How to Respond to ‘You’re Hot’: 30+ Witty And Savage Comebacks

You’re Hot… 3 Simple Words That Can Make You Blush, Smile or Cringe

We’ve all been there. Someone calls you “hot” and you’re not sure how to respond. Do you say thanks? Make a joke? Feeling put on the spot is never fun.

That’s why I’ve put together 30+ clever, funny and savage comebacks for the next time someone comments on your looks. Whether it’s a stranger, friend or partner doing the flattering, you’ll be prepared.

Below I’ll cover all types of situations – serious, playful, uncomfortable – and how to react. Because not every “you’re hot” deserves the same reply. But first, check out these 5 witty responses to get you started:

  • “Why thank you. I was forged in the fires of Mount Doom.”
  • “I’m aware. Now let’s discuss more important things – like my Nobel Prize winning research.”
  • “Thanks I guess? Can we move this conversation to less superficial places?”
  • “Hotter than the coffee you just spilled on yourself?”
  • “If you think that’s hot, you should see me dance salsa.”

Want more? Keep reading for 25+ additional, battle-tested comebacks.

30 Savage, Funny and Witty Comebacks When Someone Calls You Hot

Before jumping in, let me explain why I created this guide. Last summer I was visiting family friends by their pool. One of the dad’s friends kept commenting how great I looked in my bikini, how “smokin’ hot” I was and to “turn around so I can see that ass”.

I was mortified. And wished I had some clever replies ready instead of awkwardly laughing it off.

So after that experience, I asked all my friends for their best clap backs to catcalls and unwanted “you’re hot” comments. I collected the very best savage, funny and witty responses below.

Next time someone puts you on the spot, try out one of these…

1. Thanks I guess? Can we move this conversation to less superficial places?

This polite reply works well early on, letting them know you want to talk substance over surface-level compliments.

2. Why thank you. I was forged in the fires of Mount Doom.

A funny Lord of the Rings reference to remind them you’re more than just eye candy.

3. Hotter than the coffee you just spilled on yourself?

Playful snark to lightly knock their ego down a peg.

4. I’m aware. Now let’s discuss more important things – like my Nobel Prize winning research.

Show you’ve got brains over beauty with this clever science shutdown.

5. My mom thinks I’m pretty hot too.

A cheeky way to friend-zone them. Ouch!

6. Good one Brad, so original. But I have a name and a personality, try using them.

Call out unoriginality while asserting yourself.

7. If you think that’s hot, you should see me dance salsa.

Redirect the conversation to a passion of yours.

8. Eyes up here buddy. My face is speaking.

Snappy comeback to redirect their gaze upwards.

9. Don’t worry, global warming should cool me down eventually.

Clever quip playing off “hot” literally.

10. Hot damn, we got a mind reader over here! Tell me, am I also funny and smart or just smoking hot in your eyes?

Playful reply challenging their assumptions about you.

11. Fans self Whew, is it hot in here or is that just me?

Lean into the “hot” comment tongue-in-cheek style.

12. Hot? Yes. Interested? No.

Short, sweet, to the point shutdown.

13. Did you just learn the word “hot”? Congrats on expanding your vocabulary. Gold star for you!

Oozing condescending sarcasm.

14. Aw thanks grandpa! If I were 20 years older this would totally work.

Make it weird by pretending they remind you of a senior citizen.

15. Your mom called…she wants her lame pickup line back.

Snarky mom joke reversal.

16. Well this hot body runs on respect and intelligent conversation. Got any?

Witty way to demand proper treatment.

17. Do you greet every girl with a vapid comment about her looks? How original. Eyeroll

Call out unoriginal, appearance-based remarks.

18. That’s Ms. Hot Stuff to you.

Assert dominance and command respect.

19. Appreciate the compliment but let’s talk about something more meaningful ok?

Polite request to shift the discussion elsewhere.

20. If my appearance is all you see, I’d rather not be seen at all.

Make it clear you expect substance over surface commentary.

21. Hot? Yes. Desperate for male validation? No.

Blunt statement that you don’t need shallow flattery.

