How to Respond to ‘Wish You Were Here’: 30+ Witty And Savage Comebacks

“Wish you were here!” Ugh, we all hate receiving messages like this when we’re not able to make it to a fun event or cool destination. It almost feels intentionally salty, doesn’t it? 😠 Like they’re trying to rub in the fact that they’re out doing awesome things while you’re stuck at home. Rude!

While there’s probably no malicious intent, it still bugs us. We get it though, they just wish you could experience the fun too. Even so, resist the urge to passive-aggressively reply with “Well I’m not.” 🙄 There are wittier ways to respond!

Below I’ve put together 30 savage, funny, and sassy comebacks to hit back when you get this annoying text or postcard. I figured this list would be helpful after recently missing my best friend’s epic Vegas trip. When she texted me pics from a pool party with “Wish you were here!” I was scrambling for the perfect sassy response!

30 Savage Responses to “Wish You Were Here”

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Funny Comebacks


We all enjoy giving our friends a hard time when they brag about the fun they’re having without us. What better way than with some humorous comebacks!

  1. Well excuse me for having responsibilities like my job, not that you would know anything about that! 😂
  2. Oh yeah, tons of FOMO over here…not! My comfy clothes and takeout are way better company. 🥡👖
  3. No need to wish, I’ll just experience it vicariously when you overshare pics on Insta later! 📷
  4. I see you’re already in vacation mode – because that bathing suit is a TRAVESTY honey! 👙😬
  5. Glad to see my invite just got lost in the mail…again! But sooo happy you’re having fun without me. 😒✉️
  6. Wait, so first you plan this trip on my birthday and now you’re rubbing it in? Real nice BFF skills at work! 😑🎂
  7. Well SOMEONE has to stay back and binge watch Netflix for the both of us. You’re welcome. 📺
  8. No need to wish, between your overposting and extraness I feel like I’m right there cringing! 😎
  9. Please, you just wish your vacay crew was as fabulous as ME! Own up to the FOMO darling. 😘
  10. Haven’t decided if I’m more jealous of the vacay or the fact that you’re avoiding your mother-in-law right now! 😂👵

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Savage Responses

If you wanna get really savage and throw some shade their way for bragging about their fabulous vacation, these replies will hit ’em where it hurts! 😈

  1. Wow, so nice to wish that upon the unemployed friend in the group chat. Great timing! 🙄💼
  2. Gee, I would have LOVED for you to pay my way too since you’re offering to wish me there! 💰
  3. Haven’t you heard wishing only works when you see a shooting star…and I don’t see one, hun. 💫😐
  4. I wasn’t aware this was a once-in-a-lifetime vacay opportunity. My bad, guess I’ll miss THIS amazing memory. 🤷‍♀️🙄
  5. You know my life doesn’t revolve around your trips, right? But glad to see you’re all doing ok without me! 😊
  6. If only I could afford such fancy trips after your MAN got me fired…must be nice up there! 😠💼
  7. Well SOMEONE had to stay back and cover everyone’s shifts. But don’t let that stop your fun or anything! 😑🙄
  8. Sorry, unlike you I didn’t just get a 40k inheritance to blow on trips whenever. Must be rough. 💰 😐
  9. Oh good, I was hoping this group trip would make me realize I should upgrade y’all! 💁‍♀️🚮
  10. I would, if only to save everyone there from your drunk karaoke. You tend to get a lil pitchy…🎤🙉

Flirty Responses

If it was your crush or romantic interest sending the “Wish You Were Here” message, hit back with some flirty responses!

  1. I wish I was there cuddling you instead, but this works too! 😚
  2. Only if you save me a seat right next to you, handsome 💺😍
  3. I’ll bring the sunscreen and give you a full body rub down, deal? 🧴🤤
  4. Maybe if you give me an up close tour of the hot tub first? 🥵🛀
  5. How about we plan a naughty private getaway instead next time? 😈🏝
  6. Only if it comes with a room change and you bunk with me now! 😉🛌
  7. I don’t need to be there as long as you come back nice and relaxed for me 😘💆‍♂️
  8. As long as you’re shirtless in those pics you promised, that’s good enough for me! 👕😏
  9. Do they allow lonely single girls to crash bachelor parties there or no? Asking for me! 😜🎊
  10. I just wish I was there taking shots and getting steamy on the dancefloor with you! 🥵💃🍹

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10 Editor’s Choice “Wish You Were Here” Comebacks

We’ve saved the absolute best, most savage responses for last! Pull one of these out next time you get a “Wish You Were Here” and watch them regret throwing their vacation in your face! 😎

1. “Here’s some salt for the wound!” 🧂

This is the most direct way to call out their intentional saltiness. Let ’em know you see right through it! Made even better by attaching the salt meme.

When To Use:

  • They rarely invite you places or share any trip details
  • It’s a group chat and everyone was invited except you

When Not To Use:

  • If they genuinely just wished you there without ill intent

2. “FOMO isn’t a good look on me…and that caption isn’t a good look on you.” 😒

A dual burn – knock their lame attempt at FOMO and call out their bad caption skills!

When To Use:

  • When their photo caption is especially cringey
  • If they post wayyy too many “living my best life” type pics

When Not To Use:

  • With someone more sensitive who would take real offense

3. “But if I was there who would be here enjoying peace and quiet without YOU?” 😌✌️

Flip the script on them by pointing out the benefit of them being away! The ultimate power move.

