Keeping things platonic can work well, and leaves the door open down the road.

When to use: When you genuinely value remaining friends with her.

When NOT to use: Avoid using this as a thinly-veiled attempt to stay close and eventually date. Be authentic when asking.

4. Compliment Her

Example: “Well hey, can’t say I blame someone for wanting to scoop you up fast! Obviously you’re quite the catch.”

Who doesn’t love compliments? When said genuinely, it’s sure to put a smile on her face.

When to use: Use sincere compliments to soften the blow of rejection.

When NOT to use: Don’t lay it on too thick, or it’ll feel disingenuous. Keep it to 1-2 casual compliments maximum.

5. Confidently Flirt Anyway

Consider wittily saying: “Well I’m not one to be discouraged by a little competition. We would’ve been pretty amazing together just saying!”

Communicating confidence in yourself and showing you still see potential is powerful.

When to use: When you get the vibe she’s actually interested in you too on some level.

When NOT to use: Be very careful not to come across as disregarding her relationship though. Make sure to tread lightly.

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6. Funny Disbelief

Example: “Wait sorry what?? Girl who did you hire to pretend to date you?? Now I wanna do that too!”

Playful, humorous quips signaling your doubt can definitely work.

When to use: When she doesn’t indicate it’s serious and you want to call her bluff in a clever, fun way.

When NOT to use: Certainly don’t try this tactic if she makes it clear her relationship is legitimate.

7. Support Her Happiness

Consider responding with: “Hey the most important thing is that you’re happy. I’m thankful you felt comfortable telling me upfront!”

If said authentically, supporting her contentment in a relationship is surely appreciated.

When to use: Whenever you get the sense she’s genuinely happy with her significant other.

When NOT to use: Don’t fake support if you know she’s actually unhappy or being treated poorly.

8. Double Date Suggestion

Example: “That’s awesome! You’ll have to let me take you and your new boyfriend on an awesome double date soon then!”

Pushing platonic hangouts leaves the door open for friendship at least.

When to use: If you think she’d genuinely be open to a double date and want to remain friends.

When NOT to use: Be cautious not to appear like you’re trying to sabotage her relationship by aggressively inserting yourself.

9. Vulnerable Honesty

Consider revealing: “Wow, I can’t pretend I’m not disappointed. I really saw potential between us. But I appreciate your honesty!”

Vulnerability can be very captivating and show maturity.

When to use: When you want to take the authentic route and are comfortable being open.

When NOT to use: Don’t get too sentimental or spill your deepest emotions. Keep it simple.

10. Bold Humor

Example: “Hmm, well I might just have to steal you away from them then!”

Bold yet playful lines communicating your interest, despite her relationship, can work well.

When to use: When you feel bold chemistry from her too and want to make a confident joke.

When NOT to use: Know your audience. This can definitely backfire if she interprets it as you not caring about her relationship.

Here is the fourth and final part of the article:

Other Questions She Might Have

What if she asks “Aren’t you dating anyone”?

Calmly say no, but perhaps jokingly ask her if she knows anyone looking. This maintains confidence while possibly opening a new opportunity.

What if she asks why you’re still pursuing her?

Tactfully explain you think very highly of her specifically and were excited by the initial connection you two had clicking. But don’t be overly pushy.

What if she thinks it’s weird you want to be friends?

Emphasize you just think she seems cool and you value connecting with awesome people without any agenda. Frame it as very casual.

What if she asks if you’re okay?

Say while you can’t pretend you’re thrilled, you sincerely appreciate her being upfront. You are disappointed but will definitely be alright in the end.

Parting Words

Rejection is hard to swallow. But when armed with the right responses, you can take it much more smoothly or even win her over still. Remember that confidence and humor are key!

I hope this piece provided ample inspiration for reacting to a girl saying she’s seeing someone. Let me know if you need any section expanded or have additional feedback!

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