How to Respond to “XOXO”: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

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Getting an “XOXO” text can be exciting, but also nerve-wracking if you don’t know how to respond. Should you keep it light and flirty? Be a bit sassy and playful? Or just reply back with another “XOXO”?

I found myself puzzling over these questions after a new crush texted me XOXO out of the blue last month. I stared at my phone trying to craft the perfect response, but ended up overthinking it.

After that incident, I decided to put together this list of over 30 flirty, witty and savage responses to XOXO texts so others don’t make my same mistake!

Whether it’s a new relationship, a friendly gesture or just harmless flirting, this list has a reply for every situation. Read on for plenty of ideas, inspiration and examples for crafting clever comebacks to XOXO messages.

30 Flirty and Fun Responses to “XOXO”

Here are 30 flirty, fun and clever responses to try next time you get an out-of-the-blue XOXO:

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There you have it – over 30 fun, flirty and clever responses to all those surprise XOXO texts that catch you off guard! From playful and sweet to hot and sassy, this list has a tailored reply for every mood and situation – first dates, new relationships, friendly chats and innocent crushes.

Next time your phone lights up with a string of X’s and O’s, scan this list for inspiration on crafting the perfect comeback that’s tailored just for them.

An XOXO text message opens the door for playfulness and connection – walk right through by responding with wit, authenticity and just the right amount of sass using the examples above.

Witty and Sarcastic Responses

Before jumping into the savage replies, here’s a fair warning – use sarcasm and wit carefully! You don’t want to come across as rude or mean if it was meant as a harmless gesture.

Now, for those sassy folks out there, try out these 10 witty ways to respond to an out-of-the-blue XOXO text:

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Funny Responses

Laughter is always the best medicine, so put a silly spin on your reaction with these 10 funny and playful comebacks after getting an unexpected XOXO:

Cheeky Responses

Feeling a bit adventurous? Sprinkle in some charm with these 5 cheeky responses:

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Song Lyric Responses

Music and lyrics set the perfect tone. Use these 5 song references to craft a clever XOXO comeback:

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

After combing through hundreds of XOXO responses, these creative comebacks stood out from the pack. Read on for our top 10 favorite flirty, funny and clever ways to respond to XOXO texts.

1. Mwah Right Back 😚

Simple but says it all – blow them a kiss right back! This playful response lets them know their XOXO hit the mark without going overboard.

When to use: Great for new relationships or harmless flirting. Keeps things light.

When NOT to use: Probably too subtle if you want to take things to the next level or show genuine interest.

2. XXXOOO – Sealed With a Kiss! 😘

Give those X’s and O’s right back – then some! Tossing in a few extra means business. This amped-up version packs some punch while keeping it cute.

When to use: Show you’re equally or more interested in returning the flirty gesture.

When NOT to use: Early on before you know signals or intentions. Don’t want to come on too strong without good reason!

3. 🎶 “And Sealed With A Kiss…” 😘

Can’t get the classic tune out of your head every time you get an XOXO? Put this iconic line from the song in your response! It says “I’m just as excited as you are about this budding romance.”

When to use: When you feel a new spark of chemistry and want to fan the flames in a playful way.

When NOT to use: If you think the interest isn’t mutual – then it just comes across as awkward or pushy.

4. Call Me Old School But…XOXO! 😘

Yes, XOXO texts are a newer trend…but they remind you of simpler times! This response embraces the retro charm of sealing letters and notes with hugs and kisses.

When to use: When you appreciate the throwback sweetness of an unexpected XOXO text from someone special.

When NOT to use: If XOXOs aren’t really your style or you actually find them silly or immature. Then it’s a little sarcastic.

5. Sending Virtual X’s & O’s Your Way! 😘

Straightforward, simple and no games – you’re into it! Let them know you’ll gladly take those virtual kisses and hugs any day.

When to use: Early on to test the waters and start a playful back-and-forth.

When NOT to use: If you want something more tangible than virtual flirting. Sends the wrong signal if you’re hoping to date IRL.