When To Use:

  • When the person is usually annoying or messy
  • If some time away from them would be a nice breather

When Not To Use:

  • When sarcastically joking about enjoying peace from family

4. “Thank u, next vacay!” 👋🏖️

A short n’ sassy Ariana-esque shutdown. Make it clear you’re moving on to bigger things solo!

When To Use:

  • Right after or during their trip when yours is coming up
  • If your trip is looking to be more epic

When Not To Use:

  • If you have nothing exciting coming up anytime soon

5. “Wait, so I’m SUPPOSED to be jealous of your lame vacay crew? Couldn’t be me.” 💁‍♀️💅

Throwing some serious shade at their squad is savage enough on its own. But implying YOU are supposed to be jealous of THEM? Chef’s kiss level destruction.

When To Use:

  • If it’s a group you seriously dislike
  • When clapping back at your frenemies

When Not To Use:

  • Towards nice friends just enjoying their holiday

6. “Aww, that’s cute. Tag me when you take an original vacay pic!” 📸👋

A faux-sweet jab at their utter lack of photo originality that will hit them right in the ego.

When To Use:

  • When every pic is the same damn pose/location
  • Overfiltered, clone-stamped, Photoshopped mess

When Not To Use:

  • With talented photographers sharing quality work

7. “You REALLY had to @ me for this basic Instagram post, huh?” 🙄😒

Call out being specifically tagged just to throw their basica vacation in your face. How rude!

When To Use:

  • Getting directly @ mentioned for FOMO impact
  • Basic IG pose with #nofilter lie

When Not To Use:

  • Organic conversations where sharing photos

8. “Keep ’em coming, you’re really selling me on NEVER going there!” 👎🚫

Pretend to be entirely turned off going to their destination at all because of their gloating.

When To Use:

  • Overkill amounts of destination bragging
  • Lame/basic vacay spot

When Not To Use:

  • When they’re visiting somewhere you definitely still wanna go

*9. “Lemme guess – you’re just mass blasting this to everyone? [Unopened*] 🚫🙅‍♀️

Calling out thoughtless mass texting by emphasizing your lack of reply. Extra savage points for iPhone users reacting with “unread”.

When To Use:

  • Group chat blast with no personalization
  • Duplicate forum/DM copy & paste

When Not To Use:

  • Heartfelt personalized outreach

10. “I already went last week, try something original next time.” 🥱👈

The ultimate power move here is pretending you already went on a similar (but better) vacay before them! Shuts down the bragging real quick.

When To Use:

  • Unoriginal destination picks
  • Common jealousy vacay spots

When Not To Use:

  • Rare bucket list type destinations

How to Reply to a Girl

Alright ladies, while most of these clap backs work perfectly for anyone rubbing their vacation in your face, we have some special tips for handling “Wish You Were Here” texts from your crush! 💕

The key is letting him know you’d love to join while keeping things fun and flirty. Check out these tailored ideas:

  1. Maybe next time when it can be just the two of us! 😍💋
  2. Only if it means I take the pics for your hot new dating profile! 📸😏
  3. I’ll start packing now…which room are we sharing? 😳😉
  4. Let’s plan a private getaway together instead handsome! I’ll bring the sunscreen! 😎🧴💦
  5. I wish! As long as I can lounge by the pool with you shirtless serving me drinks! 🏖️🥤🍸👕

How to Reply to a Guy

No need to be TOO savage when your man is just missing his wonderful lady! 🥰 Give him some playful reassurance that it’s all good:

  1. Baby don’t even worry about me, just relax and have fun!! 😘👋
  2. Aww babe, maybe next time so I can give you a nice massage after! 💆‍♂️
  3. No need to wish, send me more cute selfies though! 📸😍
  4. We’ll go together next time for a romantic getaway honey! 💕 🏝️
  5. As long as you’re thinking of me while getting your tan on! 😎 👙 ☀️

How to Reply to Unsupportive Friends

Ugh, we all have that bitter “frenemy” who loves to rub their trips in your face. 🙄 Cut the jealousy trip short with these snappy retorts!

  1. Lol cute, anyway back to making real money over here while you blow your parents’! 💰
  2. We get it, you NEED this Instagram #vacay life to distract from your trainwreck relationship! 💑😬
  3. Well SOME of us have big girl priorities this year called a career, but totes jelly of your pool floats! 👩‍💼🛳️
  4. Must be nice to take YET ANOTHER couples trip that conveniently excludes your single “friends” 💑💔
  5. I gotta give you credit for finding a BF willing to bankroll so many vacays though, goals AF! 👏💍💵

How to Politely Decline

Alright, not every “Wish You Were Here!” requires total demolition. If it’s coming from someone genuinely nice, take a kinder approach:

  1. Aww thanks! Maybe next time when things are less hectic on my end! 🤗
  2. No worries at all, go have a blast! Can’t wait to hear all about it 😊👏
  3. I know, I wish I could’ve made it too! But so glad you guys are having a nice time ☺️
  4. That really means a lot – definitely let’s all plan something together in the future! 🥰


There you have it – every flavor of spicy, sassy comeback for the next time someone tries to throw their trip in your face! From funny jabs to straight savage, these clap backs let them know their FOMO bait will NOT work on you! 💅😎🙅‍♀️

So next time you get that “Wish You Were Here” text, postcard, or DM – don’t seethe in jealousy. Break out the perfect savage or flirty response from our lists instead! Have fun coming up with your own ideas too. 😈 And remember: no vacation compares to fabricated Instagram life anyway! 🏖️

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