How to Respond to ‘You Wish’: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

“You wish” – a phrase often used to mock or make fun of someone when they say or ask for something unrealistic or unlikely. It can come across as snarky or even rude depending on the context.

So how do you respond when someone shuts you down with a “you wish” comment? Here are 30+ clever, funny, witty and savage comebacks that will totally catch them off guard!

I got the idea for this article after an old friend said “you wish” when I mentioned I was up for a promotion at work. It completely threw me off guard! I couldn’t think of what to say back on the spot.

Later when I came up with some good responses I wish I had said, I realized a list of snappy comebacks could help others avoid awkward situations like I was in.

So whether it’s your crush, friend, sibling or someone else saying “you wish”, here are tons of ideas for funny, witty and even savage responses!

How to Respond to “You Wish” – 30+ Great Comebacks

Before jumping into the many responses, here are my top 3 favorite “you wish” comebacks:

  1. Oh I don’t just wish, I manifest 😉
  2. You’re right, I do wish – wanna help make it happen?
  3. If by “wish” you mean “will definitely happen”, then yes I wish!

And now, here are over 30 more funny, clever and sassy ways to respond when someone tries to shut you down by saying “you wish”:

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When to Use These Snappy Comebacks

Use these clever responses:

  • When your crush, friend, or someone else teases you saying “you wish”
  • In a lighthearted way when joking around with friends
  • If someone playfully doubting something you really want to happen

When NOT to Use These Snappy Comebacks

Avoid using if:

  • Someone says it in a truly hurtful or rude way
  • You want to de-escalate tension or conflict

The key is reading the context before firing back with one of these snarky comments. Use your best judgment!

Now keep reading for more ideas on responding to “you wish” – like funny comebacks, savage replies, and flirty responses for your crush saying those 2 little words!

Funny & Witty Comebacks For “You Wish”

Got someone constantly responding “you wish” when you say something awesome that you hope will happen someday? Well it’s time to surprise them with some hilarious, clever responses to wipe that smirk off their face!


Here are 10 lighthearted, funny comebacks for when friends, your crush, or anyone else tries to rain on your wishing parade:

  • I wish for a million bucks – better start hiding your wallet!
  • Oh I wish alright…wish you had better comebacks!
  • Wishing must work if you’re so worried about mine coming true!
  • I know 9th grade math is hard but 1 wish + 1 wish still = 2 wishes.
  • Well I wish you would stop pretending you don’t wish the same!
  • I wish you could hear how silly “you wish” sounds right now!
  • I wish you could see how huge my eye roll is right now!
  • I wish for patience so I can deal with your “you wish” BS.
  • I wish you actually had a reason to doubt my amazing wishes!
  • I wish you would realize how lame saying “you wish” makes you look!

The key with funny comebacks is keeping things light without getting too snarky. Use that humor and wit to poke fun right back at their overused “you wish” response!

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More Funny “You Wish” Comebacks

And if you really want to drive the point home that their unimaginative “you wish” comment isn’t fazing you, take it even further with these silly responds:

  • Sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of all my wishes coming true!
  • I wish you would come up with something more original than “you wish”!
  • I wish someone could explain this “you wish” concept you keep using.
  • I wish my dreams into reality…clearly you’ve never tried it.
  • I wish you could be more supportive of my awesome wishes!
  • I wish you would realize sarcasm doesn’t mask your jealousy very well!
  • I wish you would realize I always get what I want in the end!
  • I W-I-S-H you knew how to spell because clearly you don’t!
  • I wiish yyou ccould sseee mmy eepiccc eeyye rolll rrighht nnoww!
  • I SWISH this annoying convo goodbye with my magic wand! ✨

Now wasn’t that fun? But if you’re dealing with someone who’s being very rude or mean with their “you wish” comment, it’s time to stand up for yourself!

Savage Responses For Rude “You Wish” Comments

If someone is straight up mocking you or being jerk with their “you wish” response, don’t sit there and take it! Stand up for yourself with these no-nonsense, savage clap backs:

  • Aw how cute, you actually think your opinion matters to my wishes.
  • Sorry, I don’t remember asking if you approved of my wishes or not!
  • Wow, wishing must really trigger some insecurities for you.
  • I couldn’t care less if you believe in my wishes or not!
  • Yikes someone’s salty they didn’t get a fairy godmother!
  • Do you feel better now getting that little dig in with “you wish”?
  • I wish you could come up with something more clever than “you wish.”
  • I wish I had time to care about your thoughts on my wishes!
  • You seem a little too hung up on MY wishes…everything okay?
  • If that’s your best response then I wish you more brain cells!

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Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself when someone rudely mocks your hopes and dreams! Let them know their unoriginal “you wish” comments say more about them than you.

Now let’s wrap up with a few ideas on how to respond if it’s your crush saying those two dismissive words…

Flirty Responses For When Your Crush Says “You Wish”

We’ve covered funny, witty and savage comebacks. Now here are some subtly flirty ways to respond if the person saying “you wish” is actually your crush:

  • I mean if we’re together then yeah, my wish already came true 😉
  • Maybe if we team up, both our wishes can come true!
  • I may be wishing…but I could make your wishes come true too!
  • Oh trust me, when I really want something I find a way to make it happen!
  • Well why don’t we get together and start making our wishes reality?