6. XOXO 💌 Open When You’re Thinking Of Me 🥰

Bring on the charm with this cutesy spin! Inspired by the DIY craft of handmade letters sealed with XOXO.

When to use: When you feel securely into someone and get giddy thinking they might be crushing too! Lets them know you reciprocate.

When NOT to use: Too strong if you barely know the person or aren’t ready for sentiments about keeping you in their thoughts.

7. XX❤️OO – Hugs ‘N’ Heart Kisses!

An XOXO text clearly means they’re thinking affectionately of you. This response adds a literal heart into the mix to symbolize your mutual feelings and connection.

When to use: Once you know someone well enough to start nurturing a romantic bond.

When NOT to use: Early in a casual relationship where you aren’t completely clear on mutual interest and intentions. Too much too soon!

8. XOXO 🏹 Bullseye! Direct Hit to My Heart 🎯

Dramatic? Yes. But the bullseye imagery perfectly captures that precise moment of connection you feel when receiving a sincere, unexpected XOXO.

When to use: When you’re confident the chemistry is reciprocal and you both felt that special zing!

When NOT to use: If you worry the sentiment wouldn’t be fully returned or appreciated. Best to wait until you’re on the same page in your relationship.

9. I Mustache You For Some X’s & O’s in Return…🥸

If you want to show your interest while keeping things silly and fun, this playful pun never fails! It begs for those XOXOs right back through humor.

When to use: In fledgling relationships where you’re still nervously testing the waters. Breaks the ice!

When NOT to use: With super serious types who don’t appreciate corny jokes. Also not the best for longtime partners – a bit immature.

10. Warning! ⚠️ Severe Side Effects from Overexposure to XOXOs May Include: Dizziness, Racing Heart, Cheesy Grin, Butterflies & Daydreaming Constantly About You! 🥴🥰

Yes it’s a mouthful…but that’s the point! This dramatic response humorously conveys that their message swept you off your feet in the best possible way.

When to use: When receiving a romantic digital note from your crush or partner gives you that floating-on-air feeling.

When NOT to use: If it’s just casual harmless flirting from a friend or the spark isn’t quite mutual yet. Too much gushing too soon can scare people off!

There you have our top 10 editor approved ideas for crafting clever, unique responses to XOXO texts from romantic interests, friends with benefits, hopeful admirers and everyone in between!

How to Reply to XOXO Texts from Girls

So a girl you like just sent a flirty XOXO text out of the blue. Before freaking out, take a breath and craft a cool response with these tips:

1. Don’t leave her hanging! Reply right away instead of overthinking it.

2. Reciprocate the light tone. Send an XOXO, kissy face emoji or flirty quip back.

3. Keep it cute and casual at first to safely gauge interest and intentions before getting too suggestive or cheesy.

4. Give a genuine compliment about something specific you like about her to personalize it.

5. Be yourself! Don’t try too hard to be someone you’re not. Confidence and authenticity shine through.

Here are some examples of flirty but friendly responses to try:

Replying to Guy Friends’ XOXO Texts

Got a surprise XOXO text from one of your guy friends? While it could mean he sees you as more than a friend, it might also be harmless flirting. Tread carefully with a kind, genuine response:

1. Don’t assume romantic intent if he’s normally a joking, flirty texter with everyone.

2. Laugh it off gently at first by sending a funny meme or witty reply.

3. If he gets more flirty or sexual, reiterate in a kind way that you just want to be friends.

4. Give him an out by casually mentioning another cute girl he might like.

Here are some friendly, tactful example responses:


At the end of the day, XOXO texts signal someone is thinking fondly of you. Whether it’s a partner, crush, friend or admirer, our list of 30+ responses provides a tailored reaction for any situation or relationship stage.

Give them a dose of humor, sass, romance or simple reciprocation. Just make sure your reply aligns with your true intentions to avoid mixed signals. What clever responses would YOU add to this list? Let me know in the comments below! XOXO 😘

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