How to Respond When A Girl Calls You Funny: 30 Flirty, Witty & Savage Responses

Being called funny by a girl can make you feel good, but also unsure how to respond. Should you make another joke? Change the subject? Here are 30 solid ideas for responses when she says you’re funny.

I still remember the first time a girl, Jen, called me funny back in high school. At first I just laughed nervously, not knowing what to say. After a few awkward seconds I mumbled “thanks” and tried unsuccessfully to steer the conversation elsewhere.

Since then, I’ve learned far better comebacks when a girl compliments your humor. Whether you want to keep the laughs flowing or shift gears to flirting, having some lines ready will make you look smooth and confident.

Below I’m sharing the 30 best responses I’ve picked up over the years for when she calls you funny. Further down, you’ll also find specific examples tailored for different situations – funny replies, witty comebacks, flirty banter, and more.

30 Clever Responses When She Says You’re Funny

“I’m glad I can make you laugh!”

“What can I say, I was born this way.”

“Don’t act so surprised! I’ve got jokes for days.”

“Well I do try my hardest to entertain you.”

“Happy to play the comedian role for you anytime.”

“I must warn you – I only come equipped with dad jokes.”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet…”

“I can be even funnier over dinner on Friday.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment from someone so pretty.”

“It’s easy when I have such a fun audience!”

“I aim to please, m’lady.”

“Oh I’m far from the funniest guy here…”

“What can I say, you inspire me!”

“Well you started it with that hilarious story!”

“Are you trying to make me blush over here?”

“Glad I could bring some laughter into your day.”

“Perhaps you’d like an encore performance later?”

“If that made your day, just wait ’till you hear my Donald Duck impression.”

“It’s those dance moves of mine, isn’t it?”

“Shucks, aren’t you sweet.”

“I better stop before you get tired of laughing so much.”

Wow, keep talking like that and you’re going to give me a big head!”

“Aw thanks! I might just have to keep you around.”

“Do my jokes earn me a free drink at least?”

“I’ll quit my day job and go into comedy if you insist!”

“Hey now, Save some compliments for later!”

“Laughter makes good abs they say…”

“See, I’m even funnier when there’s no pressure!”

“What can I say, it’s my super power.”

“It helps when you’ve got great material to work with.” 😉

10 Funny Comebacks for Her

Make her laugh even harder with these funny replies:

  • My goofiness is just getting startedI’ve got plenty more zingers where that came from. Want to grab a coffee later and experience round two?
  • My brother told me this oneQ: Why don’t eggs tell jokes?A: Because they’d crack each other up!Get it?? Cracking me up over here 😂
  • I forgot the joke I was going to tell youBut let’s grab a drink sometime later this week and it’ll definitely come back to me.
  • If you think I’m funny now……just wait until you get to know me better. I must warn you though, things could get pretty wild! 😜
  • These bullets prove it:
    • Excellent joke teller ✅
    • Silly dancer extraordinaire ✅
    • Talented funny face maker ✅
    • Certified banter expert ✅
    The evidence doesn’t lie!
  • My hairdresser deserves the creditShe always insists on the funniest styles. Next time I’m going for a mohawk!
  • I stole all my best material from my grandpaBut shhh…don’t tell him! His pride couldn’t take it.
  • You should meet my pet lizardHis name is Little comedian. Though he’s not great at actually telling jokes, he does make me laugh like crazy with his silly antics!
  • These 3 emotions sum me up:🤪 Silly
    😂 Funny
    🥴 GoofyI warned you I was a character!
  • Punchline time:

What do you call a funny mountain?

Hill-arious! Get it?? I crack myself up 😆

7 Savage Comebacks

If you prefer edgier banter, try these clever replies instead:

“Aren’t you hilarious yourself calling people funny?”Great for light teasing if she ribs you a lot herself.✅ Friends ❌ Crushes
“Hilarious? Says the girl with lettuce in her teeth.”A funny neg Hit to knock her down a notch.❌ New friends ✅ People you know well
“If you think that was funny, wait ’til you see my victory dance when I beat you at pool next round!”Bring on the competition and banter.✅ Friends & Crushes
“I’d be even funnier if you didn’t distract me with those gorgeous eyes.”Up the flirt factor with this bold line.❌ Shy girls ✅ Confident girls
“Hilarious? I prefer the term comedic genius.”Cocky confidence to make her laugh.✅ Most people
“If I’m so funny, think you could hook me up with one of your cute friends?”Riskily go for the friend zone poke.❌ Girls you just met ✅ Friends

5 Flirty Responses

Turn up the charm even more by flirting back:

You’re so cute when you laugh

I love seeing your reactions to my terrible jokes. We’ll have to hang out more often so I can enjoy that smile!

I might just have to take you out sometime

My treat of course, for being such an amazing audience. Are you free this weekend by any chance?

Glad I could brighten your day a bit

Let me know if you ever need a laughter boost again. I’d be happy to oblige with my repertoire of silly jokes!

I think you’ll find I’m even funnier over dinner

What do you say we meet up to see? Friday night work for you?

Well this comedian needs his muse

So when are you free to meet up again? I could use some fresh inspiration from that smile of yours! 😍

How to Respond to a Girl Calling You Funny

When responding to any girl telling you you’re funny, remember these key tips:

  • Keep it lighthearted. Don’t take yourself too seriously – making her laugh more never hurts!
  • Flirt back. If there’s chemistry, use humor to stoke the sparks.
  • Suggest meeting up. capitaLife on her compliment to ask for a date.
  • Watch her reactions. Gauge if she wants more jokes or to chat seriously.

With the right comeback lined up, you’ll look quick-witted, interesting and Funnier, ha ha 😺

How to Respond to a Guy Calling You Funny

The rules change a bit when a guy calls you funny. Here are tips to handle that situation smoothly:

  • Flirt back more overtly if you’re interested. Compliment his smile or laugh as well.
  • Get a bit more personal in your responses. Ask thoughtful questions to shift the tone from funny to flirty.
  • Suggest meeting for coffee or drinks soon. Seize the moment to hint at a date.
  • Don’t enjoy the attention? A simple “thanks” will do, or redirect the conversation elsewhere.

Here are examples of great responses when a guy calls you funny:

“Why thank you! I do aim to please…”

Looks down shyly, then make eye contact “Maybe I could entertain you again sometime over drinks next week?”

“What can I say, I save all my best material for charming guys like you…”

Touch his arm lightly “So, tell me more about your fantastic sense of humor as well!”

“Well I’m glad I can make you laugh! Laughter is the shortest distance between two people, don’t you think?”

Smilewidely “We’ll have to swap more jokes over dinner sometime soon!”

“I’m happy you find me so amusing!”

Laugh together “Though I actually prefer getting to know people on a deeper level too…” Make meaningful eye contact to change the tone.

Overall, responding to his funny compliment with equal parts flirty banter and thoughtful questions is perfect for shifting a funny first chat into date potential!

In Conclusion…

Being called funny by the right girl or guy is a surefire compliment. We all want to make intriguing, humorous connections out there!

With the examples above – from funny comebacks to flirty repartee and situation-specific lines – you now have a mental toolbox ready for when she or he drops the “you’re so funny!” line next.

Choose your favorites, practice them, and deliver with a sparking smile. Then watch new relationship doors open as you use your wit to wow that special someone!

So next time your humor kills and she calls you hilarious, amusing, or downright silly…unleash your new comeback lines with confidence. Consider it a toast to bringing more laughter and chemistry into both your days!

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