How to Respond to ‘Who Are You’: Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

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Who are you? This simple question can stir up a blend of emotions – from feeling flattered to feeling awkward or annoyed. Whether it’s an attempt to flirt or just genuine curiosity, getting asked “who are you?” often takes you by surprise.

If you ever find yourself wondering how to respond when asked this loaded question, here are 30 playful, witty and savage comebacks to use:

30 Playful, Witty and Savage Responses to “Who Are You?”

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Hilarious Comebacks

Having a sense of humor can go a long way when responding to this tricky question. Try out one of these 10 amusing replies next time someone catches you off guard by asking “Who are you?”:


Savage Responses

Feeling sassy? Try out one of these 10 saucy comebacks when asked the annoying question “Who are you?”:

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Flirty Responses

Feeling playful? Keep the conversation fun and flirty with these 10 cheeky responses to “Who are you?”:

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

#1 I’m the woman of your dreams…or maybe nightmares.

This response is cheeky yet intriguing. It hints that there’s more to you than meets the eye, piquing their interest. Use this for someone you want to flirt back and forth with.

When to use: Flirting with someone at a bar or party

When NOT to use: Professional settings or with inappropriate targets

#2 I’m the girl who’s going to keep you up at night thinking about me.

This response is flirtatious and suggestive without being too forward. It plants the idea that they won’t be able to stop thinking about you after you walk away. Use this when you want to intrigue them and leave them wanting more.

When to use: When casually flirting pretty much anywhere

When NOT to use: With someone who you aren’t interested in at all

#3 I’m the woman who sees loser written all over you. Next!

This clever comeback is both savage and humorous. It lets them know you aren’t interested while also giving them a jolt of reality. Use this for pesky strangers who won’t leave you alone.

When to use: When you want someone to leave you alone

When NOT to use: With interested romantic prospects

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#4 I’m the girl who’s going to rock your world…if you can keep up.

This is a sexually charged response implying you’re great in bed. Use with caution only on those you want to hook up with. Not for professional settings!

When to use: Flirting in social settings

When NOT to use: At work events or with elders

#5 I’m the lady luck you’ve been waiting for.

This response is smooth and charming without being overly flirty. It implies they are lucky to have met you. Use this when breaking the ice with new romantic interests.

When to use: Flirting with crushes or potential dates

When NOT to use: With married/committed prospects

#6 I’m the star of your dreams…and I charge for autographs.

This silly response shows you have a playful personality. It works well when you want to be funny but not overly flirtatious. Use when joking around.

When to use: Breaking the ice with someone new

When NOT to use: In serious or professional conversations

#7 I’m the woman who will make all your buddies jealous.

This response implies your impressive qualities will impress his friends. Use when casually flirting at bars, parties, etc.

When to use: Talking to attractive strangers in social settings

When NOT to use: Talking with inappropriate targets

#8 I’m the answer to “What could have been?” years from now if you don’t talk to me.

This response intrigues them about the possibility of what dating you could lead to. Plant the seed that they shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get to know you better. Use when interesting in continuing a conversation.

When to use: When you want to keep talking to someone you’ve just met

When NOT to use: With people you want to end conversations with

#9 I’m the chick who can and will destroy your life. Don’t test me.

This edgy response shows you aren’t to be messed with. Use only when someone is clearly harassing you and won’t take a polite hint.

When to use: When someone is making you uncomfortable and won’t stop

When NOT to use: As a flirty comeback or for harmless small talk

#10 I’m Batman. But don’t tell anyone – it’s a secret identity.

This silly response shows off your humor. Use when you want to make new acquaintances laugh and break the ice.

When to use: Making small talk in casual social settings

When NOT to use: In serious or professional conversations

How to Reply to a Guy

When a guy asks “Who are you?”, he may just be trying to flirt or spark conversation. Keep things light and engaging with these comebacks:

  • I’m your dream girl – you just don’t know it yet!
  • I’m the chick who’s way out of your league…but I’ll give you a chance.
  • I’m the woman who’s about to offer you the thrill ride of your life!
  • I’m the lady your buddies will be drooling over once we start dating.
  • I’m the girl who knows exactly how to make a man smile. Want me to prove it?

How to Reply to a Girl

When chatting with a woman, keep it friendly and fun using replies like:

  • I’m the new gal pal who’s going to help you ditch these boring guys!
  • I’m just a new friend hoping we can chat. I love your necklace by the way!
  • I’m the refreshingly normal girl in this sea of weirdos. Wanna grab a cocktail?
  • I’m the woman who sees a new BFF standing right in front of her!
  • I’m the lady who’s going to invite you on the most epic girls’ night out!

What to Say if Someone Keeps Asking “Who Are You?”

If they won’t drop that annoying question, shut it down with sassy responses like:

  • Who AREN’T I? The only woman in this joint who’s not falling for your games, that’s for sure!
  • Shouldn’t I be asking why some stranger keeps pestering me? Back off already!
  • I’m the chick who’s two seconds away from calling security over here!
  • I’m so done with the 20 Questions, pal. Leave me alone already!
  • The better question is why are YOU so desperate for attention from strangers? Yikes. Bye!

Smooth Ways to Redirect the Conversation

Rather than snapping, gracefully change topics after 1-2 quick comebacks:

  • I’m just someone hoping to have pleasant conversation. Lovely weather today, isn’t it?
  • I’m the mystery woman who doesn’t kiss and tell! Speaking of mysteries, have you watched that new murder show on Netflix?
  • I’m just a fun-loving lady enjoying my night. How about those drinks? Shall we grab the next round?
  • I’m a free spirit flying solo tonight! Wanna dance? This is my jam!
  • I’m a firecracker looking for some fun people to chat with! Hey, wanna play pool/darts??

In the end, the best responses when asked “Who are you?” are the ones tailored to the setting and conversation. Keep it breezy, confident and authentic!

In Conclusion…

Being asked “Who are you?” out of nowhere can be jolting. But now that you know some playful, edgy and flirty responses to toss back, you can handle this question like a pro!

Choose responses suiting the situation – and your mood. A little humor or sass can turn an awkward moment into a fun encounter or memorable conversation. But don’t hesitate to shut down invasive inquiries too.

So next time someone catches you off guard with those three loaded words, flash them a confident smile and wow them with an intriguing or cheeky response straight from this list!

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