22. Wow, do lines like that ever actually work for you?

Incredulous reply highlighting the lame attempt.

23. Shrugs Genetics I guess? Can we move on?

Brush it off with nonchalance.

24. I have a mirror, but thanks for the update.

Snarky way to brush off the obvious observation.

25. Hot? More like volcanic. Try not to get burned.

Clever volcano metaphor warning them away.

26. Self five Woo I did it guys! After years of hard work I finally achieved hotness!

Sarcastic celebration of your “accomplishment”

27. If you’re going to compliment me, at least make it original so I can pretend to be flattered.

Call out boring, reused lines.

28. Hot? True. Humble? Very.

Short quip gently knocking yourself down a notch.

29. Kiss my ass.

Simple, classic vulgar shutdown.

30. You must be looking in a mirror, because all I see is cute over there.

Smooth reversal placing the hotness onto them.

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Hilarious Comebacks When Called Hot

Being labeled “hot” doesn’t always warrant a serious response. Sometimes a lighthearted, humorous comeback is just the thing to diffuse tension or flattery.

replies-to- You-are-Hot
replies-to- You-are-Hot

Rather than getting offended or letting an awkward silence hang in the air, try one of these funny retorts to show you can take a joke:

Sarcastic Comebacks

We all know sarcasm can be the best medicine. Try one of these responses dripping with irony and facetiousness:

  • Wow, I never realized I was hot before. Thank you SO much for pointing it out! Swoons
  • Hot? Who me? Well tickle me pink and call me Sally!
  • Hotter than a habanero? Spicier than cayenne? Wowzers, such unique compliments!
  • Yep I’m an absolute smoke show. Thanks for noticing! Hair flip

Cheeky Responses

Take their “you’re hot” comment lightheartedly by firing back something cheeky or playfully mocking:

  • Hot? Baby I’m on fire! Makes sizzling noises
  • Well dang, you noticed my smoldering sex appeal? My bad…
  • Hot tamale coming through! Struts away
  • On a scale from 1-volcanic how hot we talking here? Just wanna be sure…

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Snappy Comebacks

These snappy responses let them know you can give as good as you get:

  • Who’s hot? This girl! Points thumbs at self
  • Hot? True. Humble? Very.
  • Kiss my ass.
  • Says you! I’m already taken by my mirror though…
  • Hot? More like spill-your-coffee-on-your-lap hot!

Self Deprecating

If you’re able to laugh at yourself, try one of these funny self-roasts:

  • Well I wasn’t going for sexy but I’ll take what I can get I guess…
  • Shimmies awkwardly I clean up good eh? Beauty is pain my friend…
  • Ugh I know, this blistering heat wave is amplifying my already insane hotness! Pray for me…

10 Best Comebacks: Editor’s Choice

After combing through dozens of reader submissions, I picked the very best “you’re hot” comebacks that are equal parts clever, funny and effective.

Keep these top 10 in your back pocket for the next time someone tries complimenting your looks in an awkward or inappropriate way.

1. My Eyes Are Up Here

The Comeback: Points to face My eyes are up here buddy.

When To Use: They’re obviously staring at your body vs. face. Redirect them firmly but playfully.

When Not To Use: If said sincerely by friend/partner who deeply cares for you.

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2. Hot? Baby I’m On Fire!

The Comeback: Makes sizzling noises Well dang, you noticed my smoldering sex appeal? Hot? Baby I’m on fire!

When To Use: Goofy response to lighten the mood. Shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.

When Not To Use: In professional setting. Inside joke between very close friends.

3. Hot? True. Humble? Very.

The Comeback: Hot? True. Humble? Very.

When To Use: Short & sweet shutdown for unrealistic compliments.

When Not To Use: Those genuinely trying to uplift you.

4. Ugh As If!

The Comeback: Hair flip Ugh as if! Who’s hot? This girl! Points thumbs at self

When To Use: Playful response to friend or partner’s compliment.

When Not To Use: Strangers or colleagues making you uncomfortable.

5. Hot Tamale Coming Through!

The Comeback: Struts away Hot tamale coming through!

