How to Respond to “You Look Good”: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

Someone just told you “You look good”. How should you respond? Whether it’s your crush, partner, friend or stranger, getting complimented on your appearance can catch you off guard.

Do you reciprocate the compliment? Crack a joke? Get flirty? I’ve compiled 30 witty, funny and flirty comebacks when someone says you look good. Keep reading for examples and ideas on how to react Smoothly.

I decided to make this list after an old friend I hadn’t seen in awhile said I looked really good recently. I got flustered and barely managed to sputter out a “thanks”. I wished I had clever responses ready instead of getting tongue tied!

If you want better replies prepared when you receive appearances compliments, my list below has you covered. I included different types – short and sweet, funny, even slightly risque retorts if you want to get bold.

30 Witty Responses to “You Look Good”

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Here’s my advice on using them:

  • Gauge your relationship with the person complimenting you. The flirtier remarks work best with crushes or partners.
  • Consider the setting. Use more modest responses around family or in professional settings.
  • Don’t overthink it! A simple “thank you” always suffices if you get shy.

Funny Responses


We all enjoy a good laugh. Use one of these playful, humorous comebacks to keep the mood light after receiving an appearance compliment:

Well I guess that’s one less eye exam I’ll have to pay for!

Nah, those new glasses just make you see better.

Did you lose a contact lens? Might need to get your eyes checked!

Let me write that down real quick before the dazzling effects wear off…

I know right? This new conditioner is really working miracles!

Hold on now, are you trying to butter me up for something?

Geez, now you’re just making all the other men/ladies jealous!

Savage Responses

If you want to clap back with some attitude after getting a looks compliment, these snarky comebacks definitely make a statement:

And yet I didn’t even have to try that hard. Imagine if I really put in effort!

Yeah well, you’re no prize pig yourself bud.

I clean up good compared to your messy behind!

Was that supposed to be a compliment or an insult?

No duh. You sound surprised though…

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Flirty Responses

Use these flirty remarks when you want to reciprocate the compliment or hint at your attraction after being told you look good:

Oh yeah? Hope you like what you see then…

If you think I look good now, you should see me without all these clothes on.

Well thank you baby. Why don’t we ditch this scene and I can model off some outfits for you in private?

I dressed up just for your viewing pleasure you know…

Oh I bet you say that to all the cute girls/guys!

Well I was hoping a certain someone would notice…

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

Out of all the reactions to appearance compliments, these 10 responses are tried & true winners based on humor, wittiness and versatility:

1. “Aw shucks, you smooth talker!”

This playful response lets them know their compliment landed without getting too serious.

When to use: Friends, crushes, significant others
When NOT to use: Bosses, elders, professional settings

2. “Well don’t we make a good looking pair then!”

Flirty yet friendly. Perfect for subtly reciprocating the compliment.

When to use: Crushes, dates, boyfriends/girlfriends
When NOT to use: Strangers, colleagues

3. “Haha well aren’t you quite the sweet talker!”

Good for lightening the mood if you feel shy or get embarrassed easily about looks praise.

When to use: Great all-purpose reaction for anyone
When NOT to use: Doesn’t apply

4. “Looks like someone’s got a little crush, am I right?”

Playfully hint that you might be interest in them too if it was a flirtatious compliment.

When to use: Crushes, potential dates
When NOT to use: Friends, colleagues, elders

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5. “I mean I DO have a great stylist…she’s called Genetics!”

Cocky yet charming response to showcase confidence.

When to use: Friends, partners, dates
When NOT to use: Elders, superiors

6. “Well sorry in advance for making your day worse then by comparison!”

Self-deprecating humor is always endearing after a nice compliment.

When to use: Good general purpose reaction
When NOT to use: May come across oddly in some contexts

7. “Wow I guess miracles really do happen!”

Poking fun at yourself for typically looking “not so good” when done with the right tone.

When to use: Friends, partners you feel comfortable teasing yourself around
When NOT to use: May seem off for strangers, colleagues, superiors

8. “I mean I don’t like to brag buuuut…you ain’t so bad looking yourself!”

Cocky yet flattering response to return the compliment.

When to use: Crushes, dates, partners
When NOT to use: Elders, superiors

9. “Well hot damn, I should dress up more often if it earns compliments from hotties like you!”

Flirty reaction that oozes confidence. Great for subtly hitting on who paid you the compliment!

When to use: Crushes, dates
When NOT to use: Family, colleagues, superiors

10. “I was just thinking the same about you!”

Simple yet effective for turning the tables with a reciprocal compliment.

When to use: Good all-purpose reaction
When NOT to use: Doesn’t apply

How to Reply to a Girl

If a girl compliments your looks, you want your response to come across as charming instead of cocky. Here’s how to react smooth:

  • Tease back playfully – “What, did you lose your glasses or something?”
  • Return the praise – “Aw thanks gorgeous! But have you seen yourself today?”
  • Use humor to deflect shyness – “Psh nah, it must be all this newfangled elastic in my socks lately!”
  • If she seems interested, get a bit flirty back – “Well you sure know how make a guy feel special!”

Put her at ease while letting her know you appreciate the kind words. Showing confidence without ego is key.

How to Reply to a Guy

You have more flexibility responding to a male’s appearance praise. Here’s are great options:

  • Keep it short & sweet – “Aw thanks!”
  • Casually return the compliment – “I could say the same about you!”
  • Flirt back harmlessly – “Well aren’t you quite the charmer today?”
  • Get bolder if he’s clearly interested – “Oh yeah? Hope you like what you see then…”

The key is responding in a way that doesn’t come across overly embarrassed if you want to encourage his interest!

Responding to Your Partner

With boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses, you have lots of room for playful or flirty banter after an appearance compliment.

Good responses for intimate partners include:

  • Reciprocating the admiration – “Have you looked in the mirror yourself lately handsome?”
  • Using humor to break tension – “Psh nah babe, your contacts are clearly foggy today!”
  • Hinting at attraction – “Oh stop it you charmer…Keep those compliments coming!”
  • Getting a bit steamy – “Well thank you baby…why don’t we ditch this party so I can model some outfits for you in private?”

Responding to Your Boss or Superior

It’s important to show gratitude for compliments in professional settings without getting too casual. Excellent options include:

  • Keeping it polite – “I appreciate the kind words!”
  • Remaining focused – “Thank you. Shall we proceed discussing those client reports now?”
  • Briefly reciprocating – “You look well today as well sir! Now about the quarterly finances…”

The key is acknowledging the compliment respectfully without encouraging unnecessary small talk or distraction from work matters with the boss.


As you can see, having some crafted comebacks ready for when someone says “You look good!” helps you react smooth in the moment instead of getting flustered. Tailor your response to the relationship dynamics and setting while showcasing confidence and appreciation.

Hopefully my list of 30+ examples across different categories empowers you with suitable options for your next appearance compliment. Just have fun with it!

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