The key is keeping it playful and suggesting you two could make magic happen. Who knows, maybe your wishes and their wishes will end up coming true!

10 Best “You Wish” Comebacks

By this point, you’ve got dozens of clever, funny, and savage ways to respond when someone tries shutting you down with the overused phrase “you wish.”

But I wanted to highlight my personal top 10 favorite comebacks for any situation where someone says those two annoying words!

Whether it’s your crush, friend, sibling or stranger, these responses will totally catch them off guard:

1. Thanks for the Wish Power-Up!

This is one of my all-time best “you wish” responses because it’s unexpected and flips the script. Rather than getting offended, act excited and say their comment fueled your wish even more! No one will see that comeback coming.

2. If by “Wish” You Mean “Definitely Happening”…Then Yes, I Wish!

Such a clever play on words! This response calls out just how lame and unoriginal “you wish” is while confirming your wish is absolutely going to come true.

3. I Speak Things Into Existence – Try It!

Oooh the subtle savagery! This one implies that you don’t just wish for things, you make them happen through speaking them into reality. And that they clearly haven’t discovered that power yet!

4. Your Magic 8 Ball is Broken – My Wishes Always Come True!

A funny response that suggests their ability to predict wish outcomes through “you wish” comments is totally inaccurate! A great comeback for friends who always try raining on your parade.

5. Wanna Bet How Fast My Wish Comes True?

Put your money where their mouth is! This bold response dares them to actually bet against your wishes coming true…which no one will have the guts to do! Totally turns the tables.

6. I Rubbed a Magic Lamp, So Yeah It’s Happening!

How could they argue with magic and destiny! Saying you already made your wish legit to a genie leaves no room for doubt. Genies guarantee wish fulfillment after all!

7. Ye of Little Faith – My Wishes Always Come True!

Bust this Biblical expression to call out their lack of faith in your wishes with class and sass! It suggests they should probably start believing in your wishes since you have a proven track record.

8. Doubting My Vision Only Motivates Me More!

Oozing confidence, this slick reply lets them know their hating only pushes you work harder make your dreams a reality. So really they’re fueling your success with “you wish!”

9. That’s Cute – Now Watch My Dreams Unfold!

This response is short and not so sweet. It mocks the idea you only “wish” while firmly declaring you will make things happen…then closes with a mic drop!

10. Thanks Universe, It’s Already on Its Way!

Kill ’em with kindness! Sarcastically thanking the universe means you know the wheels are already motion for your wish. And there’s nothing a petty “you wish” can do to stop destiny!

Now you’re fully equipped with 30+ snappy, savvy ways to respond to anyone who tries dismissing your wants with an unimaginative “you wish” shutdown. Never let the haters interfere with dreaming big again!

How to Reply to “You Wish” From Guys or Girls

We’ve covered tons of comebacks for getting the last laugh when someone – friends, siblings, haters – tries raining on your wishing parade. But how do you respond specifically when it’s guy or a girl saying “you wish”?

Let’s get into suggestion for handling “you wish” comments from dudes and ladies in your life…

Clever Responses When a Guy Says “You Wish”

Got a guy friend, brother, or crush trying to clown your wishes and dreams? Here are some ways to clap back:

  • Aw, so cute when guys think their opinions cancel out my manifestations!
  • Thanks for the extra wish power-up bro!
  • I’m making a vision board not taking a survey but thx!
  • Just making sure: you think your approval makes my dreams happen..or?
  • Aww you actually think I need a magic lamp to make my wishes come true!

The key is playfully calling out the fact they think your wishes somehow hinge on their approval. Which could not be further from the truth!

Flirty Responses When Your Crush Says “You Wish”

And if it’s your crush delivering the snarky “you wish” line, mix in some subtle flirting:

  • Oh don’t tempt me to make our wishes come true together…
  • If you help with my wish, I can help make yours come true too…
  • Too bad you won’t get any credit when my wish comes true 😉
  • In my experience, wishes have a funny way of becoming reality
  • Maybe if we got together we could start making our wishes happen

See what I did there? These responses suggest that you fulfilling your own wishes could somehow benefit them. And leave the door open for something more by implying combined “wish power!”

Sassy Responses For When a Girl Says “You Wish”

If another woman tries undercutting your wants with this played out phrase, make her sorry she even went there:

  • LOL is that the best shutdown line you’ve got, hun?
  • Aww babe, you must be new around here…I always get what I wish for
  • Cute! Maybe one day you’ll understand vision boards
  • I’m not sure who made you the Wish Police but this convo is now closed!
  • Still waiting for the day someone actually has reason to doubt my wishes…

It may seem harsh but sometimes you need these bold statements to demand the respect you deserve! No more letting haters stomp on your dreams, no matter what their gender is.

There you have it – plenty of ideas on how to react when guys, girls or anyone at all tries diminishing your hopes with an unoriginal “you wish!” Never let them succeed in raining on your parade again.

Time to put those clever comebacks into practice and show the haters you make dreams into reality!

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