When To Use: Humorous reply when you’re clearly not interested. Lets them down easy.

When Not To Use: Important business meeting when inappropriate.

6. Do Lines Like That Ever Work?

The Comeback: Wow, do lines like that ever actually work for you?

When To Use: When stranger tries corny pickup line. Makes them self-reflect.

When Not To Use: Close friend/family member intending genuine compliment.

7. That’s Ms. Hot Stuff To You!

The Comeback: That’s Ms. Hot Stuff to you.

When To Use: Asserting dominance over sketchy stranger. Shows confidence.

When Not To Use: Partner, close friend – too aggressive.

8. As If You Could Handle All This!

The Comeback: Gestures at body As if you could handle all THIS!

When To Use: Playful arrogance to intimate partner or very close friend. Inside joke.

When Not To Use: Making others uncomfortable at work/socially.

9. Cute, But No Thanks

The Comeback: You’re cute. But no thanks. Walks away

When To Use: Unwanted pickup attempts from strangers. Lets them down easy.

When Not To Use: Partner or close friend – too harsh.

10. Hot? Don’t Burn Yourself!

The Comeback: Hot? More like volcanic. Don’t burn yourself!

When To Use: Snappy comeback if someone is out of line with overly-sexual remarks.

When Not To Use: Those trying to uplift you positively. Comes off overly aggressive.

How to Respond to Girls Calling You Hot

Unwanted comments from girls can be just as uncomfortable. If a female friend, stranger or partner calls you hot, try these clever comebacks:

When Your Female Friend Calls You Hot

  • Blushing Um thanks Becky! I’d say the same but I don’t wanna make things weird haha
  • Aww you flatter me Amanda! But we all know you’re the true smokeshow here!
  • Chuckling Down girl! Let’s not say things we might regret later eh?
  • Aw thanks girl! Wanna see my cute baby photos next? Changes subject

Responses For Partner Complimenting Your Looks

  • You’re making me blush babe…wanna see how hot I look with no clothes on? Winks
  • Well I do try…but no one is as sexy as my baby!
  • Flattery will get you everywhere darling! Now come over here…
  • I better be hot! I have to keep up with a smokeshow like you!

When Random Girls Catcall You

  • As much as I agree, let’s keep things professional ladies.
  • Woah, too much info! I’m just here to order coffee thanks.
  • Cute, but I don’t even know you all! Laughs politely
  • Appreciate the love ladies but this guy’s taken! Shows ring/waves girlfriend over

How to Respond to Guys Calling You Hot

Unwelcome comments from men can also be irritating. Reply cleverly but firmly with these comebacks:

When Male Strangers Catcall

  • Do lines like that ever work for you bro? Rolls eyes walking away
  • I have a mirror thanks. Can I just shop in peace?
  • Ew. Puts headphones back in ignoring them
  • Say something I haven’t heard before next time! Unimpressed

Responding to Guy Friends Complimenting You

  • Punch in arm playfully Shut up Dylan! But thanks for the ego boost haha
  • Ryan you literally saw me throw up at that frat party. Let’s not get crazy lol!
  • Mike I swear if this goes on my Tinder bio I’ll kill you!
  • Aww making me blush over here! But Sarah’s waaay hotter than me bro!

When Your Boyfriend Calls You Hot

  • Getting my daily dose of validation babe? You know how much I need it… Laughs
  • Well I try…but never as sexy as you Mr!
  • Kisses them You have to say that! But thanks for stroking my ego anyway hehe
  • Flattery will get you everywhere darling! Now take off your shirt 😉

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Responding to “You’re Hot” Comments

At the end of the day, how you respond comes down to context. Is it a stranger, friend or partner? Genuine or creepy? Wanted or unwanted advance?

The witty and savage comebacks above arm you for every situation – playful to serious, snappy to snarky.

Remember: You never owe anyone your time or conversation purely based on appearance. But a clever quip lets them down while retaining dignity on your part.

Choose the reply fitting for the relationship and moment. And don’t be afraid to walk away or call out clearly inappropriate behavior either. This hot body runs on respect!

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